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Dublin Castle
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Tales Of Payday Punk Karaoke, Cult Figures, Disco Zombies, Jowe Head, Lunatics Lost, Nick Aslam....

The Dublin Castle
Democratic Punk Rock Karaoke 

NEXT SHOW Friday 26th October


Payday Punk Rock And New Wave Karaoke is becoming a legendary event in the Dublin Castle, up there with Blur, Madness and Amy Winehouse….only it’s monthly and it’s FREE TO ALL.  ALL NIGHT LONG.

That is our regular session on the final Friday of the month featuring the bespoke punk and indie covers crack team The DPRK– a.k.a. Democratic Punk Rock Karaoke– and their mahoosive book of fabulous songs that you can perform live on stage in London’s most iconic venue. Find the gorgeous DPRKettes moving around the bar from around 7pm ready to sign you up to unleash your inner rock star.The equally gorgeous and pouting bass swinger supreme with DPRK Andy Dukey Duke swung by Boogaloo Radio to discuss all thing Punk Rock Karaaoke and beyond and also to admire Tony Bugbear’s lacey undergarments as he sat gusset akimbo. You’ll have to click on the pic above and access the archive of said show to find out more. Much, much fun.

A must-attend event. Unleash your inner Johnny, Debbie, Joey or Joe. They play, you sing, everybody has a fabulous time.


Gotta love That Syncing Feeling. Talking ‘Bout My Synchronization. That wondrous place where some dead cool music loves up The Moving Image for commercial and/or artistic reasons and all becomes awesome. It’s just about the only avenue left for a struggling musician to earn a crust these days too, mega tours for our elder pop statesmen and Ramones tee shirts aside. Talking of elder statesmen, the very wonderful Mike Spenser (having fronted Trash pioneers The Cannibals for nigh on 50 years) is on hand right here with Bugbear to host our new Saturday Sync show outta Soho Radio. Live and direct and not a little warped and wired from The Trash Can in deepest, darkest South London, click on Lord Michael Of Caine and attendant Italian Job Mini Coopers above to enjoy some super sensational screenage kicks with a Car Trouble motif. Car chases, car crashes, pile ups, autogeddon, the infernal combustion engine, tippertop tunes and movies…that’s the remit. And all wrapped up with righteous if rancid ramblings that may well tickle yer bone funny, all tied up with news and views of Bugbear happenings in The Dublin Castle and beyond. Vroom fecking vroom.