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Bugbear’s R&R- Happy Ever After Starring Terry And Gerry by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

Terry And Gerry are of course the seminal, thinking, drinking man’s skiffle cowpunk indie pop n roll group. Where Buddy Holly meets zippy infectious punk tood and pure big hearted Brummie joie de vivre… and eveyone’s a winner…Fresh from their rapturously received tour support with none other than The Quo, yes as in Status Quo, Bugbear tear Gerry Colvin away from Rick Parfitt’s pad and all the supermodels and starlets sipping pink Champagne n that and get him on the blower for an interview at Shoreditch Radio. Terry and Gerry initially reformed in 2014 after a 27 year hiatus, to ply a show in honour of their biggest fan, the late unutterably great John Peel. Status Quo famously played at Peel’s wedding come to think of it so while we ponder the zen-ness of all this why not kick back and enjoy the show. Be rude not to, it’s chock fulla good music naturally…And another thing….

From La Belle France, where they know a thing or two about Le Rock, Natacha B, Bugbear’s very own seeker of truth with a sharpened pencil and an enquiring mind has been tracking down musicians performing in The Dublin Castle sooncome and grilling them for your greater enlightenment. Not literally grilling them you understand, although, haha, there have been a few over the years we’d quite like to give the old Joan Of Arc treatment to…anyway read on dot dot dot.

Saturday 23rd May Dublin Castle

Rubbish OasisTributeBand + Luna Rosa

Rubbish OasisTributeBand- An Italian Oasis tribute with that puzzling name…what the fooook I’m not arsed you might say in an arsey monobrowed Gallagherian manner as you drain another can of stella- but last time round they packed out the DC with joyful fans almost drowning out their Liam G with the singalong effect. Not to be missed for mean and women of a certain going down the hall like a cannonball vintage and a shakermakertastic disposition….

Luna Rosa- spiky angsty rock pop with crisp values and a yearning vocal coming on somewhere between The Police and New Model Army with a good dose of Cribs like righteousness and vim.

Doors from 7.15
£7/£5 on the door

Natacha B talks to Rubbish-Oasistribute

« Rubbish formed in September 2009 in Montecatini Terme, beautiful city near Florence. Since the first gig on March, 12th 2010 Rubbish got a lot of satisfactions by performing all around Italy and Europe, abroad and becoming the official tribute band of Oasismania, fan club of the Gallagher brothers known worldwide. The members are: Andrea Fonti (lead vocal), Federico Mancosu (guitar, vocals), Marco Accorroni (guitar), Giuliano Simone (bass), Sergio Simoned (drums). » READ ON CLICK ON MORE


What pushed you into music in the first place, and what are your main influence musically speaking ?

« We are five guys who love music and rock, some of us have their project of original music. The influences are the ones of rock, especially the British one, obviously starting from The Beatles, through The Stone Roses, Britpop and at the top of the list there is the passionate love for Oasis. The fondness for music and Oasis brought us to create this Gallaghers’ tribute band. »

Has the infamous 2009 conflict and subsequent antagonism between the Gallagher brothers affected your performance?

« The split of Oasis doesn’t influence our performances, it is just the reason of our existence! Oasis don’t exist anymore at the moment, and it’s up to us to try to make people dream at our gigs as much as possible, like they were at an Oasis’ concert. »

Do you have some scoops about new concerts, new songs, news records, new label … ?

« If you are thinking about some news about Oasis world, well, the most recent is that it seems Liam is working on a solo project in the same way as Noel is doing. About Rubbish, the forthcoming news is our third gig in London, in Camden Town at the renowned Dublin Castle, where Oasis’ enemies (Blur) played! We are going to come back there on May, 23rd! »

Do you have an anecdote to share us ?

We want to explain why we named ourselves ‘Rubbish’. This is not actually an anecdote, but we want to talk about that because a lot of people tell us “You’re not rubbish at all, you’re great!” Well, we named ourselves ‘Rubbish’ because it is a word that both Liam and Noel use very often in their interviews or during their gigs. It’s the word that sums up a bit their attitude, the one of criticizing everyone or everything because they are the top! It’s a different name rather than the usual ones like “Supernova, Radio Supernova, Wonderwall,” etc., right? For sure our best experiences are the events organized by Oasismania, our promoter and first Oasis fan page in the world. Their nights are always unique and unforgettable, our crowd, the Italian one, is always amazing and they never let us down! Moreover, we have great memories of our last gig at Camden Town last November… People who were there highly exceeded any expectation. We managed to pack the venue! This proves how much we are doing well and how much they appreciate us in the homeland of Rock. The best compliment we received was in Camden Town, when an English fan said to us: “I don’t know how it’s possible, but you are better than any other Oasis tribute band in our country”! For us it was amazing. »

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