Fri 26 Oct
DAS FLUFF- ‘Like unconscious thought throbbing its way to the light, DAS FLÜFF bites the head off mainstream music. Fusing synths, theremins and guitars with the siren’s call, this sound reflects your darkest fears and desires in a mirror ball.’ (Mutig Music)  New album ‘Anxiety Dreams’ is a release full of intrigue, carrying layers and diverse depths that make each outing a fresh adventure.’ (RingmasterReview) GREENHAUS – A stark and startling post punk electro-conceptual outfit originally founded by Steve Bellamy, Frank Drake and Andy Page in the late 1990s, with releases under the Beggars Banquet and Kickin’ Records imprints. Greenhaus have just released their 5th studio album which boldly adventures into sounds marking new and exciting territories for the band. BRUNO WIZARD (The Rejects/The Homosexuals)  – The legendary punk visionary Bruno Wizard will be performing..and ANYTHING could happen! Howlin May Queen – Nicely noisy alt blues rock psych doings with Hendrix type guitar throttlings and a cool keening vocal. The sound of stimulation and distressed leather…. DJ Freaktribe (Das Fluff) – Til 2am…From Bowie to NIN via Suicide, IAMX, Einstürzende Neubauten, Suede, Fever Ray and The Stooges.
Paper Dress Vinatge

Doors from 7.15
£8 on the door
£6 in advance
Wed 31 Oct
The Cesarians
 + Bella Barton + Hallowe'en Happening
The Cesarians– The suitably spectral edge to this remarkable band’s music finds a good Hallowe’en home at Paper Dress this evening, but no shock tactics necessary, The Cesarians are always tempering their sincerely hauntological fire with succulent but soulfully intense high drama pop noir. Following critically acclaimed albums produced by Craig Leon and Teo Millar, the ‘wrong rock/odd pop’ maestros now channel a slightly more electronica hinged furrow with a little less brass a little more of a bleep factor and a wee bit of Velvets cum Glen Campbell guitar.  Long standing fans of this ace act will be pleased  no doubt that there’s no let up in the intensity and emotional maelstrom they have always channelled. .. and then there’s Charlie Finke and Justine Armitage’s sensational song craft.  All emotions are accessed, nerves are stripped back to the bone, the rawness is palpable, joy, dispair, anger, the lot.  Admirers of Nick Cave, Jacques Brel, Kris Kristoffersen, Bowie will all enjoy these dark eyed romantics, but all manner of things resonate in their wonderful body of work from The Fall to ELO to Cardiacs. VÄLVĒ  – Chloe Herington and her two compadres with their unique take on minimalist found sound built antsy pop. Really interesting work that is as accessible as it is outre. Great stuff…new E.P ‘Cycles’ is about to emerge. Bella Barton – young bohemian singer songwriter with a nice relaxed vibe and a fetching hint of out thereness.. perhaps it’s the nice yielding tone to her voice, but there’s a lot to keep the attention with the edgy, declamatory yet sweet toned songs Bella has crafted. These songs are drifting modal affairs that have tons of appeal. Not bog standard singer songwriter fare at all, thankfully. Jazzy stoned vibes, dolorous cool delivery…reminds somewhat of Marine Girls era Tracey Thorn. Educated at the Brit School and living proof that esoteric talent can be trained if not actually taught.
Paper Dress Hackney

Doors from 7.15
£10 on the door
£8 in advance
Fri 2 Nov
The Members-  From the second maybe third wave of punk the always intrinsically musically astute, witty and tune laden Members have been wowing audiences again in the live arena of late. From Stiff to Virgin, and all double entendres in between, this band always had a knack with a tune, a very crafty brand of punk pop musicality.  Truly the Sound Of The Suburbs, so come ye all from London satellites for this must see happening. Sound Of The Suburbs, Offshore Banking Business, Working Girl, Solitary Confinement…classics all, and still knocking out excellent new material too unlike a lot of their contemporaries. A wide range of sonic flavours gets put thru the Members machine from reggae to Spaghetti Western to Surf via pure pop. And it’s still punk rock! Top night out.  A Body Of People– Blending the psychedelic nuances of Julian Cope with the kind of bouncy, rocking Small Faces/Stranglers fare (thanks to some smashing arpegiotastic keys), ABOP combine the commercial and the quirky most heroically. With a tinge of that Barrett/Ayers counter cultural heritage, all envisaged thru a punky party lens mind you geezer, and we understand a new album is on the way….Scowl-Attitood to the fore d.i.y punk with a snarling lead vocal, also dips a toe in Grunge and Psyche, great stuff, sounds a bit like Anarchristwood in places
The Fighting Cocks

