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Tales Of Time And Space. Tales Of Modernism And The Future....

Our latest Boogaloo Radio show is situated behind the astrotastic image of the very wonderful Time Dilation Unit right there and is available to your ears with a simple click, tap or poke. That’ll be Tales Of The Dublin Castle with The Bugbear Boys, who are now actually fairly old geezers, Tony and Jim, Tony and Jim (to the tune of Rosie and Jim…ask yer mum). It’s Bug Bear on the wireless only there actually are a fair few wires and the presenters are pretty wired too. And you would be too had you been servicing rock and indeed roll since the days before i doughnuts and you bananas, ya get me. Here we are joined by Time Dilation Unit, one of the hottest to trottest space skronk bands around, effortlessly pulsating out stomping, rocket fueled psychedelic space circus glam/rock, as they do. David Lightfoot of that parish joins us and discusses TDU’s scifi sass and sax appeal. Also here… The legend that is Wayne from Buckhurst Hill, a Modernist (not a Mod) since the glory days of British RocknRoll, and now a superb recording artiste in his own right. Proving it’s never too late to be cool as fuck. …Modernism, Post Modernism, Futurism, The Lot! And a slightly belated Happy Birthday Mark E. Smith (The Fall), wherever you may be. Land your TARDIS here with a simple click on the pic. A time and relative dimension in space capsule full of good tunes from The Prodigy to Mel Torme thru Harry Nilson via T.Rex. Ain’t No Bell Boys Here…chock full of news on Dublin Castle gig too of course not least of all March 23rd where the legendary Twink (Tomorrow, The Pretty Things, Pink Fairies etc) will be on hand to beautifully blow Camden Town’s tiny mind with his Lysergics and fabulous full supporting bill, including the lovely Wayne Kirven opening proceedings in a pre psych modernist manner with the boys from Danny And The Champions Of The World . It’s like a potted history of counter cultural/sub cultural London if ya want it. April 6th is where T.D.U get interplanetary crafty with A Body Of People and Nik Turner cosmiche comrades Krankschaft in the world’s greatest pub venue. Oh look, scroll down for another radio show to help illustrate said glories…

Twink And The Lysergics with special guest Anne Pigalle/Moto Vamp/Invisible Eyes/Wayne From Buckhurst Hill Dublin Castle Saturday 23rd March Get Cheap Tickets Here

The aforementioned A Body Of People’s Brother Simon Waller joined Tony Bugbear and The Cannibals’ Mike Spenser in Mike’s Trash Can studio for the latest edition of Soho Radio’s revered and respected film music happening The Saturday Sync. Find it behind that poster. Behold earthlings, a spaced out special. So the playlist is Screenage Kicks and Sounds Cinematique of a cosmic kind, and what’s not to love…..Gotta luv Krankschaft, who came to prominence back in the hazy crazy day backing yer man Robert Calvert post his stint with Dave Brock and co. Mind warping punky space krautrock is their beatific bag.
A Body Of People blend the psychedelic nuances of Julian Cope with bouncy, rocking Doors/Caravan/Stranglers fare (thanks to some smashing arpegiotastic keys), and a tinge of that Barrett/Ayers counter cultural heritage, all envisaged thru a punky party lens mind you geezer, and we understand a new album is on the way….

Krankschaft/A Body Of People/Time Dilation Unit Dublin Castle Saturday 6th April Get Cheap Tickets Here