The Bermondsey Joyriders
Darrell Bath
Dublin Castle
Sat 22 July
Dublin Castle
Thu 27 July
Dublin Castle
Fri 28 July
The Fighting Cocks
Sat 29 July
Pama International
DJ D'Oxman
Trojan Records
Dublin Castle
Fri 11 August
Riders On The Storm...

Sat 22 July The Dublin Castle

The Bermondsey Joyriders + Darrell Bath + Generation

At long last Gary Lammin’s (Cock Sparrer/Little Roosters) punky garage rhythmn n blues trio come to The Dublin..

“Anyone looking for a crash course in punk spirit should look no further” – Classic Rock

“Loud, fast, cheekily confrontational and distinctly British. See ‘em at all costs” – Hugh Gulland, Vive Le Rock

“A unique spin on punk blues” – Charles Shaar Murray

“Extraordinary slide guitar … witty and original vocals” – Carol Clerk, Classic Rock.


Blending a love of bottleneck Delta blues with a solid background in the London punk scene, their fingers on the pulse of contemporary society, The Bermondsey Joyriders are a band as accomplished as they are inventive. They have captured the imagination of crowds and critics alike with their blend of ’77 punk power, skillful playing, soulful slide blues, and razor-sharp social commentary, delivered with a distinctly British wit.With the superb Darrell Bath in fine support, a remarkably talented guitarist who can also deliver a song in a truly beautiful Stonesy cum Thunders poetic rock romantique manner. Has swung the axe for Dave Kusworth, Ian Hunter and The Vibrators amongst many others. Plus Generation… Cocksure punk n roll played with in yer face conviction and verve, and with tunes to boot, like a credible take on Towers Of London via Generation X…

Bugbear were cockahoop to parlez with Gary Guitar Lammin on Soho Radio a few weeks back. And he brought his guitar along too. With fellow London rocknroll legend The Cannibals’ Mike Spenser, and with props to the late great Anita Pallenberg and the also late, equally great Dave Goodman, we got it together on a sultry Soho Summer night and shared some banter and great sounds of a movie synchronization orientation. Listen to The Sunday Sync by Bugbear by clicking or tapping on the very fabulous Joyriders’ logo at the top of this page uppy there.

Or check out Dave Renegade’s latest Dark Heart Of Camden presentation here which marries up music pertaining to this here Joyriders show with a dedication to the wonderful talent that was Nikki Sudden.

If The Dublin Castle is the CBGBs of London, and it is, then The Fighting Cocks must be Max’s Kanasas City…a great little rocknroll bar in Kingston Upon Thames with ace venue attached, Bugbear present The Vibrators there on Saturday 19th August…and this wonderful little number Saturday 29th July… Early devotees of The on here for a little Roxy shaped treat featuring Eater and original Nuffin drummist the proper ledge Dee Generate, the youngest man in punk, haha… Nuffin short of wonderful…

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