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Steel City Indie Goes Camden All Dayer
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You Are A Star, See You At The Bar...

Punk’s Payday Karaoke

Help your digits to a clicky denouement on the DPRK image just there and hear Bugbear and Andy Dukey Duke on Soho Radio discussing all things democratically punkish, rocking and empty of orchestra amidst some spiffing platters. Woss He On About? This… Eagerly anticipated as it is, our Payday Punk Rock And New Wave Karaoke kicks off in it’s monthly fourth Friday of the month regular Dublin Castle slot on Friday 27th April. Featuring our bespoke punk and indie covers crack team The DPRK- AKA Democratic Punk Rock Karaoke- and their mahoosive book of fabulous songs that you can perform live on stage in London’s most iconic venue.  A pro celebrity panel will judge the best performers of the night, perhaps with a nail biting play off element just like in all them shows on TV, only this show ain’t shit Sherlock. Hell, there’ll be a goodie bag and a shed load of kool Kamden kudos for the victor. Plus a free drink for every paying punter entering the on stage fray. Featuring special guest turns and DJ Fuzz at the musical controls to keep the party going til the wee wee hours, this will be your monthly must attend event in Camden Town and certainly the only one where you can unleash your inner Johnny, Debbie, Joey or Joe. You are a fucking star, see you at the fucking bar.

Wednesday 28th March
The Dublin Castle
Attila The Stockbroker with Barnstormer
Plus! Bunson Burner Hot Very Special Guest (He’s Really Free, Really, Really Free… but sadly the gig isn’t) Get Cheap Tickets Here

ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER & BARNSTORMER perform for you tonight preceded by a set of poetry from Attila and a very special guest who may well pitch up in his C5…..Attila brings his new ‘1649’ Barnstormer to London for the first time, finally fulfilling a lifelong ambition. It’s unique. A description not used lightly: they literally don’t sound like anyone else. Barnstormer aim to do with early music & punk what The Pogues did with Irish music & punk. (CLICK ON THE PIC ABOVE AND CHECK IT OUT) Attila describes their sound as ‘Roundhead Renaissancecore and Baroque ‘n’ Roll’. Attila has always loved early music and plays a lot of the instruments – crumhorn, cornemuse, shawm, bombarde and five different recorders as well as violin, viola , mandola and mandocello. A lifelong socialist and activist,

he has always been fascinated by the radical movements which exploded at the end of the English Civil War and the execution of Charles 1 – radicals who can be described as the first English socialists. And his songs are inspired both musically and lyrically by the events of that tumultuous time. So instruments and ideas fit together: they are from the same period. The songs are mostly based around the time at the end of the war, after the King was executed and, in the words of a ballad of the time, the world turned upside down. Previously marginal ideas of social justice and equality spread across the land. Barnstormer’s songs are about the Diggers, the Levellers, the Ranters and their leader Abiezer Coppe, the radical factions of the New Model Army and their confrontation with Cromwell’s grandees. There is an epic piece about the narrow escape of Charles 11 after the Battle of Worcester in 1651 in a coal boat which sailed from the spot where Attila has fished all his life in Shoreham Port, 400 yards from his front door. (If Charles had been caught, we’d probably be spending more money on the NHS now instead of the Royal Family!) There are some earlier references to Wat Tyler and the Peasants’ Revolt as well. And all with an eye on what‘s happening now, which is essential. Attila has written a couple of very modern early music songs too. One’s about a visionary with a beard and the initials JC! History is mainly presented as the story of kings, queens and nobles but real history is about us and our battles for justice. As our country becomes more and more divided along class and generational lines, and the extremes of wealth and poverty become even more sharply defined, we can learn a lot from the events of the past. Although their politics are similar, there’s one very important difference between Barnstormer and the Roundheads though. Some Roundheads, apparently, thought drinking beer, dancing and having fun was evil. Attila and Barnstormer think it should be obligatory. And we are delighted to announce a special guest spot from Attila’s erstwhile double act partner you know who by now, we’ve dropped all the hints, so yeah it’s NOT Wild Willy Barett – and they’ll be doing a couple of old favourites together..

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