Dublin Castle
Thu 23 January
Dublin Castle
Fri 24 January
The London SS
Dread Messiah
Personality Crisis
Daddy Those Men Scare Me
Dublin Castle
Sat 25 January
Hackney Empire Bar
Sat 25 January
Dublin Castle
Sun 26 January
Tales Of The Dublin Castle Jan 2020...

Saturday 25th January
The Dublin Castle
The London SS/ Dread Messiah/Personality Crisis/Daddy Those Men Scare Me Get Cheap Tickets Here

Brady from London SS and Big Gray from Dread Messiah joined Tony Bugbear and Rachel Darq in the Boogaloo Radio studio t’other morn and much fun was had. Click on the perky pink pic and listen in. So…The London SS is a name spoken in legends of the UK punk scene of the 1970s. Although the band never released any material (but there are rumours of tape, buried somewhere in the depths of Mick Jones’ old flat) they were arguably as bigger influence on the formation of the infant punk movement as the Sex Pistols. Former members of the London SS went on to form the Clash, The Damned, Generation X. With the Hollywood Brats’ Brady still on guitar from those far flung days and Jimmy McDonald upfront out Iggying Iggy Pop and giving extreme frontman joy, just watch yer pint/girlfriend/boyfriend! Also tonight, Dread Messiah, the classic Hackney ‘ardcore outfit back on the road and in the Dublin Castle at last. Plus Personality Crisis – punk covers performed with vim and vigour no doubt coz the pedigree is on point. Ex Angry Samoans…and opening up, Daddy Those Men Scare Me. ‘A lively group of old men playing punk music’. Yes indeed, arrive early for witty tales of drunkenness, poverty and abject crapness in the English suburbs, a beautiful thing, with some super singalongability and major hooks, barbed hooks at that.


Fri 31 January
The Dublin Castle
Gary Clail Sound System/LegPuppy/Hercules II/Oscar Mic/Wolf Club Lunar Society/The London Sewage Company/DJs We Got Killers Til 2am
Get Cheap Tickets Here

Click on the legend that is Gary Clail above and hear an exclusive track from his new LP ‘Violence’ alongside a beautiful array of sync and soundtrack orientated bangers in the fabulous form of Bugbear’s Soho Radio show ‘The Saturday Sync’. The Dublin Castle show of Jan 31st is the first of our last Friday in the month Gary Clail Sound System residencies. The Brizzle roofer turned magical, mercurial MC cum radical and righteous sound system manipulator is back and then some. His new album ‘Violence’ is the ‘End Of The Century Party’ for 2020, an absolute cracker of a record that will hopefully have dropped by the time you hit this unmissable event, a return to form right up there with his best On U Sound material. With fellow Bristolian legend brass and woodwind man Tony Wrafter (Tricky, Glaxo Babies, Maximum Joy etc) as his musical right hand man there’s a deep resonance at play with this fabulous new material, still hot on social comment but head warpingly good to dance to too. Gary will be MCing, live mixing, DJing and collaborating with other artists tonight and last Fridays in the DC for the next few months.

Other artists this evening include Legpuppy. A perfect foil for Gary Clail. Electro with attitutde, OR “Beautifully formed one chord driven satirical punk” Yes, both these things can be true, with some wicked releases behind them already (the proclamatory punk thrum of ‘She’s Lost He Soul’, the sassy narco clubland tood of ‘Tears’), tonight sees this ace band launch new single which features the incredible Josefin Öhrn. Legpuppy are proper entertainment with visuals and A BIG PERFORMANCE! Hercules II join the fray. You’d maybe think it might be a Herculean task to get two drummers on stage in the DC but fear not, that most wonderful of artistic deviations as perfected by The Fall, The Ants, The Glitterband or indeed Headbutt ,is in very safe hands with these infamous slab o’ noizecore merchants. Here it’s all about the heaviosity, yes, but subtle interplay is there to enjoy too. A dual percussive, multi guitar triumph is assured from these one chord, multiple inflection hypnorock sensations (including our very own Fuzz Duprey on razor sharp guitar). Oscar Mic brings one man London centric hiphop stylistics to the event… with some brilliant ideas and real earwormtastic tunes too. Suave of look and equally sophisticated in the rhymes and beats department. Also rocking a new release ‘High Speed’, produced by Gordon Raphael and already getting love from John Kennedy on Radio X. And Boogaloo Radio natch. Wolf Club Lunar Society are a 2 piece doing a Black Keys cum White Stripes type template, brilliantly bashing out ace razzle dazzle invigorating blues punk. The London Sewage Company open the show. Arrive nice and early (7.30pm) for Mark Barnet and Noel ‘Menace’ Martin‘s 10 legged London punk rock ’70’s swingers, combining edgy swamp rock with the grooves of The Clash.

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