Dublin Castle
Wed 18 January
The Half Moon Putney
Sat 21 January
Dublin Castle
Fri 27 January
Dublin Castle
Wed 1 February
Dublin Castle
Sat 4 February
Happy New Year All Working Girls And Offshore Bankers...


We have a lot of top talent lined up for 2017, in The Dublin Castle and elsewhere. Very much looking forward to this for example… legendary, classy tunesmiths of the late 1970s London punk pop diaspora…..Solitary Confinement, Sound Of The Suburbs, Offshore Banking Business, Working Girl, Rat Up A Drainpipe….time to make a like a nineties rapper and grab hold of yer Members…cheap tickets HERE..

Sat 21 January

The Half Moon, Putney

The Members+A Body Of People+Those Naughty Lumps

From the second maybe third wave of punk the always intrinsically musically astute, witty and tune laden Members have been wowing audiences again in the live arena of late. Truly the Sound Of The Suburbs, so come ye all from London satellites for this must see happening. Sound Of The Suburbs, Offshore Banking Business, Working Girl, Solitary Confinement… classics all, but just check out their recent One Law album, JC and co are still remarkable, so much more than a punk rock band as evinced by glorious numbers such as ‘Living The Dream’ and ‘Incident At Surbiton’.

With.. A Body Of People- Blending the psychedelic nuances of Julian Cope with bouncy, rocking Small Faces/Stranglers keys dusted pop and a tinge of that Barrett/Ayers counter cultural heritage, thru a punky party lens mind you geezer, new album sooncome too, grrrrreat.

And.. Those Naughty Lumps- Punk/New Wave/Power Pop Kings of Erics back in them there post punk days in Liverpool, the Lumps introduced us eager Peelites to the delights of Iggy Pop’s Jacket and thank the Lord have donned it once again , reformed, rejigged, revitalized, a brilliant night out for sure…fans of The Stranglers, 999, The Members or The Blockheads will find loads to enjoy here…brilliantly jaunty, wry and risque, and always joyously pumped up.

Click on swoonsome David of Bromley below for another chance to listen to our Soho Radio show of one year ago. A Bowie At The Pictures special of sorts following the shock news of the Zigmeister’s demise. Is David Bowie still dead? Yes I’m afraid he is. With excellent contributions from I Ludicrous and Mike Bennett, Bugbear bereaves Bowie one year on…


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