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Dublin Castle
Wed 24 January
Dublin Castle
Thu 25 January
Revenge Of The Soundman!
Hercules II
Lost Robots
Future Daughter
Tobias Panton
Dublin Castle
Fri 26 January
Dublin Castle
Sat 27 January
Dublin Castle Rock And Roll Book Club
Julie Hamill Meets David Barnett
Suede: Love & Poison: The Official Biography
DJ Tony Bugbear
Dublin Castle
Wed 7 February
Songs From The Bar Room Floor...

The Dublin Castle Friday 19th January The Flaming Stars + The Long Mynd + The Delta Jacks+ DJs We Got Killers Get Cheap Tickets Here

Click on the straight-from-the-fridge cool, mean and moody pic of the wonderful Flaming Stars here and hear leading Flame Max Decharne select some wonderful Screenage Kicks on Bugbear’s critically acclaimed Soho Radio show ‘The Sunday Sync’. A delightful exchange ensues in which Max recalls all things Flaming of Star, including terse interactions with the stellar likes of Adam Faith and Link Wray not to mention wry ruminations around Max’s erudite and entertaining literary works, the most recent of which goes out as a paperback care of Serpent Press around about now. That’s ‘Vulgar Tongues: An Alternative History Of English Slang’…And ya get me blood…It’s Sick!
Max is in very company on this broadcasts care of further hot guest action care of the gorgeous Jennie Bell Star and the equally gorgeous author David Barnett, profering forth his recently revised Suede biography ‘Love And Poison’, which shall be dissected and expertly Q and A’d by the even more equally gorgeous Julie Hamill (also present and correct here) at the Dublin Castle Rock and Roll Book Club on Wednesday 7th February. Enter the innards of the site and learn more…

Less we forget – The Flaming Stars were John Peel favourites from 20 years or more ago. Bugbear favourites too, they provided us with many a marvelous Dublin Castle gig back in the as they say day, and have had us swooning even more with the ones they’ve played since their recent revival. They just get better and better. Their slinky garage punk tweaked rocknroll romantique hits a beautiful sweet spot somewhere between The Seeds and perhaps a Joe Meek wrangled Gallon Drunk, with tunes to die for and tood aplenty via the beautifully trashy keys of frontman, bon viveur and wordsmith Max Decharne, still, the swish Dirk Bogarde of Ye Trashe, the wrongful ravishes of time ain’t touched him or his ace band.

The Dublin Castle Saturday 20th January The Froot + Flesh Tetris + Inhaler + The Rose Affair + Saults Get Cheap Tickets Here

A brilliant bill this Saturday in The Dublin, hence we like to call it The Best Saturday Night Out In Camden Town…DJ Jim Jams will be there to give you a big fat happy ending on the wheels of feel, the debut live appearance anywhere by art punk gothic noir supergroup Flesh Tetris is a happening, and Hull’s most sweetly psychedelic sons The Froot will be performing too…just check the acidic sass in their rather arousing ‘Midnight Girl’ video here…

The Froot- Psychedlicists supreme, ripe with youthful countercultural cool.

The pithy taste of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, the sweet tang of Arthur Lee’s Love and the refreshing juicy hit of The Allah Las. Great. Flesh Tetris– ‘There was a cat in a box on a glass bottomed boat that was filled with rabbits and the hardest part was it was just for fun as the partners in crime cried oh bondage.’ I know I know! Anyway- should be cracking, this deviant combo’s debut gig and when you have the likes of Andy Heintz(Creaming Jesus, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing) , Andy Duke (Tara Rez, The Drug Squad) and Eva Menon (Underrunners, Sigue Sigue Sputnik) in the mix you know it’s gonna be most engaging. Inhaler- Punked-up alternorock, a bit like the more abrasive side of Nirvana, via some cool old school punk tropes. The Rose Affair- enthused indie pop rocking a constant barrage of hooks and high energy that recalls Kaiser Chiefs… Saults– French funk/soul combo with a rocking undertow…Becker Bros, a bit of Prince and Average White Band in da mix. Recent winners of the Yamaha Music London Funk it up Thursday’s grand final snaffling a slot in 2018 Love Supreme Jazz Festival. Made a move to London in September ’17 in order to live their dream and share their own music style with the British people.

Also performing Friday 19th Jan… The Long Mynd’s slacker Americana post punkishness has some pithy psych elements. So you get bits of Dinosaur Jr/ Sebadoh/Fannies fare but also Myndful of the long shadow of the Thirteenth Floor Elevators and The Byrds. So, all in all, a guaranteed night of excellence ably embellished by The Delta Jacks whose rockabilly fuelled upbeat Americana recalls Sun Studios era Johnny Cash.. see also Hank Williams, but rocking all original tunes and great players too. Plus DJs We Got Killers– spinning exotica, rhythm n blues, soul and sass into big party bangers as 2am approacheth.

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