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Disrobing The Emperor...

Bugbear’s R&R- Disrobing The Emperor with guests Nadeem Shafi (Scalper) and Martin Homola by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

On the cloudcast just here Bugbear commune with Scalper. Now New Zealand based, one time MC Nad has evolved into the sophisticated triphop and conscious sonic palette refiner that is Scalper. Former Fun-Da- Mental and 2nd Gen rapper/vocalist Nadeem Shafi now explores exotic, velvety hiphop textures albeit still with a tough edge. Embracing psychedelic sound FX and esoteric samples, Eno meets Aphex Twin type soundscapes, prowling slinky beats and tantalising twists and turns, Scalper takes the listener into all kinds of dark and devious corners, often with a myriad of beautiful sonic colour along the way. Fri 24th April 2015 in The Dublin castle, Camden, London is the album launch show for the new Scalper record ‘The Emperor’s Clothes’ released on April 18th (Record Store Day, and yes it is available on a lovely thick biscuit of 12 inch goodness) thru French label Jarring Effects…’Moody, gritty beats with introspective lyrics that conjure visions of epic proportions, and an electrifying live performance that demands attention’- Thus adroitly opines back in Nad’s now naturalised Australasia . Seeing as Nadeem and Bugbear are joined by Slovak electronica whizz Martin Homola otherwise known as the ineffably tripped out electronica guru Missa Watanabe Vs Space Traveler. If you haven’t yet you really do need to witness the peerless live show wherein the bonkers Dr Suess stage set and his glamorous assistant collides with the maestro’s marvellous blend of breakbeat, dubstep, drum n bass and electronic oompah ska I shit ye not! Happily Missa Watanabe Vs Space Traveler will be playing that self same album launch on April 24th in the Dublin Castle, as will Cardigan Jones, also to be heard on this radio show ‘voice of the faceless, face of the voiceless!’….breakbeat and electro pop via glitchy experimental electro. Thought provoking music and chat guaranteed on this our latest Shoreditch Radio show!
Other acts previewed on the show coming up soon include Terry and Gerry (Dublin Castle, May 30th) – nuff said- here they are back in the 1980s in the still familiar environs of the old Mean Fiddler care of the BBC’S Whistle Test….what a marvel…

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