Dublin Castle
Thu 21 June
Punk's Payday Karaoke
Karma Creep
Dublin Castle
Fri 22 June
The Annual Midsummer Spizz Party
Spizz Energi
Hercules II
The Real Rocksteady
DJ s We Got Killers
Dublin Castle
Sat 23 June
Dublin Castle
Fri 29 June
The Dublin Castle Rock And Roll Book Club
Terry Edwards
One Step Beyond
Mark 'Bedders' Bedford
Julie Hamill
DJ Tony Bugbear
Dublin Castle
Wed 4 July
Growing Up With Punk...

Wed 20th June
The Dublin Castle Rock And Roll Book Club
‘Growing Up With Punk’ Julie Hamill Q And A with Nicky Weller
Pictorial Punk Sounds Provided by DJ Tony Bugbear

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Growing Up With Punk is a beautifully presented coffee table book packed from cover to cover with celebrity memories paying tribute to the bands that inspired an entire generation. Written by Nicky Weller, Barry Cain, Russell Reader and Den Davis. A host of household names from the world of music contribute (Rat Scabies, Hazel O’Connor, Billy Idol, Glen Matlock , Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton, Rick Buckler, Hugh Cornwell, Captain Sensible, Clem Burke, Toyah, Gaye Advert and many many more).
Heart-warming personal recollections, accolades and unseen photos, this really is a must read for any music fan. Julie Hamill interviews Nicky Weller on stage in the world famous Dublin Castle, where so many of the afore mentioned people have previously soaked up the mojo. We will invite questions from the audience and you can purchase the book and get it signed by Nicky her good self. Suitably sulphate frazzled bespoke punk rock sonic illustrations care of DJ Tony Bugbear, spinning classicks and obscure gems. As Nicky sez “Punk was both a political and social movement. I fitted into the social side of it. The community was the first time I experienced people listening to my ideas without being openly scornful to my face. Punk was my refuge and my home.”

Now we all know George Galloway is an utterly political animal. As former leader of the Scottish Labour Party, architect of War On Want, and head honcho with Respect, he is naturally a committed socialist, and one utterly unafraid of putting his credentials on the line in the name of a cause, often to controversial effect. George is of course also something of a broadcaster, so we weren’t at all surprised at his silky smooth presence in front of the occasionally faltering mics when he pitched up as Bugbear’s guest on The Sunday Sync, coming out of Soho Radio the other evening. But we weren’t quite so prepared for what an utterly nice bloke Mr Galloway is. Charming, genuine, lucid and passionate. Top fella,and he picked some cracking tunes. Hear them here by clicking on the classic ‘golden girl’ image of Shirley Eaton from the 1964 James Bond film ‘Goldfinger’, the Shirley Bassey banger being one of Gorgeous George’s choices, natch. Hear Mr G on the politics of Bond, Dolly Parton’s leftist credentials, life in The Gorbals, copping off with girls at The Pictures and much, much more right here.

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