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Thu 29 June
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Fri 30 June
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Sat 1 July
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Thu 6 July
And The Band Played A Pair Of Brown Eyes...

The Dublin Castle Friday 30th June

The Pogue Traders + Michael Anthony

The Pogue Traders are of course endorsed by The Pogues themselves and play the Pogue Mahone back catalogue so remarkably well that tears of joy would burst forth in any old pair of brown eyes. So this is the music of The Pogues, played with passion, aplomb and unnerving accuracy in The Dublin Castle… frankly you cannot possibly find a better night out. Fiesta! With support from Michael Anthony…Get Your Cheap Tickets Here, clickety click…

The wonderful Ray Stevenson image uppy there of Shane McGowan in his prime pretty much sums it up. Click upon it to find an ultimately un-seasonal but sensational obscure Pogues treat by way of an aperitif for Friday’s awesome show. Ace.

Bugbear were cockahoop to parlez and partay with not one but two members of London Rock And Roll Royalty just the other evening on Soho Radio. So welcome Lord Spenser, as in Mike Spenser, The Count Bishop turned Cannibal Numero Uno, Lord of Ye Trash… and Viscount Lammin. Gary Guitar Lammin that is- the one time Cock Sparrer and Little Roosters axe man now a solo artiste and Bermondsey Joyrider. With props to the late great Anita Pallenberg and the also late, equally great Dave Goodman, we got it together on a sultry Soho Summer night and shared some banter and great sounds of a movie synchronization orientation. Listen to The Sunday Sync by Bugbear by clicking on Anita and Bri just there. As Gary will tell ya, Brian Jones, the True Leader of The Rolling Stones….

Please get around the site and find out about loads of superb Buggerbear happenings forthcoming in The Dublin Castle and elsewhere. Cheap tickets linked up for tremendous and diverse tippertop nights out such as the legendary Spizz Energi and his Midsummer Special this Saturday 1st July Dublin Castle, King Hammond’s Reggae Riot July 8th Dublin Castle, The Panic Brothers with Ronnie Goulden July 16th Dublin Castle, and two legendary punk rock bills over at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston Upon Thames featuring The Fallen Leaves, Nuffin and Friends (July 29th) and The Vibrators (August 19th)

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