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Dublin Castle
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More Tales Of A Rock Star's Daughter
Rock N Roll Book Club At The Union
The Union Club, Soho
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Tales Of Richard Jobson, Davd Bowie, Amy Winehouse, The Skatuesques...

Thursday 20th September
The Water Rats Theatre
Kings Cross
Richard Jobson (The Skids) with Martin Metcalfe (Filthy Tongues/Goodbye Mr McKenzie)
The Speed Of Life : A Love Letter To David Bowie… with Q And A & Book Signing
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Skids frontman & film director Richard Jobson reads passages from his acclaimed new sci-fi novel ‘Speed Of Life’ with a musical landscape provided by Filthy Tongues maestro Martin Metcalfe.

Two aliens visit Earth in search of the secret of human creativity.
They’ve already received broadcast from Earth on their own distant planet.
They’ve identified what they think is the best example of a creative human.
His name is David Bowie. Click on the pic above for a beautiful refresher in all things loving of alien and Bowie….

Richard’s heartfelt love letter to David Bowie is brought to life in form of two aliens Their names are Green & Blue.
Their search for Bowie, their observations about humanity and it’s strange habit of ‘creating’ are a joy to read. The Speed of Life is both an examination of the intangible relationship between creator and fan, the loved and the lovers, and a quiet meditation on the inexplicable power of music.

Richard & Martin will also perform some unplugged songs from the Skids back catalogue plus a few of their co-writes from the recent UK top 30 Skids LP ‘Burning Cities’

Don’t miss this unusual and enthralling performance.

Doors 7.15

Tony Gleed & Jim Matisson have been operating outta The Dublin Castle, Camden Town as Bugbear for over 20 years, man and mannish boy. Obviously there’s plenty of juicy tales to recount, if only they could remember them. They do recall Amy Winehouse coming along for stints pulling pints pop eyed behind the bar, and her appearance on the hallowed mojo ridden Dublin Castle stage too, what a night that was, hear all about it here. Tap on the wonderful image of Amy in the Dublin above and enjoy our latest installment of ‘Tales Of The Dublin Castle’ on Boogaloo Radio. [more] Ruti Ahronee guests to big up all things Amy’s Foundation, with Julie Hamill ahead of our Rock and Roll Book Club happening in the Dublin on Thursday 27th Sept. Amy’s mum Janis will be along to talk about her heart rending and beautiful book ‘A Mother’s Story’, and tickets are, as they say, available- Oh, and all profits go to the foundation ya get me. We also showcase some fab stuff upcoming for Bugbear and delve back in time to all manner of gnarly DC nights out with a star cast inc. Robert Plant, Pete Doherty, Rod Stewart, Kevin Cummins and Morrissey.