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Synchro Sun Connection...

String up a hammock and get with the sun connection, here’s a cooling shady happening…..Jonathan Hodgson, BAFTA winning animator and string shredder in the remarkable, reformed Cult Figures joins Buggerbear in the Soho Radio studio alongside his former Rather/Rough Trade amigo the very wonderful Jowe Head from Swell Maps, TV Personalities and so much other joyous conceptual kooky pop music, so click pon dem hairy legs above and get a right groovy full moon in your pocket. Both will be appearing on stage with another legendary post punk act Blue Orchids next Sunday 24th July, Dublin Castle, Camden Town….

That gig…tickets still available. Cold beer definitely on tap.

Sun 24 July

The Dublin Castle

Blue Orchids + Shaking Chains + Cult Figures + An Infernal Contraption

Blue Orchids- From the ashes of the classic early Fall lineup, before MES became the Fidel Castro of Salford, Blue Orchids arose, and were thus named by the reliably poetic Dr John Cooper Clarke. Via Rough Trade Records with classic records such as the ‘Work’ 45 and The Greatest Hit LP, which went on to sell 10,000 copies, they established their unique post punk acid pop sound. The group famously toured with Nico, serving as both backing group and support act and like the motherlode Fall group has gone through various lineup changes incorporating the likes of fellow ex Fallers Una Baines (Martin Bramah‘s original partner in all things Blue and Orchid), Buzzcocks’ Steve Garvey and former Smiths second guitar hand Craig Gannon. Across various eras they have continued to make startling neo psychedelic cerebral rock music with a signature glacially cool approach. The legendary band’s new ten-track album ‘The Once & Future Thing’ will be released this year.. It shows his songwriting as strong and yet as diverse as ever, from the powerful opener ‘Good Day to Live’ to the delicate and sensitive ‘Rosy Hours’ and the twisted English city blues of ‘Motorway’.

Backing Bramah live will be a new band comprising John Paul Moran (The Monochrome Set, Rapid Pig) on keyboards; on drums, Chris Connolly (The Glitter Band, Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds, V2); and Vince Hunt (Inca Babies, A Witness) on bass.


They’ll be playing a set of classics from the band’s four main albums – The Greatest Hit, The Sleeper, Mystic Bud and Slum Cavern Jest – returning Bramah’s mesmering, shamanic performances to the stage with his new material. There’ll also be samplings from Bramah’s various musical reincarnations as Factory Star and as a solo artist. Back for a series of dates and hopefully so much more, Bugbear are overjoyed to welcome The Blue Orchids to The Dublin Castle…

Shaking Chains- ‘Manchester’s best kept secret’ (John Robb, Louder Than War)….so you’re in for a special treat then, with an un-nerving folk tinged maritime twist to their psych drone melodicism, Shaking Chains arrive fully fledged from the ashes of Frazer King and are fronted by ‘the charismatic and devilishly crazy high IQ gutter revolutionary poet, Nathan McIlroy’ (yer man Robb again)

Cult Figures- Way back when we were proudly placing our copies of ‘Live At The Witch Trials’ and ‘A Trip To Marineville’ at the front of our record racks there was a nifty little comedic lofi punk pop 7 Inch in praise of ‘Zip Nolan’ in a beautiful pinky bluey foldout sleeve …Swell Maps were involved at first but then Cult Figures became their own men and went on to create their own pleasingly ramshackle pop punk rumble… and they’re back! We’re not worthy. This man went to the doctors…

An Infernal Contraption- Jowe Head (Swell Maps, TV Personalities, Palookas) and Lee McFaddon (Alternative TV, The Long Decline, about 700 other cool bands) and other ace arthouse post punkniks combine in a furnace of dada rocknroll fury. On stage 7.30 sharp so get in early for the fabulous full package.

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