Thu 16 Dec
Saxophone Band– conceptually driven stimulation for the soul and the brain and indeed the feet…amassed saxes blarting beatifically like crazy oil on canvas and poundsome drums in a rock solid frame, a weird and wonderful imagining. Funky Nature – a blend of urban street flavas- grime, rnb and shiny pop. Some nice resonance from old school hiphop artists from back in the day, and a soaring indie pop element too. Crossover innit. Rapper is real good and they rock some entertaining samples.
The Mascara Bar

Doors from 7.15
£7 on the door
£5 in advance
Fri 17 Dec
White City Vultures – A no-nonsense rock band playing what you love to hear. A band with influences from 70’s all the way through to last week – The Who, T-Rex, Bowie, Oasis, Killers, Foo Fighters and more – Nice! Front man Steve Bird calls the shots on vocals. Dual lead guitar action from the Insatiable Annoh and Sensational Seymore – Thin Lizzy-esque action guaranteed – lovely.  The engine room of solid bass and banging drums comes from Ade on the strings and Gary on the skins – throbbing! Respect to the Vultures! Passion Dept – Hippies Don’t Have Heart Attacks is a neat title- and there’s more fun where that came from…. a 3 piece playing roughhouse rocknroll that hits a bit of a groove now and then, infact they can really get into  a tight groove, ripe for dancing. Silent Egg- Art/fashion/culture/drama/( polymath!) Saskia Rothstein-Longaretti is playing it cool on socials right now, but if you know the secret of The Silent Egg…then you know…an art pop omelette or garage tinged punk soufflee? Un oeuf is an oeuf. Eggstatic.
The Mascara Bar

Doors from 7.15
£8 on the door
£6 in advance
Sun 19 Dec
The Cesarians
 + Flesh Tetris
 + Special Guests
The Cesarians Christmas Party- Cesarians always have as much a cerebral aspect to their remarkable outsider chanson as an intensely emotional one … intensity, songcraft, passion and raw emotions. Something dark, beautiful and inordinately powerful comes your way.  Nobody else does what they do, although there maybe some artful goodness to chew on for fans of Nick Cave, Jacques Bel, Scott WalkerBowie, and of late their sound has absorbed edgy electronica based artists like Goldfrapp or Jane Weaver. Last year’s superb ‘Rachel Frieda’ album (Glass Modern Recs) was rather served a disservice by the pandemic, but remains a startling and inspirational record. This, their 3rd LP, is centred around some very harrowing and deeply personal subject matter,  as singer Charlie Finke says ‘Every word and every note is performed with utter passion and commitment,’, and that’s certainly apparent when you watch this band perform live. Flesh Tetris– the singular and superb space punk and scifi psychedelicists… Turn on, Login, Drop out…sounds good to me. An exciting fascination with murder cults and bunny rabbits, their freaky social commentary informed techy artpop is highly infectious.  An arousing blend of crazed vocalese, brain burrowing bleeps, pulverizing drum onslaughts and bass led murderization. A must see band. Tizane – some 1980s pop dynamics and crafted uber pop with original soundscapes, and some incredibly naked and soul searching songcraft from this remarkable 20 year old talent. Vocally there’s a hint of Delores Cranbery but Tizane’s a very original artist with a solo performance to stop you dead in your tracks. Heads were resolutely turned by her recent remodelling of Smiths and R.E.M classic s too.
The Victoria, Dalston

Doors from 7.15
£10 on the door
£8 in advance
Thu 23 Dec
Laurie Wright
 + Super Swamp Jellyfish
 + Mungrul + Lilo
 + The North By South
Laurie Wright Gives You Cold Turkey On Xmas!….well, that’s the title of the new single by...Laurie Wright – Gloucester’s Finest, the fiery fizz of Laurie Wright’s songcraft and acidic pop delivery augmented brilliantly by his crack band (formerly known as The Lockdown) who are all excellent players. They even feature a dedicated harmonica blaster, and there’s a healthy dose of post Brit Rock Oasis style anthemic passion in the mix too. A fantastic blend of edgy indie and roots staples from folk and rhythm n blues traditions, this band have mass appeal. For fans of Dylan, The La’s, Tom Petty, The Stones…  and Mr Wright himself is a fireball of passion and energy, recalling a Stevie Marriott for our times as he soul shouts his blues at the mic or rips out another raw, searing guitar solo…also tonite… totally tore the Dublin Castle a new one in their recent sell out show, so a must have Christmas present and in the sumptuous setting of The Water RatsSuper Swamp Jellyfish – London’s own psychedelic pop hinged rock n roll banger machine. Taking in the influences of The Bluetones, Oasis and The Stone Roses and pumping out their very own brand of scallydelic wonderment, these chaps made a lot of new friends when they supported Laurie Wright at the aforementioned Dublin Castle Bugbear happening a few weeks ago. Great live band, ace songs.  Mungrul – slinky triphop tinged grime, with a lovely louche, laconic rap and effortless good vibes aplenty, very nice. Lilo– impassioned uber pop put together perfectly featuring the talents of this very talented young woman, the nominative Lilo. The North By South– folk, jazz, blues, hiphop and indie rock all channelled thru one man and his guitar, as the name represents, a lot more going on here than just another acoustic guitar singer songwriter troubadour. Dividing his time between London and Manchester and collaborating with some remarkable people along the way, there’s a 21st Century Beat Generation sensibility here that really satisfies. Arrive early and check this guy out.
The Water Rats

Doors from 7.00
£10 on the door
£5 early bird in advance