Dublin Castle
Fri 29 August
Dublin Castle
Sun 31 August
John Peel Always Missed Never The Same
The Nightingales
Dublin Castle
Wed 22 October
Alternative TV
A Body Of People
Dublin Castle
Sat 22 November
King Hammond And Skaville UK
Special Guest DJ
Dublin Castle
Wed 31 December
We Are Process....

August….holidays…festivals…kids off school….posh people all pissed off to France doing the foie gras thing to themselves with Medoc and Armanac…poor people all crammed into ‘Spoons on Worthing sea front likewise enlarging their livers with long gulpings of cheap beer…. it’s a shit time for grass roots gigs, always has been but this year seems a tad trickier hence we have a number of August dates that need filling in The Dublin Castle. Contact us via all the usual and unusual media to facilitate your August banger of a gig in the greatest venue Camden Town has on offer bar none….

Not that there aren’t some great gigs in the DC this Summer. Hear August Buggerbear turns Shoshin and Radical Propulsion Unit alongside some other soooper doooper tunes in this radio happening care of the wonderful Reel Rebels Radio. Open your mind to The New Culture with author, socialite and lapsed Old Etonain genius George Keeling, a name you’ll be hearing a great deal more of over ensuing months as his knicker wettingly anticipated book ‘I Am Process’ makes itself felt, interviewed via Bugbear against a backdrop of Berliner clublife, brain quakes and sex party musings… not half….

We Got Killers with special guest computer pioneer, author and sexpert George Keeling (August 2014) by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

Hear the latest addition of Bugbear’s RocknRoll Highschool outta Shoreditch Radio right about here, hosted by journalist and author Chris Charles and with a brilliant tracklist that got the holidaying Buggerbear twitching with anticipation amidst the ozone….

Bugbear’s R&R- Wiggy And Mr Steve Rule The Derek & Clive Suite Shoreditch Radio August 4th 2014… by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

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