Dublin Castle
Fri 21 June
Madonna : Like An Icon
Lucy O' Brien
Rock N Roll Book Club At The Union
The Union, Soho
Wed 26 June
Dublin Castle
Sat 29 June
Vivien Goldman
Revenge Of The She Punks
Rock N Roll Book Club
Dublin Castle
Wed 3 July
Dublin Castle
Sat 6 July
Tales Of Getting Ripped & Torn And Generally Rocking Against Racism In The Radio Generation...

Wednesday 6th February

Rock N Roll Book Club with Tony Drayton (Ripped And Torn)
Daniel Rachel (Walls Come Tumbling Down)
+ LIVE! Radio Generation (Punk and New Wave Covers Supreme)

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Click on the beautiful bookage above. Tony Bugbear hosts another fun filled and fiercely cerebral (oh yes) ‘Tales Of The Dublin Castle’, ably assisted by Julie Hamill and featuring guest authors Tony Drayton & Daniel Rachel. As a primer for the sooncome ‘Rock and Roll Book Club’ event in the Dublin Castle (Wed 6th Feb, natch), we are exploring the world of Tony D’s seminal punk fanzine, and the thematic thrust of Daniel’s ‘Walls Come Tumbling Down’, a book charting the pivotal period between 1976 to 1992 that saw politics and pop music really coalesce for the first time in Britain’s musical history. This superb book showcases the voices of campaigners, musicians, artists and politicians through three key movements of the time: Rock Against Racism, 2 Tone, and Red Wedge. The beautiful new compendium ‘Ripped and Torn: 1976 – 79 The Loudest Punk Fanzine in the UK’ compiles all the fabulous fanzines in a new coffee table friendly format , impossible not to dip into and endlessly absorb. Absorb this. Top chat and triffic choons agogo. And talking of triffic choons, to polish off the night with perfect punky protest symmetry, Radio Generation wil perform after the chat. Rad Gen are an excellent punk, new wave, post punk and proto punk concept act, handpicked to compliment tonight’s books and entertain you beyond a bookish bedtime. They don’t so much cover classic 70s/80s bangers as deconstruct them, re-imagine them and generally turn the upside down and inside out. Marvelous entertainment assured. Check the setlist… BUZZCOCKS, RAMONES, GEN X, THE DAMNED, MAGAZINE, RUTS, DEAD BOYS, XTC, NUMAN, KRAFTWERK, BOWIE, IGGY, LOU….

Talking of punk era icons…..Bugbear guested on Resonnace FM with Spizz Energi this week too. And it’s a great listen! Some Spizztory, plus some wonderfully exotic and arousing audio gems picked by us for you. Right here…click on these two herberts