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John Rossall's Glitter Band
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Sat 31 August
Tales Of Jon Moss, Ridiculous And Other Lovely Members In The Dublin Castle...

NB Early Show 6pm to 9.30pm
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Ridiculous + JC Carroll (The Members)
+ Special Guests

Jon Moss last shared a stage with JC Carroll at The Roxy in 1977. Jon was drumming in London, the Band, JC of course jumped around, sang and played great guitar for The Members. A lot of punk, new wave, and new romantic water has gone under the bridge since then, and the brilliant Ridiculous is where Jon now locates his drum stool, having just exited a certain tour. You’ll have read all about it in the red tops. Well YOU probably won’t have read all about it in the red tops coz you are a discerning personage reading the Bugbear front page. Boy, oh Boy. Click on the wonderful Ridick flyerage above by way of an aperitif for Sunday, another chance to hear that time Tony Bugbear and Jukebox Julie Hamill met RIDICULOUS at Soho Radio….much fun was had. WARNING ALSO CONTAINS George Galloway!!

Ridiculous play shimmering psych pop of a sunny disposition, think XTC via Lightning Seeds, and certainly lots of Fab Four. They were big fave raves for Bugbear back in the as they say day, and they’re back! Huzzah! The Band featured then- as now -drummer extraordinaire Jon Moss who joined the band after Culture Club split 1st time round, and nudge nudge wink wink he’s back in the band alongside songsmith Sebastian Wocker, vocals/guitar (Yeah / Hair / Michel Van Dyke) Erran Baron-Cohen: vocals/keys/trumpet (composer of film music for Borat / Bruno / The Infidel and brother natch of Sascha) And Pete Noone : bass/vocals (Roger Daltrey / Roger Taylor, Mick Ronson). NB Tonight’s show and therefore headline performance will start earlyish and finish earlyish, Ridiculous on stage about 8pm. First band 6.00pm .

JC Carroll is that suburban songsmith supreme who still fronts a fab line up of The Members and also rocks a rather tasty solo set, as evinced on this self same hallowed stage a couple of weeks back for our Polyfest happening when John hooked up with Only Ones guitarist John Perry…who knows what new wave superstars could turn up tonite….whoever does JC’s solo act is a beautiful thing encompassing Members ditties and lovely surprises. It seems JC and Jon Moss last shared a stage at The Roxy in 1977 when Jon drummed for London, so this is rather beautiful (lest we forget Jon Moss drummed for a succession of punk / new wave bands including London, The Damned, The Edge and briefly Adam And The Ants)….NB JC on stage 7pm

The Dublin Castle Rock And Roll Book Club is hosted by Julie Hamill and Tony Bugbear at least once a month in London’s realest of really real venues. Discover more…

Wed 5th Dec The Dublin Castle
George Galloway + Rock And Roll Book Club [more]
+ Q And A And Signing + Julie Hamill
+ DJ Tony Bugbear

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Arguably the most rock n roll/controversial politician of all time and the most recognisable Scottish voice in the UK, George Galloway joins author Julie Hamill in conversation about his highly acclaimed audio book ’Street Fighting’, with a signing, an audience Q&A, all followed by by a 1970s inspired DJ set from ‘glamnesiac’ Tony Bugbear Gleed. George Galloway was born into poverty in a slum Irish immigrant quarter of the Scottish city of Dundee. He began the 1970s running wild in a gang – the Lochee Fleet – and ended the decade, as most people said, running the city itself. In subsequent decades he would rarely be out of the news but this personal memoir of the 1970s goes back to where he started. Shocking from the start, Galloway’s memoir interlaces his own young life into the most turbulent decade in British history, film, music, football, strikes, war in Ireland – indeed, war throughout the world. To understand the 1970s is to understand George Galloway. And vice versa. Galloway is already writing the sequel to this volume: The Thatcher Years of the 1980s, which he describes as Britain’s hangover, a hangover so bad that Britain almost died. George Galloway; like him or loathe him. You’d be lying if you said he wasn’t interesting…