Fri 20 Jul
The Cesarians
 + Special Guests
 + Sloes
The Cesarians– Unveiling their slightly tweaked line up The Cesarians buoy up their spectral but soulfully intense high drama pop noir with some adroit dirt and aural  itchiness and compelling sonic grit. Following critically acclaimed albums produced by Craig Leon and Teo Millar, the ‘wrong rock/odd pop’ maestros now channel a rather more electronica hinged furrow with a little less brass and a wee bit of Velvetine guitar but no let up in the intensity and emotional maelstrom they effortlessly kick up…not to mention sensational song craft.  Song craft often predicated on the maddening, saddening, unhinging side of love and hate and all emotions in between.  Admirers of Nick Cave, Jacques Brel, Kris Kristoffersen, Bowie will all enjoy these dark eyed romantics, but all manner of things resonate in their wonderful body of work from The Fall to Pink Floyd to Suede Sloes- Fusing together elements of indie, pop and folk with soaring vocal melodies, ambient guitar lines and rousing hooks, Sloes take the best of their eclectic influences to create one unique sound.Their debut EP ‘Chasing Tails’ was released in 2015 with Clash magazine declaring “Sloes don’t tend to deal in mere songs – they dish out bloody great anthems”.
The Water Rats

Doors from 7.15
£10 on the door
£8 in advance
Sat 21 Jul
Sylvain Sylvain
 + (New York Dolls)
 + There's No Bones In Ice Cream- Q And A With Julie Hamill + Adventures Of Salvador
 + ILL
Sylvain Sylvain- Full rocknroll solo set plus, storytelling,  projections and Q and A! “Don’t live life worrying about it, just T. Rex the shit out of it.” – The New York Dolls were called many things; glam, proto-punk, hard rock, but are probably best understood as a “dirty rock & roll” band. Combining an aggressively androgynous style with street smart New York attitude and campy humour, the New York Dolls ushered in the era of CBGBs, heroin chic, loud guitars and referential lyrics which gave rise to Patti Smith, The Ramones, Television and many more. Fans of the band range from Guns N’ Roses to Morrissey, who organised the reformation of the band when he curated Meltdown festival in 2004.  Sylvain Sylvain was there from the start, and There’s No Bones in Ice Cream is his story. Taking in his early life in New York, the rise, fall and rise again of the New York Dolls, and all his misadventures between, There’s No Bones in Ice Cream is the true story of one of rock’s greatest, told in his own authentic voice. More prosaic observations followed, such as the infamous whispering Bob a job Harris sneering ‘Mock rock’, but a hundred nascent punks broke their E.L.P LPs over their knees and eagerly awaited punk rock. With wonderful projections of photographs from Syl’s personal archive, a Q and A by writer by Dublin Castle Rock And Roll Book Club dynamo Julie Hamill (Moz Army, 15 Minutes With You, Frank, Sabotage Times) and a whole set of Syl’s sensational sound today alongside the stories. Not to be missed for all Jet Boys and Jet Girls. With thanks to Black Dog Muzik. Adventures Of Salvador– fabulous local band who will kick this night off brilliantly, wry and raucous punk /garage/surf combo with sass, twang and tood.. the rocknroll theremin angle is nice! ILL-Horror glam exponents of riot grrl twenty eighteen style and outta Manchester too.. with their debut album set to stun and a bunch of remarkable self made vids under their belts what could be a better way to open tonight’s show than with these gals and their exciting acid punk, possibly the spiritual heirs to The Slits.
Aatma, Manchester

Doors from 7.15
£15 on the door
£12.50 in advance
Sat 11 Aug
Special Guests
 + Flesh Tetris
 + Pollypikpocketz
Flesh Tetris– deliriously deviant combo piloted by Andy Heintz(Creaming Jesus, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing) , and also featuring Jez Miller from the last mentioned and soooo many other bands, Karen Bell, Andy Duke (Tara Rez, The DPRK) and Eva Menon (Underrunners, Sigue Sigue Sputnik) ….glam punk and slippery techno hit the terminals of your brain like a suitably spaced interstellar jaunt between several virtual worlds. ‘Retro SciFi Eurotrash armed to the teeth with barbed pop hooks and weaponised synths.’..not many. PollyPikPocketz– Catchy punked up grunge, electric with the fabulously sassy Myura Amara at the fore and energised with a grunge punk sass all their own, will be enjoyed by admirers of Lunachicks and L7 fo s
The Water Rats

Doors from 7.15
£8 on the door
£6 in advance
Fri 17 Aug
The Vibrators– From Pure Mania in 1977 onwards The Vibrators set out their stall as the accomplished but still utterly kick ass end of Romantic punk n roll, showing the upstarts how it’s done. Searing, scintillating speedin’ rock and roll that they pulse along at such a pace commanded brilliantly by long standing lynchpin Eddie at the drums, you can’t possibly relax yer having such a good time. They don’t ease off the gas for a second.  With The Members‘ Nigel Bennett on guitar and bass ace Pete chopping out the riddim. Daddy Those Men Scare Me- More prosaically down to earth and utterly English in their punk rock approach, the deliriously good Daddies have nearly been doing it as long as Spizz…well not quite, but their Stranglers/Members/Squeeze informed crafted indeed crafty punk pop is a joy we’ve beheld at Buggerbear since oooooh 1994, wowsers.
The Water Rats

Doors from 7.15
£10 on the door
£8 in advance
Fri 7 Sep
DuncanReid and the Big Heads- The former Boys boy bounces back with his chick/chap choon churning mo-sheen of joy. You want punk? You want pop? You want punky pop right? Good coz this is that at it’s tightest, tastiest, tantalizingliest, ya get me. A fab nite out. Nuffin-  On 3rd August 1977, Nuffin’ turned up at the legendary Roxy Club to play ‘Audition Night’, only to find that Janet Street-Porter and a TV crew had taken over. Luckily, they were looking for an ‘undiscovered’ band as a counterpoint to all of the hype around at the time. And so a brief snap-shot of the the four Caterham teenagers, strutting their stuff and sharing their take on life, was captured for posterity.  Legal Freaks- Dave Roca formerly of Underrunners fronts this punknroll kick ass band….Dead Boys, Lords Of The New Church, Dolls, Damned.… ‘we are an awesome, high energy Punk Rock band,’ yes, you are…
Bugbear elsewhere 1
Doors from 7.15
£10 on the door
£8 in advance
Sat 3 Nov
Doctor And The Medics
 + The Vapors
 + Toto Coelo + The Shakespearos
 + Angie Brown + Anita Harris
 + Jennie Bellestar + The Rubettes
Polyfest 2018 Weekend EARLY BIRD TICKET + In Memory Of Poly Styrene. In Aid Of ROCK AND ROLL RESCUE. The Annual Polyfest Happening. Over Two Days. Includes Germ Free Adolescents Entire Album Special Guest Performance! Get Special 2 Day Early Bird Tickets £20 Only Now. Also features Melanie Williams (Sub Sub), Knox (The Vibrators), Dave Barbarosa (Adam and the Ants, Bow Wow Wow, Republica), Ooberfuse, Steve Etherington and John Richardson, Simon Wolstencroft (The Fall, The Smiths, Stone Roses), Flesh Tetris, David Sinclair, Julie Valentine (Happy Mondays), Gaye Advert, Tim Walton, Bella Barton, Risa Duff and more big names TBA…..In Memory Of Poly Styrene. In Aid Of ROCK AND ROLL RESCUE
The Dublin Castle

Doors from 6
£40 on the door
£20 in advance