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Wax Lyrical Festival
Dublin Castle
Wed 3 June
Dublin Castle
Fri 5 June
TV Smith (The Adverts)
Richard Strange (Doctors Of Madness)
Cosmic Ninja
The Bell Inn, Bath
Sat 6 June
The Water Rats
Fri 17 July
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The Water Rats
Sat 31 October
Tales Of Saint Pat- The Dublin Castle Paddy's Weekender!

Sat 16 March

Dublin Castle
The Collective A.K.A/Forget The Down/The Mocking Jays

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The Collective A.K.A…. Magnificent mod/punk/New Wave/2 Tone covers act with all angles well and truly covered. -So you get The Who, Kinks, Beatles, Stones, Small Faces, a bit of Northern Soul even, Specials, Jam, Madness, The Beat, Clash– and all done with musical chops to die for and a whole lotta soulful attention to detail, with brass and keys,  a brill riddim section and a fabulous frontline. Also, the singer could probably stand in for Roger Daltrey at an Ooo concert and nobody’d notice! Top stuff.

Also tonite Forget The Down,  who play feisty alt rock with a baggy swagger but a hard rocking riff monster edge. Dynamic stuff.  And The Mocking Jays. Bouncy indie pop, full of insistent hooks and big anthemic choruses, like an amalgam of Artic Monkeys Kooks, Catfish And The Bottlemen and Kasabian. Fabulously frothy stuff.
Doors 7.15

Sun 17 March
The Dublin Castle
The Skatuesques+The Feckin Ejits+The Rebel Souls

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St Patricks Day Special, with..The Skatuesques.  Yes! The welcome return of all female Ska/Reggae crew from Dublin, a band with a really nice lightness of touch and real dynamism, something like 2-Tone faves The  Bodysnatchers, do covers and some equally ace originals all fabulously well, with their own unique twist. Always brilliant live, do not miss if you want the bestest of St Pat’s parties.  Their good frends The Feckin Ejits are back to support them again too. Roustabout Celtic Punk with storming  tunes and big rousing choruse,  all played with bags of conviction andnot s little naughtiness….. The Rebel Souls will open the show today. Roots/Reggae and SKA originals and covers played with verve and pop nouse,  and influenced by the likes of Bob Marley and the Wailers, Steel Pulse, Burning Spear, Mighty Diamonds. As the girls from The Skatuesques like to say , this show is a Dinnertime Session, so be aware of the schedule so ya don’t miss out.

Stage times: The Rebel Souls 4 -4.45  The Feckin Ejits 5- 5.45 The Skatuesques 6 – 7.30
Doors 3.30pm. See ya at the bar!