Dublin Castle
Wed 21 February
Dublin Castle
Thu 22 February
The Other Ones
Blind Fire
Killian Noise And The Friends Of The Dark
Not For Long
Hurt Attack
Dublin Castle
Sun 25 February
Dublin Castle
Fri 2 March
Roddy Radiation And The Skabilly Rebels
The Collective A.K.A
Steve Hookers Stripped Down Stompin Band
Dublin Castle
Sat 3 March
Have A Clang On This Number Baby...

Just An Illusion? No pal click on the Polyfest poster above and hear Bugbear in conversation with the wonderful Mr. Errol Kennedy from Brit soul sensations Imagination. On Soho Radio, officially the greatest online radio station in the whole damn world. Polyfest is a cornucopia of incredibly varied talent coming together to salute the late great Poly Styrene of X Ray Spex- just check that line up, all day long in The Dublin Castle Saturday 21st October. Limited tickets still available here.

Buggerbear hope this show is as enjoyable to listen back to as it was to host t’other night. Also present and correct amongst this top radio royster doystering, Clive Langer the Deaf School and Clang Group and uber producer top man top, who donated huge amounts of pop nous to Madness… and the brilliant Julie Hamill the gal behind 15 Minutes With You, the behind the scenes story of all things Morrissey and The Smiths shaped. And handily enough also hostess of The Dublin Castle Rock And Roll Book Club which on Wednesday 4th October sees our Julie interviewing Mathew Jacobson about his new book ‘Pieces Of Morrissey’, the tantalising tales of yer actual fans from the most dedicated of all fanbases, The Mozz Army. Come along , Q and A, book signings and a Smiths/Mozzer shaped disco partay to finish up on in celebration of the tippertop new Morrissey single ‘Spent The Day In Bed’- also heard on the radio show featured here. Cheap Tickets Here…

Clive Langer and The Clang Group play The Dublin Castle Thursday 12th October- get your cheapy cheapo tickets here. This cutting edge nouveau rocknroll happening with an all star cast have the wonderfully wistful and wanton ‘Practice’ album out on Domino Records. You may well see one Graham McPherson clamber up on stage and donate his fabulous pipes – hear em here anyhow… with Eugene Mc Guinness and Fabian Jack in support on the nite.

Dedicated with much love to Virgil Howe. Missing you x