The Water Rats
Fri 17 July
Special Guests TBA
Glam Rock DJ Action
The Water Rats
Sat 31 October
Starsha Lee
The Water Rats
Fri 20 November
Dublin Castle
Sat 6 February
Punky Reggae Parties In The Dublin Castle...

The Dublin Castle
Saturday 15th June
Ball Of Fire! with
The Estimators/Petty Thieves/DJs
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Bugbear Present The Second Annual Ball Of Fire Club hosted by and starring The Estimators. Taking a more authentic, pre punk, pre roots reggae approach to all things ska, this highly accomplished band truly specialize in nice vibes, proper old school Skatalites/Prince Buster stylee, echoing the swing and sass of early rocksteady and rudeboy reggae tooons. Some choice J.A covers and some fine originals, this makes for a fantastic Saturday night out and a wonderful reading of the genre! Also appearing this evening, The Petty Thieves, a super sassy six piece sleazy Reggae/Ska/Funk band from the dirty suburbs of Medway. It ain’t all dirty garage punk out there, these guys are exponents of fabulous skanking fun.

The Dublin Castle
Saturday 22nd June
The Annual Midsummer Spizz Party
Spizz Energi with Art Trip And The Static Sound/The Blunders
Plus! Q And A with Jordan : Defying Gravity. Jordan’s Story.
(RNR Book Club Extra) and DJs We Got Killers til 2am
From 7pm sharp/ Get Cheap Tickets Here

The Annual Midsummer Spizz Party starring Spizz Energi is now on it’s 7th or is it 8th year? Where’s Captain Kirk? Right here, with his brilliant rocking band and enough punk n roll joy to give Spock a giggling fit. Not to be missed. (Click on the magnificently mean and moody Spizz pic and hear Spizz with Tony Bugbear on a recent Resonance FM radio show with some cool cuts and fascinating chat). Art Trip And The Static Sound are also performing tonight. Iggy Pop’s favourite band next to Sleaford Mods (or maybe Skinnygirl Diet…) it would appear, and quite right too. A superb amalgamation as it is of white noise guitar shreddings, beefy bottom end bass, skittering, skittling percussion and the upfront presence of vocalist Melodie Holiday. Here’s where the contemporary realization of she punk is at it’s most striking-the root of Poly Styrene, Ari Up, Siouxsie et al. The Blunders play politically charged punky rock, with tight and disciplined grooves., a punk band with a varied palate of influences, from Citizen Fish to The Libertines via Killing Joke and Crass. Ace band..and from the Holy Land too. I mean Wiltshire. Proper fare for Summer Solstice Boxing Day! AND… THE REAL Jordan will be joining us ce soir. ‘Defying Gravity: Jordan’s Story’: A RocknRoll Book Club Extra, has been especially lined up just for YOU the discerning admirer of punk icons. ‘Defying Gravity: Jordan’s Story’ is just out (or will be!) and we’ll be interviewing Jordan live on stage and inviting you to pose a question, get a selfie with, get your books signed by the Seditionaries and Sex Goddess and ultimate Queen of The Ants. And it’s her birthday! Happy Birthday To Jordan! Punk’s not dead, it’s IMMORTAL! DJs We Got Killers promise us a Special Punk Gourmet Set! Enjoy.