Dublin Castle
Wed 19 February
Viva La Coldplay (Coldplay tribute)
Benjamin Gabe
Dublin Castle
Fri 21 February
The Collective AKA
DJ Darren Bennett
Dublin Castle
Sat 22 February
Fuse The Music!
Soul Vibes Band
Alice Callari
Georgia Maria
Dublin Castle
Sun 23 February
BIMM Showcase Special
Brandon Rivers
Crystal River
Amy Louise Ellis
Ian Brown
Dublin Castle
Tue 25 February
Tales From Filthy Tongues? Hello Mr McKenzie...

The Dublin Castle
Bank Holiday Sunday 5th May
Filthy Tongues with special guest Katherine Aly
Doors 7.30pm
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The Filthy Tongues play dirty post punk and grinding poetic folk rock full of noirish but playful potency. A Scottish band who have been around since the 1980s featuring ex members of Goodbye Mr McKenzie, and for fans of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Joy Division and The Waterboys, with further nuances of Iggy, Johnny Cash, Wire. But always utterly Filthy Tongues in realization, with the assured Bohemian storytelling of Martin Metcalfe at the fore, Scots accent thankfully intact, as tales of woe and wonder are woven. “These songs wrap themselves around you like a warm blanket and effortlessly soothe your soul.” someone sagely said. Well said that someone. Brilliant band. Enjoy the super smart video to the majestically prowling ‘Come On Home’ from the acclaimed ‘Back To Hell’ LP, embedded behind the pic above.

Also from Edinburgh environs, Katherine Aly has been involved with many musical projects in Scotland’s capital, including Hidden Door Festival, various art projects and as the lead singer of shoegaze band, Lilac Melt. She has collaborated with many UK-based musicians/bands, including Baby Taylah, Glassmasterer, False Bliss, Midi Paul and Sheltering Waves. Her melody-driven music is a multi-genre experimentation with ethereal, lyrical elements and dreamy ambience. It really is superb. This show is the launch of her single ‘The Skin I’m Made Of’.

The Dublin Castle
Friday 10th May
The Stukas/The Sha La Las/The Subterranean Gentlemen
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Float back in time, plinky plonky plucky harp sound, to 1977 and ’78 or thereabouts. The Stukas are on the London live circuit and are highly loved too, so twang back to the now, and our very favourite Germanic fighter plane cum RnB/new wave / powerpop / Thamesbeat combo are back and loved all the more. Find out for yourself Friday 10th May in The Dublin Castle when The Stukas shall strafe us with joy. Join Tony Bugbear and Julie Hamill in the Boogaloo Radio studio for an exciting, invigorating and effervescent episode of ‘Tales Of The Dublin Castle’ by engaging your mouse or finger with the image above. The Stukas guest, hooray. ‘Sport, Sport I love Sport, Running And Jumping I’m A Physical Sort’. Not many. [more] Cranked up and kooky, with kicks and licks for mods, rockers, punks and anybody else come to that, The Stukas explain their joie de vivre and choose a few ‘Screenage Kicks’ too, from Charlie Drake to Chuck Berry via Cream. Other than that expect triffic tittle tattle and charming chitter chatter slathered over plates of the finest music. Music old, music new and music not quite so old or quite so new but somewhere in between. Yup