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Fri 27 February
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Sat 28 February
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Know Yer Rites Of Spring...

Friday 27th Feb Dublin Castle

Indigo Face + Et Tu Bruce
+ By Starlight + Trash Heads

Indigo Face-It’s a soul diva scenario with an uber dramatic impressive voice somewhere between Bjork and Lana Del Ray. Very promising..Et Tu Bruce-Sunny Beach Boys-type harmonies with great pop songwriting underscoring the whole thing. Bit of Blur great stuff.By Starlight-Female fronted alt/indie rock with nice 80s and 90s undertones think Ladyhawke, via Courtney Love (Malibu era) through Garbage, really strong tunes played with loadsa conviction. Trash Heads- melodic indie taking on the sort of material contemporary Arctic Monkeys explore..or Black Keys….they can rock out with aplomb fo sho.

Saturday 28th Feb Dublin Castle

Kitten Pyramid + Cross Wires
+ of Arrowe Hill + Mouse

Kitten Pyramid- have garnered great reviews from The Guardian, Q mag, Prog mag and many more…take a Cardiacs type jaunty sound and combine it with some of the giants roughly Syd era Floyd whimsy and hard edged Crimson meets Tull passages , wig out Hendrix guitar, pastoral brass and a bit of Genesis too…but all played with aching originality and a contemporary indie noir edge…embrace the new prog! Cross Wires-Scratchy guitar and forceful vocals…somewhere between Wire and The Jam circa Sound Affects, have a bit of 1960s melodicism/harmonies that’s quite Who cum 1979 mod revival but thru a post punk lens and some funky as in punk funk guitars. Great delivery, class act. of Arrowe Hill- with their wonderful new lofi/hifi field music psych collection A Conspiracy Of Clocks garnering mucho praise right now it’s a perfect time to see the world’s finest hauntological 3 piece live… Mouse- menacing but subtly comedic post punk cum punk rock 3 piece..boy/girl Internationale coolsters…channelling The Slits thru Crass meets Wire…Do an interesting melodica lead prog punk take on X Ray Spex‘s Oh Bondage Up Yours sung in menacing Cantonese- or is it Mandarin…sounds bloody great anyway. The brilliant ‘Leggin’ It’ vid is above….

What a tremendous night we just had at Rich Mix with Howie B and Addictive TV- enjoy the radio lozenge here…

Bugbear’s R&R- Feb 2015 From Sex Flicks To Salad with guests Howie B and Addictive TV… by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

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