Dublin Castle
Sat 22 September
Dublin Castle
Wed 26 September
The Estimators
The Petty Thieves
DJ Charlie King (Club Skank)
Dublin Castle
Sat 29 September
Totally Blondie
Dublin Castle
Sat 6 October
Cult Figures
The Disco Zombies
Jowe Head's Infernal Contraption
Dublin Castle
Sat 13 October
Tales Of Janis Winehouse, Payday Punk Karaoke, The Bronsons, The Estimators, Blondie...

The Dublin Castle
Friday 28th September
Democratic Punk Rock Karaoke + The Bronsons LAST EVER SHOW


OK, let’s have a party.

THE BRONSONS have been active for five years. They’ve played a heap of venues and some pretty well-known festivals. But many of their most joyous, extraordinary and all-out sweat-soaked explosively fun gigs have been here, at The Dublin Castle.

This is indeed the very final show by this supercharged garage rock rhythm n blues tour de force.

Here’s what to expect:

“Fantastic music… gets inside your head and then tears the place up… you really owe it to yourself to check them out” – 4.52am Magazine

“Awesome… a live show you don’t want to miss” – New Music Saturday

“Bringing back the mid-seventies sound of pub-rock rhythm and blues… people in pubs playing high-octane rock and roll”- Johnny Doom, Kerrang! Radio

And after that, the party continues with Bugbear’s Payday Punk Rock And New Wave Karaoke.

This is a regular session on the fourth Friday of the month featuring the bespoke punk and indie covers crack team The DPRK– a.k.a. Democratic Punk Rock Karaoke– and their mahoosive book of fabulous songs that you can perform live on stage in London’s most iconic venue.

A must-attend FREE ENTRY event every last Friday of the month. Unleash your inner Johnny, Debbie, Joey or Joe. They play, you sing, everybody has a fabulous time.

Tony Gleed & Jim Matisson have been operating outta The Dublin Castle, Camden Town as Bugbear for over 20 years, man and mannish boy. Obviously there’s plenty of juicy tales to recount, if only they could remember them. They do recall Amy Winehouse coming along for stints pulling pints pop eyed behind the bar, and her appearance on the hallowed mojo ridden Dublin Castle stage too, what a night that was, hear all about it here. Tap on the wonderful image of Amy in the Dublin above and enjoy our latest installment of ‘Tales Of The Dublin Castle’ on Boogaloo Radio.

Ruti Ahronee guests to big up all things Amy’s Foundation, with Julie Hamill ahead of our Rock and Roll Book Club happening in the Dublin on Thursday 27th Sept. Amy’s mum Janis will be along to talk about her heart rending and beautiful book ‘A Mother’s Story’, and tickets are, as they say, available- Oh, and all profits go to the foundation ya get me. We also showcase some fab stuff upcoming for Bugbear and delve back in time to all manner of gnarly DC nights out with a star cast inc. Robert Plant, Pete Doherty, Rod Stewart, Kevin Cummins and Morrissey.

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