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Wed 23 January
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Fri 25 January
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Fri 1 February
Rory And The Island
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Sat 2 February
Rock N Roll Book Club
Tony Drayton- Ripped And Torn
Daniel Rachel- Walls Come Tumbling Down
Radio Generation
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Wed 6 February
Pieces Of Morrissey...

The Dublin Castle
Wednesday 4th October
Rock And Roll Book Club

Matthew Jacobson Meets Julie Hamill. Pieces Of Morrissey Book Launch with DJ Tony Bugbear Cheap Tickets

Morrissey is a cult. But what drives fans’ devotion? What makes them trek halfway round the world to catch his shows in the US or South America when he is playing in their city a few months later? Why do they fight over pieces of his shirt, thrown each night into the crowd? Is this healthy? Should they seek help? Is Moz messianic or does he calculatedly whip the mob into a frenzy to maintain his status? And what of Morrissey’s own adolescence and his obsessions with 1950s rock ‘n’ rollers and stars such as Bowie and Patti Smith? Morrissey devotee (and proud owner of an intact Moz shirt) Matt Jacobson examines his own obsession and that of his fellow fans to discover the lengths some will go to, to catch sight of their demi-god. In conversation tonight with Julie Hamill…Q and A, signings, Morrissey Lore and a Moz/Smiths disco to end on. From 7pm. Only a fiver! Click on the pic for our Soho Radio aperitif.

Thursday 12th October
The Dublin Castle

The Clang Group + Eugenne McGuinness + Amone + Fabian Jack Cheap Tickets

Former Deaf School guitarist and songwriter and uber producer (Madness, Dexys, Morrissey etc etc) Clive Langer has formed this cutting edge nouveau rocknroll happening with an all star cast including sometimes none other than Andy Roxy Music McKay on sax. Wowsers. And they’re so hot the esteemed Domino Records snapped em up and released the wonderful ‘Practice’ album. You may well see one Graham McPherson clamber up on stage and donate his fabulous pipes…could happen….Click on the pic for our Soho Radio aperitif. With Eugene McGuinness. As Drowned in Sound said of his long player “a bold and confident piece of brilliance, equally off kilter as it is tenderly raw”. The BBC said that the album “runs the formative gamut of angsty, carefree, happy-sad, hormone-fuelled, late-teens emotions with a solipsistic disregard for any feelings but his own”. NME gave the album 8 out of 10, and The Times named it their album of the week. Also with Amone. Neatly bridging various eras of ’80s informed female fronted synthpop from Goldfrapp to The Knife to Chvrches. And Fabian Jack and their uplifting indie pop….