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He Cells Sanctuary...Booty Call ...

Lewis Bootle is a wonderful new British talent championed by Frank Turner….delivering excellent material with a folkish estuary English twang, the resolute singer songwriterliness of which is topped off most attractively with moody keys and atmospheric tones and touches….Mr Bootle has a very strong vocal delivery and works up some very poetic words like a male Kate Tempest on a Dylan thru Jamie T tip. Winner of Best Unsigned Male 2015, his first release ‘Do What I Need’ was Track of the Week on BBC Introducing, featured on Tom Robinson’s BBC 6 Mixtape.

Hot on the heels of debut EP, ‘Friction in the Funds’ came the superb ‘The Seed’ EP and the brand new ‘Cells’, or should that be ‘C3LL5’…Anyway you can hear it if you click on the luverly pinky toned automobile artwork uppy there alongside Lewis chatting this chatting that but all coooool as… with Buggerbear Radioness care of Soho Radio…And click HERE for your cheapy cheap tickets…

With support from the similarly supertalented young hopefuls Gecko and Luke Carey.

Also featured on the radio show here Professor Joel Vos is in tow to explain what’s what with this week’s Punk4mentalhealth festival … and take on a few thorny mental health queries direct from you the listener by way of a punk empowerment mental health clinic, live on air. And they said it wouldn’t work! It does, honest, have a listen…

It’s Punk4MentalHealth week all week, an all star punk rock happening raising funds and awareness of mental health research in a jam packed week of events. Click here for NEW SUPERCHEAP UNWAGED TICKETS for our Dublin Castle Punk4MentalHealth show this Wednesday 29th March! (Well we are up against Jilted John). And click on the artwork above for some vintage Vibrators jollies to die for off The Old Grey Whistle Test in 1978….Call it Mock Rock at your peril whispering hippies!

The Vibrators- From early records backing Chris Spedding thru Pure Mania into the future, The Vibrators have always been the thoroughly accomplished but still utterly kick ass end of Romantic punk n roll, showing the upstarts how it’s done at the time of the initial punk rock boom and still doing it now. Knox, Original Vibrator and the man behind those ace songs nips next door from his esteemed Rock And Roll Rescue charity experience, straps on a guitar and performs some of those great songs too… will he join his old compadres on stage? You’ll have to come along to find out, but something along the lines of Pontifs being Catholics and ursine beasts defecating in forested areas could be uttered here.


PistolheadUK- Yoof dem playing punk circa ’77/’78…funsome and catchy….more Sham than Pistols perhaps… Wailing guitars, driving bass, destructive drums and political messages that challenge the status quo, Pistolhead get the blood flowing and keep you on your toes.

Nuffin- Original Caterham based punk rock outfit reformed and rekindled, as heard on the most recent Bored Teenagers compilation..Volume 9 no less! It’s always good to hear these nuggets again…and Nuffin were Sumfin…they were the overseers of the original drum stool for one Roger Bullen for one..AKA the infamous Dee Generate from Eater. And Dee Generate will be along tonight to occupy said stool once again, fantastic news!

Arrive early for Princip– swaggering pop rock like an edgy, punkier Kaiser Chiefs with some lilting pop ska elements that recalls Madness, all in all an ace eclectic frothy pop mix starring former Hollyoaks star Che Watson….

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