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I Ludicrous Vs The Disaffected Youth Of The World...

The Sunday Sync (31/01/2016) by Soho Radio on Mixcloud

The Sunday Sync on Soho Radio from just the other evening, Bugbear’s fortnightly foray into cinematic titty shakers and TV tearups, with very special guest ace New Wave polymath tunesmith and top gent Jona Lewie sourcing the Screenage Kicks- that’s musical epiphanies from the silver screen and the idiot box to you Mr Bond.. A must listen for fans of anything from Mr Lewie’s oeuvre to Little Richard to The Zombies to Bomb Da Bass to Siouxsie and The Banshees to The Cavemen…The Cavemen you ask? Well you definitely need to get to know The Cavemen and you can this coming Friday 5th Feb in The Dublin Castle, Camden Town…

I Ludicrous + White Ape + A Flood Of Circle + The Cavemen

I Ludicrous- Bigtime John Peel faves of yore, the ever marvelous I Ludicrous take sardonic social comment to levels of insouciant artfulness yet keep the lofi fires of post Fall-ish throb and drone well and truly burning, and all the while those magnificent titles and lyrics. And it was back in the day a homemade 4 track cassette somehow found its way into the hands of Mark E Smith who – without telling them – promptly booked them to support the Fall at a top London venue. The band achieved immortality the following year when their seminal flexi release reached the dizzy heights of number 11 in John Peel’s Festive 50. This was followed up by the debut album It’s Like Everything Else which also found its way into the top ten of the indie charts. They’ve just released a new one too, ‘Dull Is The New Interesting’ and the quirk factor and quality is well and truly in place….now a three piece with proper bass guitar supplied by former Voice Of The Beehive man Martin Brett, the original core of John Procter and David Rippingale (AKA Will Hung) are still a must see- or as Time Out would have it, a must see band before you pop yer clogs…come along now matter how you’re feeling.

White Ape- excellent jump up and down post punk meets garage with a smidge of ska grinding guitar band with frantic freaky tunes…a pithy pop punk happening fronted by a former stand up comedian…. which reminds me, what exactly is the point of Josh Widdecombe? Anyway White Ape are ace.

A Flood Of Circle-Japanese garage punk n roll, excellent stuff from a long line of fine Far Eastern garage noiseniks we’ve introduced London to over the years…on more of a Michelle Gun Elephant tip than a Guitar Wolf one, loadsa energy and rippin’ tunes..

The Cavemen- High octane trash ass rocknroll outta New Zealand…cranked up super fast super high you need to get down nice and early to fully enjoy all of these bands….these cave dwellers must not be missed..make a fantastic punk racket….get their debut LP on slimy green vinyl via Bandcamp….Outta Auckland NZ and now over here….This is what we want…no this is what we NEED…picture Motorhead and The Fuzztones and The Germs all in that there The Fly matter transporter machine thing…superb… viva Lemmy Kilmister!

You can also hear White Ape and I Ludicrous in this radio missive from the rocknroll morgue….Tony Bugbear and Ted Shiva don protective clothing and set foot on Planet Death, a joyous trawl through the grieving process, from bulging eyes to bust a move git downs, putrefaction to soul satisfaction. Dead dead good.

Dead On 4. Exiting The January Death Star- We Got Killers 28/1/16 on Reel Rebels Radio by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

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