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Giant Caterpillar
Three From Above
Dublin Castle
Wed 25 April
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Fri 27 April
The Dublin Castle Rock And Roll Book Club
Rosie Wilby
Is Monogamy Dead?: Rethinking Relationships in the 21st Century
Julie Hamill
DJ Tony Bugbear
Dublin Castle
Wed 2 May
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Fri 4 May
“The Only Truth Is Music” ― Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac knew a thing or two, at least before the bottle sent him gaga, he pretty much invented counter cultural Western Youth trends after all, and his appreciation of music was dazzling in his writing. Books, book men and women, music. Ever interlocked in lusty exchange those essential, sensual bedfellows…. The Dublin Castle Rock And Roll Book Club was recently featured in Time Out’s Best Book Clubs of London Guide, and has a wealth of remarkable authors coming up the first Wednesday of every month (and sometimes other evenings too)…..soon to feature are Rosie Wilby, DJ Taylor, Terry Edwards, Kevin Cummins, Sylvain Sylvain, The Damned, Madness, Morrissey, Nicky Weller. Recently featured Chris Difford, Ian Shirley, The KLF, Suede, Penny Pepper, The Fall and many more. Simply check out the Dublin Castle listings. MAeanwhile hit up the delightful button badges and see our superb trailer as produced by the exceedingly talented Yann Jones, made the night David Barnett dropped by to talk crack cocaine, sex, Suede and ..well more drugs and sex this being a book about Suede….

Thursday 19th April
The Filthy Tongues/Sister Witch/Marc Hepburn/The Dead Freights

Having once provided musical props to the sparkling Shirley Mansun in Goodbye Mr McKenzie the pedigree of The Filthy Tongues, Scottish post post punk craftsmen of nifty gnarled song, is immense. And zeitgeist wise they’ve always been plugged right in, coz just now they have co -written 4 of the 11 songs on the new SKIDS album with singer Richard Jobson including BBC 6Music ‘turntable smash’ ‘Kings Of The New World Order’ and the title track of the LP ‘Burning Cities’ to boot. The Tongues get filthy with suitably dirty post punk and grinding poetic folk rock oft times replete with fiddles and tings. Nick Cave might be a lazy comparison but actually the Tongue sound has far more in common with Crime And The City Solution and if you want supercool ’80s indie associations. Scots accent thoroughly, agreeably intact as tales of woe and wonder are wondrously woven. Nice. With their own new album ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ about to emerge this is what God is in the TV were moved to say “These songs wrap themselves around you like a warm blanket and effortlessly soothe your soul.”

Just the other day Bugbear communicated on air with Martin Metcalfe from Filthy Tongues on the esteemed ‘Sunday Sync’ show out of Soho Radio, and you can find it right there embedded behind The Filthy Tongue Trio as pictured in all their Edinburgian slate grey bohemian glory. Ace. We also chat to Rosie Wilby ahead of our next Rock and Roll Book Club presentation featuring a Q and A with her about her startling book ‘Is Monogamy Dead?’ plus some Rosie Wilby stand up and our specially commissioned (ahem) Sex Sex Sex Discoteque. As for this particular radio show our friend Andy Dukey Duke joins us again too- he of Flesh Tetris (May 26th Hackney Paper Dress Vintage) and the wonderful Democratic Punk Rock Karaoke, who begin their monthly Payday Punk Rock residency in the Dublin Friday 27th April, so get yer vocal chords primed punks..

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