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Thu 25 September
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Fri 26 September
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Sat 27 September
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Thu 2 October
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Fri 3 October
Yes Yes Yes It's Our Autumn Almanac...

September….season of window worrying Daddy Long Legs, small boys squeezed into oversized school uniforms and if yer lucky mellow, sun filled afternoons….. and not so balmy nights wherein venturing out for live music is a must. And luckily we are very well positioned to help with that what with all these Dublin Castle shows on offer, not to mention a rather hot date with Damn Vandals on Sat 20th Sept in the marvellous Sebright Arms, Hackneyville…. The DVs are promoting their new single, wonderful double header ‘Cities Of A Plastic World’/ ‘Too Lazy To Live Too Stoned To Die’..as heard here.. http://www.damnvandals.co.uk/

Yea verily lots of great stuff coming up thru the autumn months into Christmas so keep an eye on the listings right here and on the Buggerbear Mixcloud page for infotaining radio lozenges upon which to suck…

Check out these aural happenings… here’s Buggerbear first aired on www.reelrebelsradio.com on 2 September 2014. Mr Tony The Tumescent Head of 6th Form Humour at The Bugbear RocknRoll Highschool hosts We Got Killers for Acrylic Mink Radio Stars…a bunch of fantastic old sevens getting spun in a nigh on random manner. It’s a wonderful selection interspersed with haphazard but oft hilarious and informative chat in which your Buggerbear operative forgets just about everything bar his fucking name (he does forget his shoe size). That’ll be why we normally have a pre-arranged running order! All great fun of course….

We Got Killers September 2014 by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

And Wig n Steve in search of the perfect riff at Shoreditch Radio recently. As the critics said… ‘We know what we are but know not what we may be’- William Shakespeare .. ‘Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent’- Victor Hugo ‘No-one here gets out alive’-Jim Morrison ‘Why does it hurt when I pee?’- Frank Zappa

Bugbear’s R&R- Wig And Steve In Search Of The Perfect Riff Sept 2014 The Real Deal!! by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

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