Dublin Castle
Fri 1 May
The Water Rats
Fri 1 May
Rachel Darq And Madame Crumpets
Midnight Men
Personality Crisis
Oliver Shaw Experience
Sexy Nirvana
Dublin Castle
Fri 8 May
Rock N Roll Book Club
Janet Devlin
'My Confessional'
Wax Lyrical Festival
Dublin Castle
Wed 3 June
Dublin Castle
Fri 5 June
What A Performance...

The Dublin Castle
Friday 4th October
The Bermondsey Joyriders/Johnny Seven/The Filth/The Outbursts
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Cooooo-eeeeeee! Keef!! Click on the indisputably gorgeous Mick and Anita, Jagger and Pallenberg if you prefer, and get an earful of Bugbear’s ‘Saturday Sync’ Stones special out of Soho Radio. (#16 in the global soundtrack chart! Take that and Party Quentin!) It’s a beauty, dig in, loads to enjoy by way of filmically inclined Rolling Stones oriented bangers by artists as diverse as The 5678s, Ananda Shankar, The Rutles and Chuck Berry. And yer actual Stones too, natch. All lovingly cooked up with pep pill intensity by Mike Spenser and Tony Bugbear, the Jagger and Richard of the airwaves. Possibly. This broadcast includes marvelous music from the film ‘Performance’ of course, and includes also a great track by Gary ‘Guitar’ Lammin who has been known to doff his pearly king cap in song to that superb movie, to Anita P, to Ry Cooder and also, Brian Jones (the only true leader of The Rolling Stones). Gary’s ace band The Bermondsey Joyriders have been blending a love of bottleneck Delta blues and a solid background in the London punk scene for about a decade now. With their fingers firmly on the pulse of contemporary society, The Bermondsey Joyriders are a band as accomplished as they are inventive. They have captured the imagination of crowds and critics alike with their blend of ’77 punk power, skillful playing, soulful slide blues, and razor-sharp social commentary, delivered with a distinctly British wit. Each a consummate player in their own right, frontman Gary Lammin (formerly of Joe Strummer protégés Little Roosters, not to mention Cock Sparrer), bassist Martin Stacey (Chelsea), and drummer Chris Musto (Johnny Thunders, Joe Strummer, Glen Matlock and The Philistines) can collectively lay claim to an extraordinary chemistry. They boast a singular sound which has brought them a faithful, fast-growing following. Get along tonight and see and hear for yerself. With brillo pad support from Johnny Seven (Teeside 2nd wave punkers and exponents of killer rocknroll )The Filth (punk rock phlegmatists supreme) and The Outbursts (Proffering a sound equally informed by The Standells, MC5 and yer classic old school 77 gear such as The Stranglers and The Damned). Superb night in store. First band 7.30pm. See you down the front.


Click on the arresting cover art for excellent new Doctors Of Madness album ‘Dark Times’, Kid Strange and co.’s first long player in 41 years! A timely investigation of the devious times we inhabit, packed with a varied and vital set of stunning pop noir. Bugbear’s latest Boogaloo Radio show is embedded there, featuring an interview with writer and mystic Gail Thibert, and also an illuminating chat to Doctors Of Madness main man Richard Strange, and a barrage of brilliant music, including tracks from ‘Dark Times’ Enjoy.