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Wednesday 21st August
Cruel To Be Kind: The Life And Music Of Nick Lowe
Will Birch At The Rock N Roll Book Club
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There be the very wonderful jacket of Will Birch’s exhaustive Nick Lowe biography. Click upon it to hear Will chatting to Bugbear at Boogaloo Radio, it’s an edifying and entertaining prospect with some fabulous, masterful music needless to say. Cruel to Be Kind is the definitive account of Nick Lowe‘s uncompromising life as a songwriter and entertainer, from his days at Stiff Records, to becoming the driving force behind Rockpile, to the 1979 smash hit ‘Cruel To Be Kind’. Nick’s original compositions have been recorded by the best in the business, from enfant terrible of the New-Wave, Elvis Costello, to ‘The Godfather of Rhythm and Soul’, Solomon Burke; from household names, including Engelbert Humperdink, Diana Ross, and Johnny Cash, to legendary vocalists such as Curtis Stigers, Tom Petty, and Rod Stewart. His reputation as one of the most influential musicians to emerge from that most formative period for pop and rock music is cast in stone. He will forever be the man they call the ‘Jesus of Cool’. ‘Nick’s poise as a singer, his maturity, and his use of tone is beautiful. I can’t believe it’s this guy I’ve been watching since I was a teenager’ Elvis Costello ‘The master of subversive pop’ Nick Kent, NME, 1977. Will Birch, something of a genius pop songsmith himself of course, will be in conversation tonight with Julie Hamill as Beejeezus O’Cool provides the Lowe Down with a bespoke roots, shoots and fruits of Nick Lowe DJ set.

And why not listen to The Man himself in fine feckle chatting to Bugbear on ‘Th Sunday Sync’ care of Soho Radio a couple of years back presenting his very wonderful ‘Screenage Kicks’, epiphanies in music outta film and TV. It’s a fabulous show, with especially wonderful selections from Nick Lowe, do check it out here…

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