Sat 23 Oct
TV Smith (The Adverts)
 + Richard Strange (Doctors Of Madness)
TV Smith was founder member, singer and songwriter for the Adverts, who formed in late 1976, and became one of the leading bands in the first wave of British punk rock. In early 1977, they performed regularly at the newly-opened Roxy Club in London, and gained cult success with the Stiff Records single “One Chord Wonders.” Their next release, “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” became a hit record, leading to many radio and TV appearances and extensive media interest. A further single, No Time To Be 21, also entered the charts, and the band spent the rest of the year playing live, including major tours with The Damned and Iggy Pop. The album that followed in early 1978, “Crossing the Red Sea with the Adverts,” is still considered a genuine classic of the era and is often cited as one of the twenty best punk albums ever released. The Adverts released one further album, Cast Of Thousands, before they split in 1979. Slammed by the critics at the time, the album was re-released recently to universal acclaim, and described by Mojo magazine as the long lost punk album that rivals The Clashs ‘London Calling.” Immediately after the break up of The Adverts, TV formed TV Smith’s Explorers, who achieved a U.K. hit in 1980 with the single Tomahawk Cruise and released one album, Last Words Of The Great Explorer” a year later. Lack of commercial success led to the band being dropped by their record label and their subsequent splitTV re-entered the live arena in 1986 with Cheap, before performing his first gigs as a solo artist in the early 90s. He has gone on to release a succession of great albums, and has also been involved in a number of collaborations with other bands, most notably with German superstars Die Toten Hosen, who performed as TV’s backing band on the album Useless. His latest album, titled “Land Of The Overdose” has been described by Invicta magazine as “the album of his career,” and Fireworks magazine as “simply stunning,” “Land Of The Overdose” was voted 10th best album of the year in Vive Le Rock. Fiercely independent and determinedly embodying the original spirit of punk rock, TV continues to tour the world, bringing his epic solo show to ever-increasing audiences. Remarkably, he plays his concerts without a setlist and every performance contains a different selection of songs chosen on the night. He plays more than 100 gigs a year and has performed in 32 countries, including most of Europe, as well as the USA, Japan, Australia, South America, Russia – and even Heligoland. Not content with playing live, TV has also has written about his on-the-road experiences in five books of highly popular Tour Diaries, described by “Sandman” and “American Gods” author Neil Gaiman as, hilarious, honest and incredibly true.  In 2017 TV’s first ever book of lyrics was published by Foruli Codex. Exquisitely designed by Cure designer Andy Vella, and entitled “The Alternative Top 50,” the book comprises fifty of TV’s best lyrics. It is available as a conventional paperback, as well as an exclusive collectors’ hardback edition which includes a 10’ vinyl single recorded with Henry Rollins. A full-length BBC 4 documentary on TV Smith titled “We Who Wait: TV Smith & The Adverts” is still available for viewing on You Tube etc. TV’s very special guest tonight is Richard Strange, the Cabaret Futura./Doctors Of Madness ( “The missing link between David Bowie and The Sex Pistols…” –The Guardian) guy, a towering figure in a Post Velvets/Pre Punk/Post Punk world of poetically imbued and powerfully realized art rock. Writer, musician, composer, nightclub host, curator, actor and all round adventurer, performing with TV Smith and solo, with a wealth of old Doctorrs material to source, not to mention the Best Of Year Poll winning 2019 Doctors comeback album ‘Dark Times’, which is an absolute triumph of artful, emotive rock noir and a suitably jaundiced thermometer reading on today’s troubled world.
The Bell Inn, Bath

Doors from 7.15
£15 on the door
£12 in advance
Sat 30 Oct
Ridiculous Bugbear Hallowe'en Party
 + Ridiculous + Special Guests
 + DJ Grave Lee Travis
Ridiculous– Shimmering psych pop of a sunny disposition, which will make a beautiful contrast to tonight’s Hallowe’en Party theme… think Beatlesy pop rock, maybe XTC via Lightning Seeds…Ridick, as those in the know call them, were big fave raves for Bugbear back in the as they say day…the late 1990s when the living was easy and the toxic likes of Boris Johnson and David Cameron were still preoccupied with getting intimate with pigs. Anyway, Ridick-  they’re back! May I say yowsah?! The Band featured then as now drummer extraordinaire Jon Moss, the Culture Club percussive master, back in the band alongside songsmith Sebastian Wocker, vocals/guitar (Yeah / Hair / Michel Van Dyke) Erran Baron-Cohen: vocals/keys/trumpet (composer of film music for Borat / Bruno / The Infidel and brother natch of Sascha) And Pete Noone : bass/vocals (Roger Daltrey / Roger Taylor, Mick Ronson).  All star cast, all star audience. Probably. Tonight is the official Water Rats Hallowe’en Happening so make sure you get in the spirit and come suitably costumed, costed and accosted, Bugbear DJ s will be playing a suitably horrific set of eclectic party bangers too, driller killer diller music for the living and undead alike til the late, late hour. And a rather special support in the pipeline….buy now, beat the variants…
The Water Rats

Doors from 7.15
£12 on the door
£10 in advance