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Thu 22 August
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John Rossall's Glitter Band
Dublin Castle
Sat 31 August
Tales Of Hallowe'en, The Cesarians, Polyfest, The Members, Barnstormer 1649......

Happy Hallowe’en from Bugbear. Get along to The Dublin Castle for the RocknRoll Rescue Spook Night spesh or attend The Cesarians Paper Dress Vinatage show same night for equally spectral, spellbound super party vibrations. Hear Bugbear and Mighty Mike Spenser live and direct from The Trash Can getting on a cinemascopic Hallowe’en horror tip for Soho Radio just here, tap your crooked talon ‘pon Justine Cesarian having a fag with her corvine familiars above and listen in, it’s frightful fun. So The Cesarians….

Wednesday 31st October
Paper Dress Vintage, Hackney
The Cesarians + VÄLVĒ
+ Bella Barton + Hallowe’en Happening
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The Cesarians, back by popular demand at Paper Dress Hackney, the suitably spectral edge to this remarkable band’s music finds a good Hallowe’en home this evening, but no shock tactics necessary, The Cesarians are always tempering their sincerely hauntological fire with succulent but soulfully intense high drama pop noir. Following critically acclaimed albums produced by Craig Leon and Teo Millar, the ‘wrong rock/odd pop’ maestros now channel a slightly more electronica hinged furrow with a little less brass a little more of a bleep factor and a wee bit of Velvets cum Glen Campbell guitar. Long standing fans of this ace act will be pleased no doubt that there’s no let up in the intensity and emotional maelstrom they have always channeled. .. and then there’s Charlie Finke and Justine Armitage’s sensational song craft. Also ce soir, VÄLVĒ… Chloe Herington and her compadres with their unique take on minimalist found sound built antsy pop. Really interesting work that is as accessible as it is outre. Great stuff, and new E.P ‘Cycles’ is about to emerge. Bella Barton also joins this fabulous bill. This young bohemian singer songwriter has an edgy, declamatory, yet sweet tone, with a set of songs that are drifting modal affairs with tons of appeal. Not bog standard singer songwriter fare at all, thankfully. Reminds somewhat of Marine Girls era Tracey Thorn. Educated at the Brit School and living proof that esoteric talent can be trained if not actually taught.

The Fighting Cocks
Friday 2nd November
The Members + A Body Of People + Scowl
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The Members- From the second maybe third wave of punk the always intrinsically musically astute, witty and tune laden Members have been wowing audiences again in the live arena of late. From Stiff to Virgin, and all double entendres in between, this band always had a knack with a tune, a very crafty brand of punk pop musicality. Truly the Sound Of The Suburbs, so come ye all from London satellites for this must see happening. Sound Of The Suburbs, Offshore Banking Business, Working Girl, Solitary Confinement, classics all, and still knocking out excellent new material too unlike a lot of their contemporaries. A wide range of sonic flavours gets put thru the Members machine from reggae to Spaghetti Western to Surf via pure pop. And it’s still punk rock! Top night out. PLUS!! A Body Of People. Blending the psychedelic nuances of Julian Cope with the kind of bouncy, rocking Small Faces/Stranglers fare (thanks to some smashing arpeggiotastic keys), ABOP combine the commercial and the quirky most heroically. With a tinge of that Barrett/Ayers counter cultural heritage, all envisaged thru a punky party lens mind you geezer, and we understand a new album is on the way. And opening, Scow. Attitood to the fore D.I.Y punk with a snarling lead vocal, Scowl also dip a toe in Grunge and Psyche, great stuff, not unlike the wonderful Anarchristwood in places……Oh, and Brother Simon Waller from A Body Of People sits in with Jim and Tony from Bugbear at Boogaloo Radio and you can hear the show in question by clicking on the poster above. Much joy- plus Clifford Slapper talking about David Bowie and Mike Garson.