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Sat 10 October
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Sat 31 October
Howl, Humanoids, Howl...

Friday 9th October

The Dublin Castle/Fri 9th Oct/Jonny Halifax and The Howling Truth /Junkyard choir/MDME SPKR/Dem Bones/DJs We Got Killers

Jonny Halifax and The Howling Truth- psych fuzz rocknroll with beautifully bent guitar parts and a Jon Spencer meets Bob Log wonky weirded out wonder at all times…one one man band that fills the auditorium with beatific bastard blues, yowsah. Some Country Teasers/M.E.S madness too fo sho- Julian Cope Says…“Slitherin’ electro-programmed slide guitar driven mung worship sounds like the Bayou by way of Vladivostock.”Junkyard choir-Stomping fuzzed up garage blues duo with a subtle post punk element that sets them apart from mere Black Keys copyists. Impassioned playing and strong tunes.. MDME SPKR- Nasty low slung narco punk with a girl singer with deliriously nasty vocal…a nice stoner element here, but there’s also a bit of Cramps twang and garageness, loads of tood, loads of prowling malevolence. Their current material is really heavy and wonderfully fraught, echoing Black Flag, Black Sabbath and Big Black…that’s a lot of groovy noir! Launching their startling ‘Humanoid EP’ tonight. Dem Bones- Ska tinged rock into Mariachi garage rock, the SKA influence and early Clash and the singer’s a bit Iggy. Fab nite out plus We Got Killers slaying with the floor fillers…

Also, allow us to introduce to our friends at Live In The Attic…

“Massive news for the Attic. We have only gone and got ourselves associated with the infamous venue, The Dublin Castle via our new friends at Bug Bear!
So expect to be seeing some exclusive sessions with some of hottest acts London has to offer all from one of Camdens most iconic venues…Very Excited!!!”

Visit their website and talk with the lovely Attic peeps or feel free to contact us if getting filmed by skilled, professional video artists is something your social network profile is crying out for….

PLUS!..Hear here…First aired on Reel Rebels Radio on 6 October 2015. A swoonful swoop thru some sensational records as located in Mr Tony Buggerbear’s ABC 12 inch box in pursuit of the biggest bestest fattest sound ever committed to aural examination….no format sounds better and ever will in these days of thin ass digital de-materialization….We also take time to salute a couple of newbies from the robo punk blues fiends Jonny Halifax and The Howling Truth, super fierce Anglo-French punk as troof exponents MDME SPKR and effortlessly classy Hackney bohemian pop stylists The Cesarians ahead of Bugbear shows this very month..

We Got Killers October 2015 12 Inch Trawl ABC by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

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