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Sat 25 February
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Wed 1 March
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Thu 2 March
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Fri 3 March
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Wed 8 March
Smells Like Lard Fried Banana Sarnies....

Ted Shiva (left) and Tony Bugbear (right) take another levity laden look at the obituaries and other eventualities, and brazen it out with a rocknroll raison d’etre and a few cans. Beamed at ya a stone’s throw from the Abney Cemetery in Yummy Mummy Central Stoke Newington, live and direct from Reel Rebels Radio, a myriad of marvelous music is assured. And a measure of misrule and misanthropy. Find out how Bugbear missed the Oasis gravy train back in the 1990s, why young bands really do need to behave like wankers, what exactly is wacky dust and just when Specials legend Roddy Radiation will be performing in The Dublin Castle (OK It’s May 27th if you can’t be arsed to click on Harold and Albert and actually listen to the show). There may well be tiffs amidst the stiffs, riffs and quiffs but it is all mightily entertaining. Just check out the becalmed, nay/neigh, blinkered expression on their keenest (only?) listener’s noble visage also pictured here.

And don’t miss this….cheapo tickets still available here

Sat 4 March The Dublin Castle

Elvana+Shewolf+Va Rocks+Bravado Cartel


From the bowels of Disgraceland, Rock & Roll icons of the afterlife are raised from the dead! Rock & Roll meets Grunge as Elvis fronts Nirvana and gives the band the front man it’s been missing since ’94. Elvana tear through Nirvana’s catalogue whilst splicing in grunged up sections of the king of rock & rolls finest moments, culminating in an audible orgasm of overdrive & old school Rockabilly. It smells like cheeseburgers and teen spirit, daddy-o! Elvana’s short lifetime has already seen them support NYC titans ‘Tragedy: A Heavy Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees’, Drive Thru-Metal’s finest – LA’s ‘Mac Sabbath,’ as well as tearing up venues throughout the UK. Augmented magnificently by She Wolf- all girl grunge psych punkers outta Paris making a righteous, glorious racket rocking squalling Hendrix guitar via early Nirvana or Tad type rumblings. Plus VA Rocks- All girl grunge metal trio from Sweden,heavily influenced by bands like AC/DC, Danko Jones, Ramones and The Runaways. think Girlschool via L7 decent tunes and bags of conviction. And Bravado Cartel– Heavy riffology with reverb drenched vocals, a kind of indie psych metal. The vocalist sounds like Greg Lake circa Court Of The Crimson King– that sort of portent heavy content. From Huddersfield, With three album releases already under their belt and a fourth coming… an excellent proposition.

Check it out, click on the pic for superb live footage from Elvana’s recent Newcastle show…amazebollocks, not to be missed for sure…

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