Dublin Castle
Wed 22 August
Morrissey. Alone And Paley Loitering. Kevin Cummins Q And A.
The Dublin Castle Rock And Roll Book Club
Julie Hamill
DJ Tony Bugbear
Dublin Castle
Wed 5 September
The Fighting Cocks
Fri 7 September
Dublin Castle
Sat 8 September
Richard Jobson (The Skids)
Martin Metcalfe (Filthy Tongues/Goodbye Mr McKenzie)
The Speed Of Life
A Love Letter To David Bowie
Q And A And Book Signing
The Water Rats
Thu 20 September
Rebellious Jukebox Jury...

Sunday 2nd September
The Dublin Castle Jukebox Festival with The Joneses (Play The Music Of The Smiths)/Wott The Hoople/Shadowplay (A Joy Division Tribute)

The Dublin Castle Jukebox Festival features tribute acts, so anyone who doesn’t embrace the warped joy of that particular musical phenomenon and thinks it’s all a bit end of the pier, cheesy and naff then please look away now and go and study a large expanse of wall with recently applied beige paint upon it. We’e not worthy of your attention. The rest of yous who like to have a good time all the time step up…It’s See Sixties, See Seventies, See Eighties Go! with tributes to The Smiths, Joy Division and Mott The Hoople, what’s not to love? A celebration of three decades of vital British music complimenting The Greatest Jukebox in Christendom and the Best Venue In London with The Most Fabulous DJs In The World! That’s what the Dublin gives you, nowhere better. Starring….Wott The Hoople, yes it’s Mott re-imagined brilliantly. All The Young Dudes. Roll Away The Stone . The Golden Age Of Rock And Roll. Damn right. The Joneses meanwhile excel in channeling the extraordinary diversity of melody and mood found in the remarkable music of The Smiths, one of the most influential bands of all time. Shadowplay of course take on the sainted Joy Division. A conceptual and artistically sophisticated take on the stunning Joy Division canon it is too, Shadowplay seek to portray and subtly re- interpret this startling music in their own way rather than commit a carbon copy. Get in nice and early for the full joyous package, 6.30pm, with DJs playing a set especially created to reflect the happenings on stage, we very much hope to see you there, mine’s a Budvar.

Tap on the very fetching Boogaloo Radio logo here to hear Bugbear’s brand new show outta that wonderful portal. Tales Of The Dublin Castle are legion, and Tony Bugbear has been knocking around the vicinity for nigh on 25 years. A stevedore of Rock, a galley slave of Roll, for what is after all London’s premier iconic Camden town independent pub venue. He can actually remember one or two of those stories. This new show on the very wonderful Boogaloo Radio outta leafy Highgate’s equally wonderful Boogaloo Bar and Restaurant is a match made in Heaven. Two legendary Bohemian North London hangouts getting in cahoots to educate, entertain and inform. The CBGBs Of London meets the Paddy Reilley’s of London? Something akin to that. Tony is joined for this first show by author and Dublin Castle Rock and Roll Book Club high priestess Julie Hamill, and Bugbear’s mysterious, enigmatic and only occasionally arsey spirit guide Ted Shiva. Much mirthful irreverence in the chat department and killer diller tunes on the playlist. Enjoy. With news of The Damned, Amy Winehouse, Sylvain Sylvain, The Beat. .. And we’re very pleasednto say Tales Of The Dublin Castle will be live every other Thursday evening outta Boogaloo Radio, next show Thursday 23rd August, 8pm.

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