Dublin Castle
Fri 15 February
Dublin Castle
Sat 16 February
Special Kinda Madness
Special Guest DJ
Dublin Castle
Sun 17 February
Dublin Castle
Thu 21 February
Rock 'N' Roll Book Club At The Union
Clifford Slapper
Bowie's Piano Man : The Life Of Mike Garson
The Union Club, Soho
Wed 27 February
First Time Fables, Cult Figures And Screenage Kicks...

The Dublin Castle Rock N Roll Book Club
Matt Everitt: The First Time
With Julie Hamill And Tony Bugbear

Taken from the acclaimed BBC Radio 6 Music show, The First Time invites you inside the lives of some of the music world’s most notable legends. From Alice Cooper to Yoko Ono, Courtney Love to Elton John, follow their lives and careers starting with their first musical memories, first records, and first gigs, finding out the songs that have shaped them along the way. With 40 compelling interviews, specially commissioned collage illustrations, and a bespoke playlist for each musician, The First Time is a must-have for any music lover. Matt joined Tony Gleed and Julie Hamill at The Dublin Castle for a Q and A and book signing event with DJ sets from your hosts and from Matt himself, reflecting some of the iconic figures interviewed in the book. You can also hear Matt interviewed by Messrs Hamill and Gleed plus bountiful musical illustrations outta Boogaloo Radio if you click on the book above. Enjoy.

Fabulous to see Cult Figures’ guitar overlord Mr Jonathan Hodgson getting BAFTA’d up last Sunday night for Roughhouse, Best Short Animation, fan bloody tastic- shame we didn’t have the foresight to include this in our BAFTAs spesh Part Two on Soho Radio the night before. Cult Figures headline The Dublin Castle this Saturday 15th Feb so come down and buy Jonathan a well deserved drink. And tipp tappy on that there pic, reflective of just one of the featured artists, yer John Barry (1960s ubercool hairspray ad orchestration ‘The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair’), and hear the full glorious mayhem of most recent episode of The Saturday Sync on Soho Radio. With Mike Spenser, Tim Walton, Tony Bugbear and a cavalcade of sweet sounds, these are the sweet, sweet sounds of synchronization indeed. Where else can you get The Jungle Book rubbing up against The Stranglers, Morecombe and Wise, Joe Loss, Bowie and Bing Crosby? Nowhere that’s where. A little bit trashed in The Trash Can opening up a film can of worms….it’s impossible to have less fun be-clothed, factoid.. #ScreenageKicks…Anyway, about that gig again…

Saturday 15th Feb
The Dublin Castle
Cult Figures + Lover
+ Tor7 + Girls Like Us
+ Lilac Melt
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Having just released their nigh on 40 years in the making debut album, the very wonderful and very recommended ‘The 116 Ploughs A Lonely Furrow’, Swell Maps associates and West Midlands post punk/indie psych heroes Cult Figures have been astounding all comers with their remarkable live shows all these years later. Much fun

, bridging the gap perfectly betwixt joyous irreverence and hard nosed intensity. Something for everyone. With, Lover. Blondie-esque edgy pop with big guitars, dance/hiphop textures and a chant along chorus perfect for radio. Also Tor7 (grunged up guitars and a possible nod to Queens Of The Stone Age), Girls Like Us (All girl grunge but with a brooding post punk angle) and Lilac Melt (indie dream-pop/shoegaze band from Scotland/Greece based in Edinburgh. Expansive atmospheres and luminous melodies with a ’90’s quality, their first single, Oxidise, got them signed by independent record label, Infinite Hive Music. Gathering airtime from many radio stations, including BBC Radio Scotland, the band diversified with acoustic arrangements of their songs, always maintaining their multi-layered, reverberated sound. ”Fantastic BBC Introducing track” – Vic Galloway, BBC Radio Scotland for ‘Hey Stranger’)

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