Dublin Castle
Wed 13 December
Dublin Castle
Thu 14 December
Dublin Castle
Fri 15 December
Punk 4 Mental Health Fundraiser
Sick On The Bus
Punk Professor
Tara Rez
Jason And The Argonauts
Italia 90
Dublin Castle
Sat 16 December
Dublin Castle
Sun 17 December
Vibrators For Christmas...

Saturday 9th December The Dublin Castle The Vibrators/Steve Hooker/Daddy Those Men Scare Me/Pistolhead Get Cheap Tickets Here From Pure Mania in 1977 onwards The Vibrators set out their stall as the accomplished but still utterly kick ass end of Romantic punk n roll, showing the snotty sulphate nosed upstarts how it’s done. Still the case?!….In support tonight for this always amazing Dublin Castle night out are Steve Hooker’s Stripped Down Stompin Band. Playing super charged dirty Essex Delta rocknroll, this trio get a reet good and grinding riffology going and take it to the dancefloor with a sleazy Link Wray twang…damn good. Also tonight, Daddy Those Men Scare Me. More prosaically down to earth and utterly English in their punk rock approach, their Stranglers/Members/Squeeze informed crafted indeed crafty punk pop is a joy we’ve beheld at Buggerbear since oooooh 1994, wowsers. . And opening for us this evening Pistolhead and their ’77/’78 funtime punk pop. Early Jam , more Sham than Pistols but singalongtastic with fiery, funny and mighty fine feel all round. Keep punkin’…

Bugbear talks to legendary Bristolian soundsystem operator and mic manipulator Gary Clail alongside his new partner in out there hard rocking dub and electronica the equally legendary and equally Brizzle based Mr Tony Wrafter (Glaxo Babies, Tricky, Pigbag etc etc). And we play an EXCLUSIVE new tune from Gary’s forthcoming new album. Check it out it’s an absolute belter, you won’t hear anything as fabulously mind expanding anywhre else just now. As part of our latest show outta Soho Radio right here embedded behind Gary’s pic just there, enjoy.

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