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Bugbear’s R&R- Damn Vandals Rool OK? With Guest Jack Kansas by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

We all had a fabulous time, Ragetti, Bluebeard, Long John Silver and all the employees of Wernham Hogg, Slough….what? where? when?….when BBC 6Music Sean Keavney faves Damn Vandals launched the new ‘Rocket Out Of London’ long player on SexyBeast Recs in The Dublin Castle Thursday 10th April. And I tell you what, it was a proper hard assed rocknroll party to go with what is a proper old school rocknroll album, 10 short sharp tracks bang bang bang, no fat, no filler, all thriller. As The Greenfield Cygnus blogspot has it ‘Bang! There’s no mistaking that Damn Vandals are here. Like a cross between Thin Lizzy, Crazyhead and Ian McNabb they storm through ten tracks, each worthy of being released as a single, with the confidence of a group that could have been in the industry for donkey’s years’… not many blogworthy….so click on the mixcloud linkage up there and hear us here as we hit the radio road with Jack Kansas, Damn Vandals’ front man and chief dinosaur wrangler. We explore and embrace the new album and discuss it’s inception and inspiration alongside pithy chat around all sorts of engaging topics from literature to rocknroll lore to Buggerbear co-host Ted Shiva’s time working alongside the late great Joe Strummer. Top radio but on occasion forthright and even a bit sweary so parental wassname is thingummy. Enjoy.

Our chat with the marvellous man on the player below is clean and serene natch….. Wipe away a tear one and all for the final of our Magic Brothers Dublin Castle residency happenings takes place Thursday 24th April….though I’m sure they’ll be back. Buggerbear in conversation here with one Woody Woodgate, the rhythmic wunderkind of Madness. One seventh of the nuttiest and indeed greatest British pop music ensemble of the last 35 years and also one whole half of The Magic Brothers. That’ll be him and his younger bruv Nick, long standing inseparable siblings but also friends with a heartening tale to tell revolving around Nick’s struggles with schizophrenia, and the healing powers of familial love and music, sweet, sweet music…these shows have indeed been magic, now buy their records, they’re great…

Bugbear’s R&R- Magic Not Mad! with special guests Woody Woodgate and Graham Lambert by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

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