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Terry's All Gold, Gerry Sets The Pace...

Bugbear on the radio at the sign of the beslippered hairy legs. Alan Merrill explains why he Loves RocknRoll but prefers Britney to Joan. Hollywood FX wonk supreme Tim Walton (sponsored by Smirnoff) waxes lyrical about movie matters and drops the fucking eff bomb.

But tiptop radio detours aside it’s all about live music. Live music in excellent, endorphin rich environments such as The Dublin Castle in Camden Town that is. And Terry And Gerry are back in The Dublin Castle, Saturday 29th October, always as a pleasure to host these Kings Of Cow Punk, Stars of Skifflecore, Arch Druids of acoustic indie rock and roll. What a joy.

The Dublin Castle Saturday 29th October Terry and Gerry plus Guests

Back in the bleak and industrial yet glibly New Romantic early 1980s nobody was channeling Buddy Holly and Lonnie Donnegan, or making use of a washboard for percussion instead of a drum kit ….until outta Brum did come…Terry and Gerry…. Terry Lilley played double bass. Gerry Colvin sang lead vocals and played acoustic guitar. And still do with Su Richardson on aforementioned percussive kitchen furniture and Mick Honson on second geetar. And they wrote some truly marvellous songs of course. Butters On The Bread, Wait Until You’re Older, Reservation, so many class tunes, and they’re back with equally good newies today, a guaranteed life affirming night out.

The fastest, fieriest, most loved up and lovable Buddy Holly, Lonnie Donnegan luvin’ stand up bass, washboard and harmony combo you’ll ever encounter… so many sensationally singalongable songs to enjoy.

Also on tonight’s bill… Tom Sail – the ex Jolanga man embraces foundation musics of all stripes to create his wonderfully jaunty folk n roll. Ennor- Indie folk, bringing the gap between classic songwriters like Cat Stevens and more recently Ben Howard and the emotive Indie pop of bands like The Maccabees. Steve Young- as heard of late on Bob Harris’s esteemed BBC Radio 2 amongst other places, this superb young talent takes a misty eyed folk and bluegrass approach to song craft from school of James Taylor and Cat Stevens.

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