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The Dublin Castle Aug 15th


Alternative TV + Rude Mechanicals
+ The Underrunners

Alternative TV- A new long player ‘Opposing Forces’ having just emerged- and rest assured it’s a cracker- diverse, cerebral, challenging…indeed everything you could possibly want in an ATV record, this show is an unmissable event as anyone that attended our last Dublin Castle/ATV happening last year can attest. Book early coz it will be rammed…

For those of you that have spent the last 40 years potholing in Outer Mongolia, Alternative TV are original punk rock visionary Mark Perry‘s endlessly shifting sonic lifestyle choice. From angular three chord, two chord, one chord attack through arthouse pre-punk / post punk to acerbic social commentary based in enigmatic storytelling, to pithy mesmeric pop songs about relationships and human foibles, to out and out experimental agitation- all musical life is here. Vive Le RocknRoll…the Johnny Rotten Show may stagger on but tonight in Camden Town you can appreciate real, cerebral punk values, care of Mark P and this explosive new manifestation of Alternative TV….

Rude Mechanicals have been hand picked by Mark P to provide support tonight. Artful jazzbo slinkiness and cabaret poetics with fabulous playing from all concerned and brilliantly off kilter but accessible vocalising from the remarkable front woman Miss Joe Roberts.… with elements from the likes of Rip Rig And Panic, Little Annie and Diamanda Gallas there’s loads here to enjoy… eclecticism never got hipper. And isn’t that Jowe Head once of Swell Maps beneath that top hat plucking bubbling bass notes? ‘Rude Mechanicals are a Pan-dimensional Creature manifesting itself in your reality as an Absurd Rock/Jazz/Punk Band consisting of Miss Roberts and her symbiotic slaves.’

Add the The Underrunners- Dark and deviant artpunk trio with Bauhaus cum Joy Division leanings and a melodic twangsome rocknroll approach that rekindles memories of Californian coolsters X and at times The Cramps as if reimagined by Andrew Eldritch- and what you have is a brilliant night out in London’s best pub venue.

And here’s some brilliant radio, fresh from Soho Radio – Mr Ian Neily Neil, the big cheese from Sony, and Mr Tony the wee fromage from Buggerbear get together for more splendid ‘music you can see, pictures you can hear’ on The Sunday Sync with spech guest Clash and Public Image Ltd founder member Keith Levene sharing his Screenage Kicks….essential listening as kids’ Summer Hols TV begins it’s fevered grip on your nostalgically numb noggin…all referenced and enjoyed here.

The Sunday Sync (19/07/15) by Soho Radio on Mixcloud

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