Sat 17 Feb
Forget The Down–London band doing a feisty alt rock with a baggy swagger but a hard rocking riff monster edge. Dynamic stuff. Like Oasis go rawk Izzara- Indie classique, but with some deft almost metal lead guitar, actually sounds a bit like Buffalo tom in places, though with a decidedly brit accent Lavender Hills– driving indie rock that nods to Artic Monkeys and Biffy Clyro on the faster paced numbers and Radiohead on the more reflective cerebral tunes, bit of a funk rock undertow at times, not bad
The Water Rats
Doors from 7.15
£8 on the door
£6 in advance
Sat 10 Mar
Nuffin's Vintage Punk Rock Party
 + Nuffin
 + Screaming Dead + Rage DC
Nuffin- The Boys that do Nuffin had a rush of blood to their collective police helmeted noggin and got back together 40 years after first calling it  a day… and what a joy that they have. Having revived all their old songs they’ve now committed them to fully fledged album status (buy one tonight!) and it’s a wonderful thing. For fans of Spizz, Swell Maps, The Notsensibles and Splodge, but their comedic punk pop is all their own, great songs. Screaming Dead– Spirited, dark, and very rocknroll with it, a punk band based in Cheltenham, England during the 1980s back with us again. Leading lights in the “horror punk” movement, got some class originals and some fab reconditioned covers up their sleeves, such as their rather brilliant goff punk take on ‘Paint It Black’ Rage DC- Powerfully played pop tinged punk rock with Pistols punchiness, a little shout along melody a la Sham and some grand post J Thunders guitar slinging, in fact a very good example of the genre.
The Fighting Cocks
Doors from 7.15
£10 on the door
£8 in advance