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Thu 29 September
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Fri 30 September
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Sat 1 October
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David Stark (It's All Too Much)
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Thu 6 October
Everybody Needs The Dublin Castle...

The Oliver Shaw Experience/Sister Mercedes/Close To The Sun
The Dublin Castle
Tuesday 26th November
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An artist most worthy of your attention as 2020 looms is one Oliver Shaw. The very talented Mr Shaw came along to Boogaloo Radio and bonded with Bugbear over a chat and a couple of sensational live songs in the studio. We also get an exclusivo listen to Ollie’s new single ‘Everybody Needs A Dan Leno’. Fab stuff. Click on the pic and discover more. The Oliver Shaw Experience display ace echoes of Kurt Cobain, yer Gallaghers, The Libertines and other recent artistry but with a trad Brit folk slant, and not a little psychedelic sauce and a hint of avant garde punkery. A lot going on, and it’s all good. The garage twang puts you in mind of The Allah Las too, and that’s no bad thing. . All manner of great stuff coalesces in Oliver’s fertile musical back yard, from psych to blues to twisted soul and experimentally (un-)hinged alt rock. On stage 10pm in The Dublin Castle, Camden Town, Tuesday 26th November, get yourself along earlier for some marvelous support from Close To The Sun and Sister Mercedes, whose spiffing ‘Driving Around In A Stolen Car’ also gets a spin on the radio show supplied here. As do Starsha Lee. We take a peek at their brilliant new E.P and have an in depth chat about all manner of stuff from the emptiness of post modern art to the artistic clarion of death to the bullshit of censorship. The ferocious female (but non binary) and neo Riot Grrrl grunge psych punk attack of Starsha Lee can be witnessed in The Dublin Castle as part of ‘Grrrlesque Burlesque’ on Friday 13th December. Be there, a really wild and wanton Xmas party is assured!

Check out the latest ‘Saturday Sync’ outta Soho Radio wherein Tony Bugbear and Mighty Mike Spenser get onto the sweet, sweet sounds of synchronization with a ‘Cats and Dogs’ theme. Loads to enjoy. Bangers outta films and TV with a feline cum canine connection, ya get me, and featuring music by the likes of Elvis, Grace Jones, The Electric Banana, Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons, Johnny Moped, Adam and the Ants, The Stooges, Gene Vincent and Shelley Manne. Supercool.. Click upon it.