Dublin Castle
Wed 26 November
Limb to Limb
Blighty Inc
Seven Sisters
Kill The King
Confront The Carnage
Dublin Castle
Thu 27 November
Dublin Castle
Fri 28 November
Dublin Castle
Sat 29 November
King Hammond and Skaville UK
Roddy Radiation
Mr Kowalski
DJ Rob 'Double Barrell' Powell
Dublin Castle
Fri 12 December
Strange Kicks, Naked Ramblings And Other Alternatives To Valium...

Bugbear’s R&R- Strange Kicks And Naked Ramblings with guests Mark Perry, Simon Waller and Charlie Fi by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

An unmissable show for you in The Dublin Castle Sat 22 November Alternative TV+London Dirthole Company+A Body Of People+We Got Killers

Punk rock originator and original, Mark Perry saw through the Kings’ Rd bullshit side of ’76/’77 very early doors and forewent Sniffin’ Glue and The Roxy for free form expressionism and freak outs in fields with the likes of The Fall and Here And Now…Step Forward/backwards into 4 decades of always interesting, grizzled, intelligent rocknroll, where ATV has always been Mark P’s voice for a people’s dialectic…Bugbear get Mark P on the blower from his new Cornish retreat and relive the delights of Deptford Fun City, Sniffin’ Glue and them synapse splitting, art conscious trips to the Death Factory. We are also joined by A Body Of People frontman and brotherly bon vivant Mr Simon Waller, on hand to explain the excellent ABOP blend of rousing alt folk, shiversome piratical psych and melodic, inclusive punk rocknroll.. plus! Lord Charlie of all Finkeshire, The Cesarians main man and The Wig Figure for this particular naked, rambling foray into Bugbear’s Rock and Roll Highschool bizniz…

And if you wanna get proper, proper skantastically festive don’t forget our clash of titanical rude boys heavyweights inna di Dublin
Fri 12 December… King Hammond Vs Roddy Radiation (Bad Manners, The Selecter, Skaville UK, The Specials, Tearjerkers, Skabilly Rebels) Yes yes yes! For one night only here be the Christmas Ska Party of all festive skank fests. This show will get yer chestnuts warmed through perfectly and what is more thoroughly roast the turkey of all would be heavy heavy monster pretenders! The King and The Skabilly Rebel in tandem at the Home Of Ska And 2 Tone, The Dublin Castle…

Also enjoy this…. Not so far back, when Russ Abbot had his madhouse burnt to the ground by Alexi Sayle and Jim Davison had only beaten up a handful of women, comedy became the original proxy for sex and drugs and peacockish self aggrandisement i.e Rock and Bastard Roll…… so riff on this bitch… In this groovy emanation from the Derek and Clive Suite at Shoreditch Radio, Bugbear are joined by Verity Welch and Simon Clayton, mover shakers both in the chortle game. Some stimulating chat to enjoy. They picked some great music too. We even talked shithouse paper..

Bugbear’s R&R- The Kinks Of Comedy with special guests Simon Clayton and Verity Welch… by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

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