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Terry And Gerry Return!...

Bugbear’s R&R- John Peel And Other Surface Noise with guests Gerry Colvin and Robert Lloyd… by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

A soooper dooper monster pairing comes to the DC this Halloween…yer actual 31st Oct…is it the return of the Wolfman in lethal gore splattered combat with The Mummy? Course not- the gore will be supplanted by awe. The Terry and Gerry revival is upon us… Dublin Castle regulars back in the as they say day, Terry and Gerry was a British pop band, formed in the early 1980s by Terry Lilley and Gerry Colvin in Birmingham. Indie folk pop cum skiffle with charming ditties delivered both charmingly and wittily with a DIY punk tood aided and abetted by great melodies and musicality. A talented pair, doffing the cap to John Peel at this particular time of year…

And thanks again to Ted Chippington, I Ludicrous and Clive Langer for our recent John Peel Love In. A fantastic event we will be looking to repeat and not only in October…we can celebrate Peelie all year round I reckon. Shame The Nightingales didn’t get to play this time- and of course we wish guitarist Alan all the best with that crushed digit…watch this space, they shall return….

So there we bid adieu to October, we are now very much in the closing segment of the year and the C Word is just around the corner. Yes, the Cuntmas decorations are already going up in Woolworths am I right? I’m hoping for a Ronco Buttoneer and a fondue set this year. Well, the good thing about the onset of Winter and associated Festive type seasonal bollocks is the quality of live events climbs appreciatively away from the will-this-crap-in-a-field-do type stuff some of us pay thru the nose for during the Summer months.

For instance…

You can see Kitten Pyramid in the The Sebright Arms Nov 1st… Kitten Pyramid have garnered great reviews from The Guardian, Q mag, Prog mag and many more..their Uh Oh LP garnered 4 stars in Mojo no less…they take a Cardiacs type jaunty sound and combine it with some thoroughly Syd era Floyd whimsy and hard edged Crimson meets Tull passages , wig out Hendrix guitar, pastoral brass and a bit of Genesis folk tinged whimsy too…but all the while thoroughly original and utterly accessible to young, modern lugholes…new prog, no danger!

Another unmissable biggie Dublin Castle Sat 22 November Alternative TV+London Dirthole Company+A Body Of People+We Got Killers
Alternative TV- Punk rock originator and original, Mark Perry saw through the Kings’ Rd bullshit side of ’76/’77 very early doors and forewent Sniffin’ Glue and The Roxy for free form expressionism and freak outs in fields with the likes of The Fall and Here And Now…side stepping back into 4 decades of always interesting, grizzled, intelligent rocknroll, ATV has always been Mark P’s voice for a people’s dialectic…a must see night out….


And if you wanna get proper, proper skantastically festive just check out this clash of titanical rude boys heavyweights inna di Dublin
Fri 12 December King Hammond Vs Roddy Radiation+(Bad Manners, The Selecter, Skaville UK)+(The Specials, Tearjerkers, Skabilly Rebels)+Skabretta+DJ Rob ‘Double Barrell’ Powell
Yes yes yes! For one night only the Christmas Ska Party of all festive skank fests…this show will get yer chestnuts warmed through perfectly and thoroughly roast the turkey of all would be pretenders! The King and The Skabilly Rebel in tandem at the Home Of Ska And 2 Tone, The Dublin Castle…..book early… plus special guest DJs playing ska, soul, reggae, punk and rhythm n blues…

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