Brain Ape
(DVD Launch)
Dublin Castle
Thu 13 December
Dublin Castle
Fri 14 December
RocknRoll Rescue's Nightmare Before Xmas
Flesh Tetris
District 13
Legal Freaks
Dublin Castle
Sun 16 December
Dublin Castle
Fri 21 December
Richard Strange
An Accent Waiting To Happen
Rock And Roll Book Club
Dublin Castle
Wed 16 January
Read It In Books...

Rock And Roll Book Club in The Dublin Castle begins..every first Wednesday of the month in the CBGBs of North London, yer Dublin Castle. Booze, rocknroll, literature, a Holy Trinity you can all enjoy and get erudition and enlightenment into the bargain.

Author discussion Q&A, book signings, exclusive playlists and more! Hosted by Julie Hamill with Kink Of The Nightflies Tony Buggerbear providing the sonic assortments outta the wheels of surreal. Our opening gambit on Wednesday September 6th when spotlights Ian Shirley’s excellent exploration of all things KLF, Turn Up The Strobe. Bugbear spoke to Ian at Soho Radio just the other evening, by way of an aperitif for the main event described here. Click on the sheep shaggertastic image above and listen. Lots of righteous Bill and Jimmy roots and shoots sounds to enjoy alongside engaging chit chat with Mr Shirley.

Ian Shirley is the editor of Record Collector’s Rare Record Price Guide and has written biographies on Bauhaus, The Residents, Pink Floyd and Green Day, as well as the definitive guide to the links between music and comics. He would like to stress that no sheep were harmed during the writing of this book.

Turn Up The Strobe tells the story of two of the Twentieth Century’s most vital artists, and those who understood them. A story of success, fear, ego, power, graffiti, house music, independence, control, disaster, the Roland TR-808, love, sheep, marketing, God, death, 12” vinyl records, escape, freedom, populism, a Ford Galaxie and the money and fame all of these things attract.

Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty have recently announced a resumption in activity planned for August 2017, and the duo’s fanbase remains as strong as their mystique. Meet the author this evening, get signed copes of the new book and hear him interviewed by Julie ‘Moz Army’ Hamill, acclaimed author and outstanding Twittersphere phenomenon. Stick around and kick out the JAMS to a bespoke playlist lovingly put together by Bugbear and Ian Shirley, enjoy a drink in the CBGBs of London, Camden Town’s properly iconic Dublin Castle. Meanwhile another mystically mercurial iconoclast stirs somewhere North of Greater Manchester….

40 years since since The Fall’s inception in the ’77 shitpile, Mark E Smith’s psi-punk institution are still channeling time travel, speed psychosis, skued polemic and satirical insouciance. ‘New Facts Emerge’ is out now. 32nd LP in a relentless output rivaled only by Frank Zappa or maybe Daniel O’ Donnell. [more] With a penchant for RNR exctracuriculur inspiration to shame the hoary rock god firmament, The Fall consistently baffle, enthrall and elevate the listener with music so singular and acidic it sends the lay rock consumer hollering, screaming, shitting back to The Rolling Stones or The Sons Of Mumford.
Bugbear have been entranced by all things Fall since first hearing the Short Circuit 10 inch in 1978. This month’s Dead On 4 forgoes the usual obit orbit to pay tribute to The Mighty Fall, still alive, still vital. Fall classics, a smattering of associated turns, other cool records loosely connected to The Fall or hardly related at all. Hit play on the embedded player behind the New Facts Emerge artwork above.