Doors from 7.15
£10 on the door
£8 in advance
Sat 3 Nov
Doctor And The Medics
 + The Vapors
 + Toto Coelo + Fuzzbox
 + Angie Brown + Anita Harris
 + Jennie Bellestar + The Rubettes
In Memory Of Poly Styrene. 2 Day Event. In Aid Of ROCK AND ROLL RESCUE. In Memory Of Poly Styrene. 2 Day Event. In Aid Of ROCK AND ROLL RESCUE. With- Doctor And The Medics, Fuzzbox, The Vapors, Toto Coelo, Modern Romance,The Shakespearos, Ed Blaney (The Fall) , Modern Romance/The Leyton Buzzards, Anita Harris, 40th Anniversary Germ Free Adolescents Entire Album Special Guest Performance! (Side 1 Saturday, Side 2 Sunday), Melanie Williams (Sub Sub, Carl Cox), Knox (The Vibrators), John Otway, Dave Barbarossa (Adam and the Ants, Bow Wow Wow), JC Carroll (The Members), Moskito Kiss, Steve Etherington and John Richardson (The Rubettes), Jay Stapley (Roger Waters, Bleeding Hearts Band), Flesh Tetris, Neville Staple (The Specials, Fun Boy Three), Christine Sugary Staple, Ben Curiosity Killed The Cat, David Sinclair, Ian McDonaldson (Bronski Beat), Julie E. Gordon (Happy Mondays), Paul Wagstaff (Black Grape), Gaye Advert, Tim Walton, Angie Brown, Bella Barton, Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets), Risa Hall, The Crack, She Robot, Harry Kakoulli (Squeeze,The Only Ones) Brunk, The Featherz, Danie Centric (The Lurkers), Anita Chellamah, Wolfie Foxglow (compere of The Who), David Von Day (Dollar), Sue Moxley, The Homosexuals, Tamzin Smith, Tony Wrafter (Maximum Joy, Glaxo Babies), The Priscillas, Trip Blizzard, Dave Courtney, Lisa Von H and more big names TBA…..Hosted by John Robb. In Memory Of Poly Styrene.
The Dublin Castle

