John Peel Always Missed Never The Same
The Nightingales
Dublin Castle
Wed 22 October
Alternative TV
A Body Of People
Dublin Castle
Sat 22 November
Vive Le Rock...

The premier mag for street rocknroll, post punk, punk and pop noir? It’s Vive Le Rock of course. Hear Bugbear in conversation with Vive Le Rock magazine via some fabulous tunes…

We Got Killers with special guest Huge Gadget from Vive Le Rock by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

Following The Panic Brothers’ triumphant return to The Dublin Castle alongside Phil Jupitus we’re very excited regarding future developments with some fantastic heritage artists from London Town, so very much watch this space- in the mean time you can hear the radio happening involving all parties right about here…some wonderful stories, brilliant music and even a haiku from Mr Jupitus… not his poem about Jeremy Clarkson ….phew! If the petrol headed twat ever gets to hear that there’ll be some awkward exchanges in the Green Room should they wind up on the same episode of Qi…’ll need to go and see Porky The Poet live again for that one….

Bugbear’s R&R- Back To The Bivouac Jack with guests Phil Jupitus and The Panic Brothers… by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

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