Brain Ape
(DVD Launch)
Dublin Castle
Thu 13 December
Dublin Castle
Fri 14 December
RocknRoll Rescue's Nightmare Before Xmas
Flesh Tetris
District 13
Legal Freaks
Dublin Castle
Sun 16 December
Dublin Castle
Fri 21 December
Richard Strange
An Accent Waiting To Happen
Rock And Roll Book Club
Dublin Castle
Wed 16 January
Lucky Soul Satisfaction...

A cornucopia of sophisticated disco pop, brimming with superb songcraft and supercharged urbane melodic fury. Lucky Soul’s third album is out now on Crystal Paris Records and it’s a real beauty. Back in the day you would have said every song is a single. The kind of social and political struggles that have emasculated the record industry are very much the fine thread snaking through these tremendous songs, albeit fine songs rich with personal politics and emotional reverie too. A very fine album. Bugbear recommends it most highly, hence Ali and Andrew from Luck Soul joined us at Soho Radio the other evening for a lithe live rendering of the title track and some lyrical waxing on all things Lucky and Soul and beyond. They brought their ‘Screenage Kicks’ along too, music of a sweet cinematique or televisual derivation that inform their musical epiphanies. Click and listen. And purchase Hard Lines HERE

Darling BOY and John Parry also joined us, two fabulous talents playing for your delectation at the spesh Darling Boy Presentation happening in The Dublin Castle, Camden Town Friday 25th August. Performances from both the above plus spacey indeed spaced out spaghetti western popola merchants Millions and skiffle punker wunderkind The Flashmen, plus the Darling Boy posse DJing til the wee wee hours, get in.Cheap Tickets available HERE

The Sunday Sync on Soho Radio presented by Bugbear. With apologies for the malfunctioning CD player and the malfunctioning DJ. It’s all cool though.

Traverse the site, loads of great shows coming up in The CBGBs of London, The Dublin Castle and elsewhere too.. all linked up with cheapo tickets for your greater enjoyment in these Hard Lines times. No problem, like cockroaches we’ll still be here after the nuclear winter so feck you Trump. Onward…

Here’s John Parry wonderful newbie ‘Nice Shoes’, ace vid n all…