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Bugbear (England via Wales, Eire and Norway) in conversation with Kathy Di Tondo (USA, via Italy) on Soho Radio the other night with ‘Screenage Kicks’ provided by Andy Duke (UK, via Eire) and Eva Menon (Italy) from the brilliant Cauldronated….see also below…

Sorry this is out of date. Buggerbear are too depressed by recent events to update it just now.

The Dublin Castle

Thursday 23rd June

The SoapGirls + LadyHood + Cauldronated + Phil Black

The SoapGirls- South African girl duo doing upbeat and infectiously hooky punk pop via grunge. Saucy perhaps, and no strangers to controversy, open to debate for feminists and punks alike maybe but exciting rocknroll for certain.
LadyHood- Coming over for Gay Pride In London weekend. Ladyhood is a very exciting new pop/rock act from Melbourne, Australia. Enigmatic front woman, Brihony Dawson is fast becoming an LGBTI icon for her extraordinary live performances. It’s a unique act in the scene right now, not since Scissor Sisters has there been a pop/rock act with such a captivating show. It’s a little Melissa Etheridge, a little Pink and a little Ruby Rose kinda rolled into one. And some slinky Sheryl Crow touches too… great songs and attitude.
Cauldronated- the wonderful Cauldronated join the bill….hard ass techno with an arthouse vibe gets it darkly and deviously on with punk gothique as startling front woman Eva Menon (also seen in The Underrunners) joins drummer extraordinaire Dave Barbarossa (Adam And The Ants, Bow Wow Wow, Republica) and bass bombardier Andy Duke plus their very own Him Indoors, electronica whizz David Hardman…a fine concoction.
Phil Black- trashy 60s keys and raw rancid attacking guitar via righteous punk rock proclamations…Alternative TV meets Throbbing Gristle? A launch for the new ‘Injection’ E.P….

And don’t forget Spizz this Saturday 25th June Dublin Castle with Witchdoktors and Starsha Lee... click on the outerspacial punk legend moodily annoying traffic below to hear him in conversation with Buggerbear just the other week…


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