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Tales Of David Bowie, Mike Garson And Clifford Slapper At The Union Club In Soho...

Wednesday 27th February
Rock ‘N’ Roll Book Club At The Union, Soho

Clifford Slapper
 ‘Bowie’s Piano Man : The Life Of Mike Garson’
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Following a great run of Rock ‘N’ Roll Book Club events at the uber iconic Dublin Castle in Camden Town, Bugbear and Julie Hamill are very pleased to bring their literary and musical collaboration to The Union in Soho. What better environment for an urbane and erudite evening of author interaction, Q and A, and book signing with some remarkable writers? Published author and expertly attuned interviewer Julie Hamill will be posing the questions, plus there will be select performances and mindfully fashioned DJ sets by Tony Gleed (Soho Radio, Boogaloo Radio) and select performances .

Clifford Slapper is our first appointment, and his superb book ‘Bowie’s Piano Man. The Life Of Mike Garson’  Pianist Mike Garson was David Bowie’s most frequent musician, on record and onstage throughout Bowie’s life. They played over a thousand shows together between 1972 and 2004, and Garson is featured on over 20 of Bowie’s albums.  Bowie’s Piano Man is the first-ever biography of Mike Garson, written by Clifford Slapper, a fellow pianist who also played for Bowie, working closely with him on his last-ever television appearance. The book explores the special relationship between Garson and Bowie, beginning with the extraordinary story of how Garson went overnight from playing in tiny jazz clubs to touring the world on arena rock tours with Bowie after one short phone call and audition. Clifford Slapper’s excellent book, first published in 2015, has now been revised and extended, taking in the shockwaves we all felt when Bowie suddenly died in January 2016. Author Julie Hamill (15 Minutes With You, Frank) will interview Clifford who will also be poised at the piano to give us wonderful musical illustrations to accompany the exploration of the text. Plus Bowie thru Garson related DJ sets, lovingly created by  DJ and Bugbear facilitator Tony Gleed topping and tailing the event.

Wednesday 6th March

The Dublin Castle Rockn Roll Book Club

Nettie Baker and The Cesarians Get Cheap Tickets Here 

Tales of a Rock Star’s Daughter are the sharp , funny recollections of Nettie Baker, eldest daughter of Ginger Baker, legendary ‘wild man’ and drummer with the Graham Bond Organisation, Cream, Blind Faith and Airforce. From poverty to riches and back, featuring a colourful cast of characters known and unknown, [more] Nettie’s book features at the Dublin Castle RNR Book Club on Wed 6th March, with your hosts Tony Gleed and Julie Hamill. The self same pair are expertly guiding you through the fabulous show outta Boogaloo Radio available by clicking on the classic Ginger pic above too. Our other special guest here is Ye Goode King O f Ye Trashe, Mike Spenser of The Cannibals, a major figure in post punk British music. Thus we’re discussing and appraising the wonderful 1980s British garage band scene brilliantly portrayed in the Cherry Red Recprds 3 CD Box Set ‘Just A Bad Dream’. We have copies to give away too so tipppy tappy on Ginger, listen up and maybe grab yerself one. Ooga Wooga as a great man once said.