Fri 8 Oct
The Vibrators – From Pure Mania in 1977 onwards The Vibrators set out their stall as the accomplished but still utterly kick ass end of Romantic punk n roll, showing the upstarts how it’s done. Searing, scintillating speedin’ rock and roll that they pulse along at such a pace commanded brilliantly by long standing lynchpin Eddie at the drums, you can’t possibly relax for a second coz yer having such a good time. They don’t ease off the gas for a second.  With The Members’ Nigel Bennett on guitar and bass ace Pete chopping out the riddim. And original songsmith Knox may well put aside his good deeds at the esteemed  RNR Rescue in nearby Camden Town for 20 minutes and a bit of Baby Baby action too… Steve Hooker Stripped Down Stompin Band  – super charged dirty Essex Delta rocknroll trio fronted by long standing guitar guru Mr Hooker, a powerhouse who get a reet good and grinding riffology going and take it to the dancefloor with a sleazy Link Wray twang and a bulbous Bo Diddley beat…damn good. DamageUK – Nuffin‘s re-emergence on the UK punk scene after a nigh on 30 years absence has been a revelation, a joyful punk pop explosion of delight…and here’s what might have happened next if they hadn’t quit safety pins and gone off and got proper jobs…Brian Damage guitarist from Nuffin and bassist Paul Flynn have recruited some new chaps and in DamageUK explore some darker post punk terrain and a fair bit of Clash-ness. Some nice Joy Division-ish guitar figures and some prowling Ruts touches too. .
The Water Rats

Doors from 7.30
£15 on the door
£10 in advance