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Sun 9 December
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Fri 14 December
RocknRoll Rescue's Nightmare Before Xmas
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Richard Strange
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Wed 16 January
Tales Of The Now Sound From Yesterday...

The Water Rats
Wednesday 12th December
The Washington Rays + The Cesarians
+ Cowboy Flying Saucer
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Charlie Finke, artisan frontman and songwriter extraordinaire with the always stunning ‘wrong rock, odd pop’ band The Cesarians, also stars in our Boogaloo Radio show above, as you’ll know if you’re listening in. Click on Charlie uppy there!… Christmas In King’s Cross…. where the trains take you internationally South into Europe, or Up North in to the English Brexit heartlands. Something to ponder as we come together in the name of the baby Jesus. Actually of course this period is more correctly called ‘Advent’. Which means ‘Coming’. The Coming of Christ, or the coming of something altogether more primal and pagan? Well here’s a band who once proclaimed ‘I’m With God’, and always take a devotional approach to their remarkable music.

The Cesarians gift to you and me is intensity, songcraft, passion, raw emotions. The advent of something dark, beautiful and inordinately powerful. Nobody else does what they do. The Cesarians’ Yuletide party is a night out you cannot miss. But tonight is a big night for Fabio from The Cesarians and his long standing other band, The Washington Rays, who take poll position tonight and launch their wonderful new long player. ‘The New Sound From Yesterday’.

As seen below, the album in question, and a title that neatly sums up the Washington Rays’ sound… Northern Soul, beat groups and 1960s girl groups and solo singers(Dusty, Sandy, Chris Clerk) are all in the mix and it’s done brilliantly, with toe tappin’ tunes, impressive harmonies and ear worms aplenty. Soulful, sassy, subtly psychedelic. ‘Now Sound’ showcases remarkable songwriting diversity and offers a uniquely vivid psychedelic soul pop sensibility. Get tippy tappy with the fabulous Now Sound artwork below and have a listen to this nouveau vintage gem.

Opening on the 12th at The Water Rats, Cowboy Flying Saucer – ‘An experimental vehicle for sonic fun and adventure. Influences: time, space, electricity, tardigrades, God Saves The Earth Flying Saucer Foundation, The Middle Ages, smoke blackened paper, spring reverb, hypnosis, isolation, beer, celestial bodies, insects, rebounding objects, internal ramblings, dreams ‘ To these ears also The Fall, early Stereolab, The Monochrome Set and the more esoteric end of Joe Meek – very Fall vocally, nice cheapo keys and FX and cranky, clunking chords. Great!

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