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The Sunday Sync (21/06/2015) by Soho Radio on Mixcloud

Just the other evening- Father’s Day seeing as you ask, hence some of the motherfunking content- Tony Gleed the tumescent head of 6th form humour at the Bugbear RocknRoll Highschool and Ian Neil, Sony Films, TV, Advertising and Games guru and top notch music supervisor (Lock Stock, Control, Brighton Rock, Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll and really tooooo many to mention) got together for their first Soho Radio show, The Sunday Sync, alternate Sundays at 5pm…. a couple of miscues, a brace of wrong songs at the wrong time, the odd gaff here and there but no records played at the wrong speed, so must be better than John Peel right?!….ok maybe not… but anyway a triumph of top flight radio entertainment.

Our bi weekly remit being music as seen and heard through the lens of the camera- TV, ads, movies and so forth, fascination and enthralment is never far away. We invited the wonderful Spizz of Spizz Oil/Energi/Athletico 80/Bananas/Doughnuts along to share his ‘screenage kicks’…in other words happening and hip music off telly and film that pushed the Spizz buttons over the boldly go right here on this mixcloud linkage and have a fab couple of hours care of Buggerbear.

Some excellent bands coming up in The Dublin Castle the next few weeks ..Saturday 17th July looks particularly tasty… Gig of the month if you will..And it stars Jim Johnston, Emily C Smith, of Arrowe Hill and Rainforth

Hear all four of these great acts alongside other ace stuff from The Stones to Jerry Lee Lewis to John Martyn to The Stooges on this edition of Dead On 4- Bugbear’s monthly live radio show honouring the recently brown bread on Reel Rebels Radio….

Dead On 4 – Absolutely Live with Tony Bugbear and Stevie Coughlan Reel Rebels Radio June 2015 by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud


Jim Johnston- formerly one half of Monk & Cantella, always one of the more interesting breakbeat/triphop acts (‘Apology’ still sounds tippertop to me) . This is also most engaging, evoking as it does Hunky Dory era Bowie as well as unsettling late 60’s psych… there’s some eerie Piper At The Gates Of Dawn moments and also a hint of Magazine at their darkest. Jim Johnston’s second solo album ‘After All The Wishing’ is being described as “A sprawling twisted masterpiece!” & “both weird and intoxicating, dangerously attractive and unlike anything you have heard before.” It’s already gaining radio play and single ‘Count Your Coppers’ has featured on Tom Robinson’s mix tape on BBC 6 Music. ….Brace yourself for the weird and wonderful! “A modern day successor to Scary Monsters.”– The Quietus “A sprawling twisted masterpiece!” – Louder Than War.

Emily C Smith- with a hint of PJ Harvey and a satisfyingly alt country howl more akin to Lucinda Williams, Ms Emily C Smith is a wonderfully confident and accessible songwriter with a searing band very up for a bit of rockabilly rumble and art rock razzle dazzle. Poptastic but still just left of centre, a great place to be.

of Arrowe Hill- Bugger me what a wonderful bill we’re giving you tonite! The pretty much legendary OAH have been around long enough to have support from the late great John Peel but their lovingly lofi kitchen sink psychedelia and ‘hauntoligical’ rock always has a fresh impetus at every new outing- hence the recent A Conspiracy Of Clocks long player has had rave reviews all over the shoppe. Where The White Album meets Dragnet (The Fall) on the set of Performance with the ghost of Alan Silitoe looking on…

Rainforth- Got it’s own identity this- really doesn’t sound like anyone much…downplayed ethereal female fronted mood music perhaps a bit like Lone Lady…her vocal is unlike anyone I can think of…jazzy and esoteric, and the tunes have a filmic feel with lots of moody wash and wane- Delia Derbyshire meets Rickie Lee Jones via Massive Attack-…the Bristol thing resonates coz Rainforth is co-founder of original post punkers Maximum Joy Janine Rainforth…. After supporting The Pop Group Janine Rainforth garnered some glowing press “Rainforth has a smooth, even alto that probably would have been singing British prog-folk 10 years earlier and trip-hop 10 years later” Joe Tangari – Pitchfork.. and retrospectively speaking “While their compatriots may have generated more attention, the rather more subtle Maximum Joy have perhaps worn rather more well. Janine Rainforth’s vision and vocals at this distance sets them apart, and maybe provide a more recognisable link to the leading players of the ‘90s Bristol creative renaissance.” John CarneyTangents other Bugbear wireless happening care of Reel Rebels Radio just the other afternoon.

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