Dublin Castle
Fri 21 June
Madonna : Like An Icon
Lucy O' Brien
Rock N Roll Book Club At The Union
The Union, Soho
Wed 26 June
Dublin Castle
Sat 29 June
Vivien Goldman
Revenge Of The She Punks
Rock N Roll Book Club
Dublin Castle
Wed 3 July
Dublin Castle
Sat 6 July
Tales Of The Dublin Castle And Beyond...

The Dublin Castle
Saturday 22nd June
The Annual Midsummer Spizz Party
Spizz Energi with Art Trip And The Static Sound/The Blunders
Plus! Q And A with Jordan Mooney
DJs We Got Killers til 2am
From 7pm sharp/ Get Cheap Tickets Here

The Annual Midsummer Spizz Party starring Spizz Energi is now on it’s 7th or is it 8th year? Where’s Captain Kirk? Right here, with his brilliant rocking band and enough punk n roll joy to give Spock a giggling fit. Not to be missed. (Click on the magnificently mean and moody Spizz pic and hear Spizz with Tony Bugbear on a recent Resonance FM radio show with some cool cuts and fascinating chat). Art Trip And The Static Sound are also performing tonight. Iggy Pop’s favourite band next to Sleaford Mods (or maybe Skinnygirl Diet…) it would appear, and quite right too. A superb amalgamation as it is of white noise guitar shreddings, beefy bottom end bass, skittering, skittling percussion and the upfront presence of vocalist Melodie Holiday. Here’s where the contemporary realization of she punk is at it’s most striking-the root of Poly Styrene, Ari Up, Siouxsie et al. The Blunders play politically charged punky rock, with tight and disciplined grooves., a punk band with a varied palate of influences, from Citizen Fish to The Libertines via Killing Joke and Crass. Ace band..and from the Holy Land too. I mean Wiltshire. Proper fare for Summer Solstice Boxing Day! AND… THE REAL Jordan will be joining us ce soir. ‘Defying Gravity: Jordan’s Story’: A RocknRoll Book Club Extra, has been especially lined up just for YOU the discerning admirer of punk icons. ‘Defying Gravity: Jordan’s Story’ is just out (or will be!) and we’ll be interviewing Jordan live on stage and inviting you to pose a question, get a selfie with, get your books signed by the Seditionaries and Sex Goddess and ultimate Queen of The Ants. And it’s her birthday! Happy Birthday To Jordan! Punk’s not dead, it’s IMMORTAL! DJs We Got Killers promise us a Special Let It Rock cum Punk Gourmet Set! Enjoy.

Hear Bugbear’s latest Boogaloo Radio show by clicking there on the wonderful Cameron Howe. Our special guest is Paul Haslinger, discussing his time in German ambient psych prog behemoths Tangerine Dream and his incredible soundtracks for hit AMC TV show Halt And Catch Fire on Lakeshore Records, which is where Cameron does her punky tood geek thang. Plus lots of music and chat relating to upcoming Bugbear events. So you’ll hear Spizz, Art Trip, Blue Orchids, Adam and the Ants (a rubberwear fanciers’ classic just for Jordan!) and of course music from The Raincaots and Anne Pigalle…

The Dublin Castle
Friday 28th June
Anne Pigalle’s Ecstase

with Burlesque from Miss Dolly Blowup
and Marquissa Darq plus Gina Birch (The Raincoats)
Julie Rose/Rude Mechanicals/Rotten Bliss/Mai Ngyuen Tri

Anne Pigalle– Parisienne teenager Anne Pigalle hung out with Glen Matlock and other British punks back in Paris then brought her music to Anglo-Saxon rock & roll and the late punk scene en Londres. Working legendary club nights in the late ’80s at Café de Paris and Madame Jojos, she then disappeared to California and created a music-film project in LA with Donald Cammell. Back in London Pigalle reinvented herself as a painter, photographer, performance and multi-media artist ( Amérotica , Ecstase). From cold wave chanson to post punk jazz Anne’s music and vocal delivery is always esoteric, astounding and exciting… and that’s before we get on to the remarkable erotic poetry. Tonight Anne Pigalle showcases her superb new album L’Ecstase. ‘Engaging, exotic, alluring, the self styled Last Chanteuse sighs and emotes a world weary ennui. Snatched glimpse of old Soho refracted through an absinthe haze. Glorious, libertine, intoxicating…’ Classic Rock June 2019. This evening we also give you two of the finest burlesque dancers (Marquissa Darq, Dolly Blow Up) and Mai Butoh Dance artist Mai Nguyen Tri , Franco Vietnamese dance seen thru an Anglo French post urban lens. Plus stunning performance art from Julie Rose who explores the body as mise en scene. Using experimental music, innovative narrative form and fragments of sound and image deployed in live collages that create uncanny meanings and unexpected humour. Also the amazing Rude Mechanicals, tonight playing as a duo- artful jazzbo slinkiness and cabaret poetics and brilliantly off kilter but accessible vocalising from the remarkable front woman Miss Joe Roberts. Rotten Bliss– the remarkable work of one Jasmine Pender, a cellist and so much more… ‘violent, warm and weird visions’, yes… equally inspired by the wild physicality of Jacqueline du Pre and the shrieking glory of a cello played through FX pedals, Rotten Bliss packs diverse influences into an elemental voyage, raging from tender a capella lyrical fantasies through to ecstatic nihilism. And can sometimes be seen performing in 11th Hour Adventists (with Jowe Head, ex-Swell Maps) and False Echo (with Tim Bowen, ex-Chrome Hoof). Her debut album, The Nightwatchman Sings, was released in October 2017 on the Reverb Worship label. STOP PRESS Addition to the bill- very pleased to welcome Gina Birch along to this happening. The Raincoats’ guitarist/vocalist will be performing a bespoke set tonight .

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