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Bugbear’s R&R- Happy Ever After Starring Terry And Gerry by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

Terry And Gerry are of course the seminal, thinking, drinking man’s skiffle cowpunk indie pop n roll group. Where Buddy Holly meets zippy infectious punk tood and pure big hearted Brummie joie de vivre… and eveyone’s a winner…Fresh from their rapturously received tour support with none other than The Quo, yes as in Status Quo, Bugbear tear Gerry Colvin away from Rick Parfitt’s pad and all the supermodels and starlets sipping pink Champagne n that and get him on the blower for an interview at Shoreditch Radio. Terry and Gerry initially reformed in 2014 after a 27 year hiatus, to play a show in honour of their biggest fan, the late unutterably great John Peel. Status Quo famously played at Peel’s wedding come to think of it so while we ponder the zen-ness of all this why not kick back and enjoy the show. Be rude not to, it’s chock fulla good music naturally…

Terry and Gerry beamed outta John Peel A LOT in the 1980s with their inimitably irreverent but tune laden take on cow punk and folk pop, and they are still as joyous a live experience as they were back then now they’re back together.. Rocking outta Brum with a skiffletastic riddim section making fabulous use of a washboard for percussion instead of a drum kit. Terry Lilley plays double bass. Gerry Colvin sings lead vocals and plays acoustic guitar and has one of the most disarmingly hilarious stage patters you could possibly wish for. With classic releases back in the day on both Robert Lloyd from The Nightingales Vindaloo Recs and Marc Riley’s In Tape, it’s particularly satisfying they still have the chops on their recently issued Dear John EP. Terry and Gerry co-opted their style from 1950s Americana – black evening suits and ribbon ties in the style of the Everly Brothers and still don that glorious garb whilst channelling Buddy Holly and Lonnie Donegan with the the wit, venom and moral rectitude of early punk.

John Peel picked out their demonstration tape back in the day because his wife’s best friends were also known as Terry and Gerry. He thought the coincidence was too great to ignore…and whadda y’know, the band recorded three sessions for the John Peel programme.

Their second and most successful release “Clothes Shop” was reviewed by Morrissey on BBC Radio who declared “I like it – don’t know why”. It reached number 5 in the UK Indie Chart.

Terry and Gerry’s only LP record From Lubbock to Clintwood East is a reference to Buddy Holly’s hometown Lubbock, Texas and a fictitious suburb that is a play on the name of the actor Clint Eastwood. Now that long player and all their earlier releases have been compiled on the essential ‘Get The Hell Back To Lubbock’ compilation…so many excellent songs to enjoy! get yerself a copy and get yerself a cheap advance ticket here …..


Also playing The Dublin Castle May 30th…

Centurion Sect- Kentish feckers all pyjama’d up for your greater appreciaton of their artfully satirical garage rocknroll du punk… fans of Wild Billy Childish, The Fall, Johnny Moped or Dr Feelgood will all find plenty to enjoy here. Fantastic…

Flies On Us- a pithy post punkish noise with elements of pretty much every great artist from 1978 to 1984 you could mention….early Ants meets The Fall meets Wire meets Magazine meets …well you get the gist !…lovely wonkly keys..actually the vocals are uncannily Phil Oakey like, but there’s a real wealth of great material here with superb lyrics…Peel would have loved this band…and they’ve stewarded a really good album too…buy one tonight!…

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