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The Sunday Sync (27/09/2015) by Soho Radio on Mixcloud

Last Sunday’s Soho Radio Films n TV Music fest co-hosted by Buggerbear and Sony TM …kinda….Billie Piper and Frazer Hines, or perhaps two other wide eyed time and space trippers introduce top tunes in the realm of the cinematic and the televisual senses on the radio, music you can see, pictures you can hear…This one features some Dr Who shaped stuff, some LEGENDARY Krayeeeezeee twinset stuff, some Anton Corbjin does Life oriented stuff, some happening sounds courtesy those wunnerful advertising peeps with the sniffy noses wafting across from Soho Square, and best of all comedian Simon Clayton with his screenage kicks… top tracks by the likes of The Specials, T Rex, Barry Adamson, Frank Sinatra, Bobbie Gentry, James, Pulp and so on and groovily so forth …

Following last Friday’s Dublin Castle happening starring rock writer cum barricade hopping fully fledged low slung rocknroll star David Sinclair, Bugbear got together with David LIVE on Reel Rebels Radio on the internationally tolerated, award shunning Dead On 4 programme, sharing some choice choons and discussing the ins and outs of popular music scribing in a compare and contrast stylee vis a vis the joys of top pop performance….David knows his rocknroll onions, having written acres of cool copy for The Times, and other publications such as Q, Billboard and Rolling Stone, not to mention definitive tomes on the likes of ZZ Top and (gulp!) The Spice Girls… tune in right about here for some more muchly engaging radio with even muchlier marvellous music.

Dead On 4- A Reel Rebels Radio Bugbear Happening September 2015 with guest David Sinclair by Tony Bugbear on Mixcloud

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