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Bugbear’s R&R- Murder Most Rural #2 with special guest Charlie Flowers by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

Check out Charlie Flowers reading parts 2 and 3 of the Riz Sabir story Murder Most Rural on the scimitars uppy there. A British muslim hero’s adventures from a British muslim. We can assure you that this is all utterly rocknroll too just in case you find that to be a bit odd on this forum… but then if you did you’re probably a Ted Nugent admirer who’s gotten here in error. Charlie will continue the serialization of his most recent published work, Murder Most Rural- in which special services agent, lapsed Jihadi and Pakistani man of covert action Rizwan Sabir embraces a little of the English country life. You’ll never put a better bit of thriller on yer kindle….we considered Stephen Fry but concluded Charlie could do it better. Listen to the whole shebang for some tantalising chat and great music, much of it coming up shortly in The Dublin Castle and The Sebright Arms care of Buggerbear…. Such as the wonderful Emily C Smith, gracing The Dublin Castle stage at 8pm Friday 27th March with her gorgeous set of tunes and spiky rocknroll tood. A dangerously talented young woman you should all acquaint yerselves with..gotta great new band too.

Also in this cloudcast a good dollop of nutritious bands hitting The Sebright Arms, Hackney on Sat 28th March… Jackson’s Warehouse with their DJ defying 8 minute plus single Lead Me Into The Dark… as we say their music is a wonderful melding of Smiths and Joy Division textures with a culpable passion lacking in many artists these days…Essex Noir…. Also someone we never tire of Lord Numb and his crack riddim section…taking Bowie to the edge of post punk trauma and hitting some screaming rock outs amidst the electronica and dubby textures. Paranoid Love Song features here…Fan bloody tastic.

Gulp… It’s Sony Vs Bugbear as The Big Cheese of Film and TV Plopping at Sony Music, Mr Ian Neil enters The Derek and Clive Suite at Shoreditch Radio rocking a suitably John Wayne-esque swagger. We are having a little bit of a cinematic sonic shakedown, a sort of High Noon for those of an OST OCD persuassion…which is really cool coz you get to hear loadsa great music from loadsa great films pitched and extolled in a Top Rank Top Trumps manner and adjudicated by Mr Charlie Flowers of the Riz Mysteries fame… and of course it’s loadsa fun. So who’s The Connery and who’s The Dalton? Who’s picking up an Oscar and who’s picking up the dry cleaning bill from Peewee Herman? Listen and enjoy…

Bugbear’s R&R- Cinematic Sonic Shakedown with guests Ian Neil (Sony Music) and Charlie Flowers by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

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