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Wed 25 September
Oliver Shaw Experience
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Tue 15 October
Tales Of Lord Numb, Tales Of Stereotrip, Tales Of The Skatuesques...

Friday 14th December
The Dublin Castle
Lord Numb + The Long Mynd
+ Rosen + Dr.Eggs
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Lord Numb’s ace drummist Jez may be heard exchanging erudite opinions with The Bug Bear Boys and comedian Paul Taylor if you click/tap the pic up there of head Numbster Alan Castallero awaiting alien intervention whilst on a road trip to purchase more exotic guitar pedals (possibly) With Lord Numb Iggy, Bowie, Bauhaus and Wire get given a hard rock guitar kicking tempered with some cutting electronica and rumblesome dubby drum and bass workouts. The Boogaloo Radio show embedded behind our pipe puffing guitar overlord there contemplates the question ‘Is English Music The Best In The World?’ ….Well is it? Have a listen. Well we do know English Rock And Roll is not only alive but thriving in the hands of discerning artists Lord Numb. Numb is The Nuts, see and hear for yourself 10pm Friday night. Also starring The Long Mynd and their Americana tinged post-punk, Rosen- ‘A five-piece cyberpunk band from London mixing rock, nu metal and hip-hop.’ and DR.EGGS. Catchy and dynamic electro-pop with angular synths, driving bass, aggro guitar and complex rhythms all topped by infectious melodies, slick raps and highly personal lyrics. So there’s yer Friday night sorted, then The Skatuesques Saturday. We truly spoil ye.

Nothing is more representative of sexy, sassy Franglish entende cordial of a magical musical making than Serge Gainsbourg coming and going over Jane Birkin’s internal organs in song. So let’s say Les Greetings to our amis Francaises un autre temps. Et Bon Fecking Jour. L’homme qui appelle Monsieur Paul Taylor is un English homme, un comedian natch, qui bleedin well habite en La Belle France innit guv and he plus TV crew Francaises joined Tony et Jim Du Buggerbear and Lord Numb’s batteur Le Jez pour un petit peu of vive le difference type chat on Bug Bear’s Tales Of The Dublin Castle on le premier radio station Le Boogaloo this semain, vous get me? ‘Stereotrip’, a Jolly Spiffing French TV Show hosted by Paul on Canal Plus, poses le question, is English music le best dans le world and shit? Porqoui about tout le monde? Join the mass debate right here behind Serge and Jane, with beaucoup du fab musical illustrations, d’accord. Fifi La Hamill came along too and nous drank vin rouge and le jetez our berets dans the air with joy. English food. Pah! Tell ya wot though, French birds eh, phwoar etc. Bof! Top chat and top music, some English, some French, some Irish, THE LOT! Contes Des Dublin Castle, Merci beaucoup. Ou est mon jilet jaune?