Brain Ape
(DVD Launch)
Dublin Castle
Thu 13 December
Dublin Castle
Fri 14 December
RocknRoll Rescue's Nightmare Before Xmas
Flesh Tetris
District 13
Legal Freaks
Dublin Castle
Sun 16 December
Dublin Castle
Fri 21 December
Richard Strange
An Accent Waiting To Happen
Rock And Roll Book Club
Dublin Castle
Wed 16 January
Girls Just Wanna Have Punk And Ska....

Bring on the girls, the ladies, the wimmin…ah whatever, calm yerselves, it happens to be females playing great music don’t get so excited, they usually bring something more alluring to the musical table than the geezers anyway… There are at least five all girl bands in the Dublin next few days for your empowerment and delight. And stacks more round the corner. Oh, and Theresa May’s a fucking twat.

The Dublin Castle
Saturday 9th September
The Skatuesques + The Feckin Ejits

All female Ska/Rocksteady crew from Dublin, got a really nice lightness of touch, like a more erudite Bodysnatchers, do covers and origs all fabulously well. With The Feckin Ejits, fiery Celtic Punk with storming  tunes and big rousing choruses. Cheap Tickets Here.

The Dublin Castle
Sunday 10th September
The Featherz + Shitsick + Kako + DJ Nick Robinson

All female punk nite starring glam rock/punk rock LBGT firebrands and ace tunesmiths The Featherz and the wonderful Shitsick, not just a great name but a fab concept brilliantly realized… “Punk poets responding to todays corrupt governments and global turmoil. Living in a fascist country. Refusing to believe that punk and freedom are dead they fight on, tartan clad and ready for the revolution” Right on. Cheap Tickets Here.

The Dublin Castle
Friday 22nd September
Mika Bomb + Lord Numb + Abel Raise The Cain + Hercules II

Mika Bomb- Legendary Anglo- Japanese female punk rock experience with kick ass tood and pop appeal in equal measure, plus some sassy diversions into psych and glam amidst the ramalama. Damaged Goods Records artistes. Great fun [more] and excellent to have them back in the UK and indeed The Dublin again. Cheap Tickets Here.Lord Numb- The named benumbed aristocrat upfront kerranging the beejaysus out of his guitar, with Mr Spiderleg giving some unholy four string bottom end action and electronic probings as Jez clatters and caresses the skins like Jaki Leibezeit on scrumpy. The dark end of Iggy meets Pistols punch meets Berlin era Bowie bohemia…brilliant. Abel Raise The Cain- Deeply atmospheric indie soundscapes, with celestial ensemble vocals, has the epicness of Arcade Fire or British Sea Power at their most bombastic, and some nice ambient moments a-la Sigor Ros too. Fetching work. Hercules II- Allstar lurch and neo garage alterno bliss in a guitar orchestra stylee. Slabs and layers of slabs upon slabs of noise- did I say slabs? Slabs also salvoes, swoons, swirls, something primal and loud and hypnotic ya get me? Fans of Black Sabbath, Sunn O, Wooden Shjips, may all find plenty to enjoy here.