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Wed 25 September
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Rock N Roll Book Club
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Tue 15 October
Tales Of Glitter, Tales Of Glam: Get Down And Get With It...

Saturday 31st August
The Dublin Castle
John Rossall’s Glitter Band + SLADY
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John Rossall is a founding member of The Glitterband, the silver clad powerhouse behind the disgraced one we need not bother with anymore coz right now it is all about these guys. This is John Rossall and his glorious Glitter Band, and they just got even better, augmented now by Bob Bradbury from Hello plus the very glam-orous Mrs B on sassy sax. So prepare yourself for an uninhibited, joyous journey through their amazing run of superb 1970s defining hit singles. And what a primal, mould breaking, magnificent pop noise they made in their 1970s pomp. Just check the record – Rock And Roll Part 2, I love You Love, Angel Face, Hello Hello I’m Back Again, Just For You, and so many more! Yes, loads of ace numbers, and here’s a reet treat for you all, The Glitterband playing all them fabulous songs again ….tickets are going fast so get one now!!So Let’s Get Together Again. Also tonite, brilliantly appropriate support comes from SLADY. Gobby Holder, Jem Lea, Donna Powell and Davina Hill, natch. An all female Slade tribute band! What’s not to adore. So C’Mon Feel The Noize. I wonder if my book about glam rock will ever see the light of day…

And you’ll certainly hear some Glitterband and some Slade when you click on Amy dancing inna di Dublin Castle right there, coz behind said portal is our current Boogaloo Radio show, a kind of authorial master class in praise of our very own sainted Rock N Roll Book Club, so Tony Bugbear (‘Glamnesia’ unpublished) is joined by Julie Hamill (Frank, Jackie, 15 Minutes With You), Nettie Baker (Full Cream, Tales Of A Rock Star’s Daughter, More Tales Of A Rock Star’s Daughter) and Will Birch (No Sleep Till Canvey Island – The Great Pub Rock Revolution, Ian Dury – The Definitive Biography, Cruel To Be Kind – The Life and Music of Nick Lowe)…hefty intellects and wisdom personified right there, which is possibly why Benny Hill material started to surface amongst the erudition. Apologies to all concerned, but it’s a great listen featuring lots of ‘Tales Of The Toilet Circuit’ and wee windows on some of the amazing talent coming up soon in ever excellent Dublin Castle care of Bugbear.