Dublin Castle
Fri 21 June
Madonna : Like An Icon
Lucy O' Brien
Rock N Roll Book Club At The Union
The Union, Soho
Wed 26 June
Dublin Castle
Sat 29 June
Vivien Goldman
Revenge Of The She Punks
Rock N Roll Book Club
Dublin Castle
Wed 3 July
Dublin Castle
Sat 6 July
Happy Twenty Nineteen...

We bid a sad farewell to punk’s greatest songsmith Buzzcocks’ Pete Shelley at the back end of 2018, and to his Mancunian post punk poet contemporary The Fall’s Mark E Smith at the top. Both are celebrated in the Soho Radio show embedded behind Robert Vaughan and his Protectotate co-workers just there above this text. The theme tune to that slightly gauche Gerry Anderson production was ‘Avenues And Alleyways’ as sung by Tony Christie. A reet corker. ‘The Saturday Sync’ presents screenage kicks and cinematic shakers, the sonic embellishment of the moving image celebrated and showcased for your delectation. From Buzzcocks to Tony Christie to Enio Morricone, loads to love. Click and enjoy. This show was 16th in the global soundtrack chart and 40th in the global punk chart. Yeah baby, with a damn bullet. Happy New Year to all those who came to our shows in 2018 and all those who find themselves at a Bugbear event in 2019. We’ll keep it real for you.

Nothing is more representative of sexy, sassy Franglish entende cordial of a magical musical making than Serge Gainsbourg coming and going over Jane Birkin’s internal organs in song. So let’s say Les Greetings to our amis Francaises et Bon Fecking Jour. L’homme qui appelle Monsieur Paul Taylor is un English homme, un comedian natch, qui bleedin well habite en La Belle France innit guv and he plus TV crew Francaises joined Tony et Jim Du Buggerbear and Lord Numb’s batteur Le Jez pour un petit peu of vive le difference type chat on Bug Bear’s Tales Of The Dublin Castle on le premier radio station Le Boogaloo this semain, vous get me? ‘Stereotrip’, a Jolly Spiffing French TV Show hosted by Paul on Canal Plus, poses le question, is English music le best dans le world and shit? Porqoui about tout le monde? Join the mass debate right here behind Serge and Jane, with beaucoup du fab musical illustrations, d’accord. Fifi La Hamill came along too and nous drank vin rouge and le jetez our berets dans the air with joy. English food. Pah! Tell ya wot though, French birds eh, phwoar etc. Bof! Top chat and top music, some English, some French, some Irish, THE LOT! Contes Des Dublin Castle, Merci beaucoup. Ou est le pen de ma tante et ou est mon bleedin jilet jaune?