Dublin Castle
Fri 21 June
Madonna : Like An Icon
Lucy O' Brien
Rock N Roll Book Club At The Union
The Union, Soho
Wed 26 June
Dublin Castle
Sat 29 June
Vivien Goldman
Revenge Of The She Punks
Rock N Roll Book Club
Dublin Castle
Wed 3 July
Dublin Castle
Sat 6 July
Tales Of Psychedelia And Cinema....

The Dublin Castle
Saturday 19th Jan
Thee Lucifer Sams Vs Flesh Tetris and guests

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Classic old money L.S.D Anglo psychedelia meets space age techpop psych and everyone’s a winner with a fried head full of beautiful colours. Thee Lucifer Sams join us from Liverpool. “Spellbinding psych… an absorbing mesmeric experience. A true psych experience.” As described by the renowned Louder Than War Website. As Thee Sams say… ‘We’re not indie, we don’t play songs. we never play the same set twice. We’re a loud psychedelic rock band… think Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd doing Interstellar Overdrive…. fuck all this bullshit about indie bands trying to write nice tunes inspired by Oasis/Arctic Monkeys or whatever, it’s really boring… so, let’s DO IT MAN!’ Amen! London’s very own Flesh Tetris on the other hand rock sassy glam space future psych with tech goth pop appeal and a hearty and healthy post X Ray Spex sexy punk angle, though with this lot you get two Poly Styrenes in the fab forms of Eva Menon and Karen Bell. Also starring Andy Heintz and Jez Miller from The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing and ace bass overlord Andy Dukey Duke. Fantastic band, 2019 shall be their’s….

Bugbear give you The Saturday Sync. Just click on the Bafta Fizzog and have a listen to this fabulous wireless creation outta Soho Radio…..

BAFTA member film FX artist Tim Walton is on hand to assess the films ahead of the gongs this season, with me and Mighty Mike Spenser, The Cannibals kommandant (who is by the way soley responsible for the James Brown impersonation within) providing the popcorn and back seat fumblings #The Saturday Sync outta Soho Radio…..Screenage Kicks and Sounds Cinematique….No.16 with a bullet in the Mixcloud charts last time, come on let’s get this one all the way to 15!