The Mascara Bar
Fri 22 October
TV Smith (The Adverts)
Richard Strange (Doctors Of Madness)
Charlie Harman
The Bell Inn, Bath
Sat 23 October
Into The Scare!
The Glare
First Frontier
Dead Rat Society
Dublin Castle
Thu 28 October
The Estimators
The Big Head
DJ Cello
Dublin Castle
Sat 30 October
JC Carroll (The Members)
Still Annoying The Neighbours
Rock N Roll Book Club
Q And A
Dublin Castle
Thu 4 November
The Return Of Live Music To The Dublin Castle And Beyond...

Greetings! New dates we can actually tell you are actually happening with actual tickets available and actual living breathing musicians playing for your delight and delectation on Bugbear honed stages this Autumn…

The Water Rats, Kings X
Fri 8 October
Roddy Radiation And The Skabilly Rebels+Steve Hooker Stripped Down Stompin Band+DJ Marc Griffith

Roddy Radiation And The Skabilly Rebels – The guitarist and frontline songwriter in The Specials returns with his infectious blend of punk, ska , reggae and rockabilly, wonderful stuff, and always a pleasure to see, and in the Water Rats for a change, not the Dublin Castle where we usually present Roddy rocking out and is kind of as much his spiritual home as the Sainted Madness. So where better for a change of scene than The Rats, coz as ya know, we’re all working for the Rat Race. Boom and indeed boom. And yes he does still play material from The Specials. Not half. Steve Hooker – super charged dirty Essex Delta rocknroll trio fronted by long standing guitar guru Mr Hooker, a powerhouse who get a reet good and grinding riffology going and take it to the dancefloor with a sleazy Link Wray twang and a bulbous Bo Diddley beat…damn good. Marc Griffith DJ – Living handily in the vicinity of the aforementioned Dublin Castle hasn’t done DJ Marc’s dayjob as bespoke tailor to the stars (including Les Garcons Nutty and our Rod) hasn’t done his impeccable taste for ska, reggae, soul and rock and roll any harm either. A gent of the decks who will supply some fabulous sounds between and after the live sets tonight.

The Dublin Castle, Camden Town
Fri 8 October
Hunted By Elephants+Electric Black+Mercury Rising+Yesterday’s Gone


Hunted By Elephants- Inspired by the rock classics of the 70s,Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep and Rainbow Hunted By Elephants are a high-energy 5 piece renewing the time-honoured union of soaring vocals, growling riffs and energising drum beats. Electric Black-are a British rock quartet from North Hertfordshire, taking influence from the likes of Bad company, Jet, Rival Sons & Black Stone Cherry amongst other hard-rock classics. Powerful anthems for the highway with loud guitars, fat-bottomed rhythm, clear and soaring lead vocals. Mercury Rising-Tracks of the week for single ‘Running out of Time’ – Classic Rock/Louder “If you like galloping hard rock with raucous riffs, melodic solos and driven bass-lines, then this is indeed paradise” – 4/5 Sunday Sport“ “Metal Fans are running out of time in the race to jump aboard the Mercury Rising bandwagon as one of the UK’s hottest new acts readies this summers must hear E.P” – Rushonrocks Playlisted on Planet Rocks “New Rock Show” for 3 consecutive weeks. Yesterday’s Gone- Dirty, southern Fried Blues rock, think Lynyrd skynrd, molly hatchet etc but with a brit twist.

Sat 9 October
Noel and Finn’s Annual Birthday Show+”Evil Bastards AKA”+The Anoraks+Acme Sewage Co.+Red Anger

Evil Bastards AKA – are indeedy a Menace-ing prospect, ye git me? It’s that time of year when Noel Menace and Finn Menace throw their joint punk rock birthday party and you’re all invited- if you buy a ticket, haha. An excellent evening of pithy punk rock in prospect.

Sun 10 October
Ant Henson+Hide Takemoto+Dove and Boweevil Band+The Heat Inc+Natalie Shay+Brand New Zeros+Breeze Redwine+Seven Days + Doesn’t Die

CMDN Presents- All Dayer Live Music Event At Camden’s Legendary Dublin Castle- Bugbear and the good people of are getting together for an amazing line-up of rock music across blues, classic rock and punk. The day is split into 2 programs – Afternoon and Evening both priced at £12.50 each. Or you can go for the whole day for £17.50. Check the band’s socials and websites for special discount codes.

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