Doors from 6
£40 on the door
£20 in advance
Sat 10 Nov
One Louder Fest
 + Dublin Castle Two Day Festival
 + Twenty Two Bands + Supercheap 2 Day Ticket
The Legendary Too Drunk  + Bexatron + Neverlanded  + Stunt Driver + Concrete Bones  + Fiend Fatale + Naataakana + Minatore + Dramalove +Come At The King + The Brazen + + The High Rips + anarchistwood + Anna Tosh + Sons + Feral Youth + Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate + The Youts OneLouderFest Dublin Castle 2 Day Festival …. Twenty Two of the very best guitar based attitude atuned bands in London and the South East performing All Day And All Night for you for pennies…. As Derek Smalls might say, We’re very lucky to have these visionaries,  two distinct types of visionaries, it’s like fire and ice, basically. Bugbear’s role is to be somewhere in the middle of that, kind of like lukewarm water……… It’s Nigel Tufnell’s Big Weekend…Smell the glove while you can… ‘Dozens of bands spontaneously combust each year. It’s just not really widely reported’ As long as there’s, you know, sex and drugs, we can do without the rock and roll…… also featuring Core, Nadia Sheikh, Slave Superior, others TBA   Weekend Ticket See all 22 bands for £10
Bugbear elsewhere 1
Doors from 2.30
£8 per day on the door
£10 in advance
Wed 12 Dec
The Cesarians
 + The Washington Rays
 + Cowboy Flying Saucer
The Cesarians- Christmas In King’s Cross….where the trains take you internationally South into Europe, or Up North in to the Brexit heartlands. Something to ponder as we come together in the name of the baby Jesus. Actually of course this period is more correctly called ‘Advent’…Which means ‘Coming’. The Coming of Christ, or the coming of something altogether more primal and pagan? Well here’s a band who once proclaimed ‘I’m With God’, and always take a devotional approach to their remarkable music. The Cesarians gift to you and me is intensity, songcraft, passion, raw emotions. The advent of something dark, beautiful and inordinately powerful. Nobody else does what they do. The Cesarians’ Yuletide party is a night out you cannot miss. The Washington Rays – ‘The New Sound From Yesterday’ is the brand new album and this title neatly sums up the Washington Rays’ sound… Northern Soul, beat groups and 1960s girl groups and solo singers(Dusty, Sandy, Chris Clerk) are all in the mix and it’s done so very well with toe tappin’ tunes, impressive harmonies and ear worms aplenty. Soulful, sassy, subtly psychedelic. 3 years in the making, the new album showcases their songwriting diversity and offers a uniquely vivid psychedelic soul & pop sensibility. Cowboy Flying Saucer – ‘An experimental vehicle for sonic fun and adventure. Influences: time, space, electricity, tardigrades, God Saves The Earth Flying Saucer Foundation, The Middle Ages, smoke blackened paper, spring reverb, hypnosis, isolation, beer, celestial bodies, insects, rebounding objects, internal ramblings, dreams ‘ To these ears also The Fall, early Stereolab, The Monochrome Set and the more esoteric end of Joe Meek – very Fall vocally, nice cheapo keys and FX and cranky, clunking chords. Great!
The Water Rats

Doors from 7.15
£10 on the door
£8 in advance
Sat 8 Jun
Vice Squad
 + Nuffin
 + More
Vice Squad – the female fronted UK Punk Rock band that delivers short sharp songs with incisive lyrics spat out over a thunderous rhythm and machine gun Rock ’n’ Roll guitars. Renowned for their high energy live shows the band deliver their set with passion and humour and have been touring and releasing successful albums since the1980s. The band are currently recording their new album ‘Battle of Britain’ . Their last album ‘Cardboard Country’ was released on their own Last Rockers label and  launched on the back of a very successful Pledge campaign raising funds for the Shelter homeless charity in line with the album title.    Vice Squad is fronted by raucous voiced singer/guitarist Beki Bondage who was featured on the front cover of ALL the influential music tabloids back in the day. The band is 100% DIY and has no record company or management backing. Since reforming Vice Squad in 1997 the band has released several albums with powerful punk songs that are very well received by fans and press. In keeping with the DIY ethic the albums were recorded in the front room of Beki’s South London flat. Bugbear are overjoyed to bring Vice Squad to The Water Rats tonight, alongside… Nuffin – On 3rd August 1977, Nuffin’ turned up at the legendary Roxy Club to play ‘Audition Night’, only to find that Janet Street-Porter and a TV crew had taken over. Luckily, they were looking for an ‘undiscovered’ band as a counterpoint to all of the hype around at the time. And so a brief snap-shot of the the four Caterham teenagers, strutting their stuff and sharing their take on life, was captured for posterity. Roll on nigh on 40 years and by a series of happy collisions in hostelries Nuffin found themselves reforming their original line up for a charity gig. They enjoyed it so much they stuck at it, and recorded their original 1977 set and released as ‘Crowd Control’, one of THE punk long players of 2018. Nuffin now play every cool punk venue going from The 100 Club to The Dublin Castle alongside every great punk band imaginable from The Vibrators to Menace…or Vice Squad…..
The Water Rats

Doors from 7.15
£12 on the door
£10 in advance