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Fri 23 June
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Thu 29 June
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Fri 30 June
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Sat 1 July
Reggae Riot V
King Hammond's Rudeboy Mafia
Jennie Bellestar
The Riffs
Dublin Castle
Sat 8 July

Bugbear were cockahoop to parlez and partay with not one but two members of London Rock And Roll Royalty just the other evening on Soho Radio. So welcome Lord Spenser, as in Mike Spenser, The Count Bishop turned Cannibal Numero Uno, Lord of Ye Trash… and Viscount Lammin. Gary Guitar Lammin that is- the one time Cock Sparrer and Little Roosters axe man now a solo artiste and Bermondsey Joyrider. With props to the late great Anita Pallenberg and the also late, equally great Dave Goodman, we got it together on a sultry Soho Summer night and shared some banter and great sounds of a movie synchronization orientation. Listen to The Sunday Sync by Bugbear by clicking on Anita and Bri just there. As Gary will tell ya, Brian Jones, the True Leader of The Rolling Stones….

Too many top Shows to mention coming up in The Dublin Castle. So I’ll mention some…This Thursday 22nd June, post industrial post lurch supergroup Hercules II return (Test Dpt, Dirthole, Silverfish, Swervedriver etc), excellent exponents of nicely gnarled Kraut/Noise meditative mayhem. Including our very own Fuzz. And The Pogue Traders are back Friday 30th June. A must for lovers of all things Pogue and Mahone….Navigate the site and feel the full love…Gary’s Bermondsey Joyriders perform in the DC Sat 22nd July, and Mike Spenser reconvenes his Cannibals for us in the self same place Sat 30th Sept- mean time don’t forget this Friday in the perfectly appointed Camden canalside boozer The Constitution this Friday 23rd June…Gary Guitar Lammin solo stylee….

Fri 23rd June The Constitution

Gary Guitar Lammin + Darrell Bath

An evening of raconteurship and acoustic punk folk fol de rol and fun in the wonderfully intimate and Tiki tantalised Constitution cellar bar. It truly is a womb like wonderland…punky rhythm n blues figurehead Gary Guitar Lammin showcases his much acclaimed recent solo outing simply entitled ‘Gary Guitar Lammin’, produced over some years with legendary original Sex Pistols producer Dave Goodman, it’s an album that has garnered soooooo many rave reviews you’d think Gal would be top of the charts in every territory on earth and maybe some other planets too.. ‘A vey different album- I like it!’ says Mick Jones, The Clash. An alluring mushroom tea enthused trip thru punk blues, psych, filmic ambience and always lots of Gary’s remarkable slide guitar nicing up your ears. Darrell Bath joins Gary tonight, another punk n roll ace, Darrell B has played wth Ian Hunter and The Vibrators and many others in his time and has a wonderful array of punk romantique belters all his own. Click here for cheap tickets.
Sat 24th June The Dublin Castle

Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons + Army Of Skanks
+ The Featherz + Anarchistwood

Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons is always immense, most definitely not to be missed. They just get better and better, the intensity of their very own brand of punk rock, the quality of the material, it’s all remarkably uplifting. The Stooges, Pistols, Stooges, Cramps and The Ramones all resonate but none of them guys had the confrontational but sympatico Puss up front challenging the audience at every whoop and yelp and delivering such monstrously cool songs. Why aint they massive part 94…. Also playing – Army Of Skanks – Powerfully hewn girls to the fore punk pop n roll with a Runaways meets Babes In Toyland feel. Plus, The Featherz, Danie Cox’s Bowie and glam informed punk rock passion play.

Ace songs aplenty, she can definitely write em. A corrective aural attack on all things mundane and murky in a post Trump world. And the wonderful Anarchistwood… Taking searing acid singed psych punk, cranium scrapingly intense and played with sass and joy and imbued with just a whiff of cool conceptual punk pranksterism, these anarchists wood give the MC5 and The Stooges a run for their ramalama. Another shit hot outfit with strong woman upfront, Juno be praised. Femmes Fatales. Pay less, click for tickets here.

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