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Dublin Castle
Wed 25 September
Oliver Shaw Experience
The Tramadolls
The Pacers
Dublin Castle
Sat 28 September
Gail Thibert
Sarah Pink's Gravediggers
Wayne Reid
The Ukulele Subs
RNR Book Club
Dublin Castle
Wed 2 October
Dublin Castle
Sat 12 October
Rock N Roll Book Club
2nd Anniversary Party
Julie Hamill
Tony Bugbear
Dublin Castle
Tue 15 October
Tales Of Glitter, Tales Of Glam: Get Down And Get With It...

Saturday 31st August The Dublin Castle John Rossall’s Glitter Band + SLADY Get Cheap Tickets Here John Rossall is a founding member of The Glitterband, the silver clad powerhouse behind the disgraced one we need not bother with anymore coz right now it is all about these guys. This is John Rossall and his glorious […]

Pere Ubu's Long Goodbye And Other Darq Tales...

Listen to our latest Boogaloo Radio show right here, featuring news from the wonderful Burlesque netherworld of Londinium from the wonderful Rachel Darq and an interview with David Thomas of Pere Ubu ahead of the excellent new Raymond Chandler inspired Ubu album ‘The Long Goodbye’. Click on the vintage pic of Mr Thomas getting art […]

The Magical Records Of Clem Cattini And The Blue Orchids...

Wednesday 10th July The Dublin Castle Clem Cattini: My Life Through The Eye Of A Tornado At The Rock n Roll Book Club Get Cheap Tickets Here Hear Bugbear in conversation with Clem Cattini and Bip Wetherall at Boogaloo Radio by clicking on the pic above. Loads of ace tunes and chipper chat on ‘Bugbear’s […]

Defying Gravity : To Boldly Go With Spizz And Jordan...

The Dublin Castle Saturday 22nd June The Annual Midsummer Spizz Party Spizz Energi with Art Trip And The Static Sound/The Blunders Plus! Q And A with Jordan Mooney DJs We Got Killers til 2am From 7pm sharp/ Get Cheap Tickets Here The Annual Midsummer Spizz Party starring Spizz Energi is now on it’s 7th or […]

Punky Reggae Parties In The Dublin Castle...

The Dublin Castle Saturday 15th June Ball Of Fire! with The Estimators/Petty Thieves/DJs Get Cheap Tickets Here Bugbear Present The Second Annual Ball Of Fire Club hosted by and starring The Estimators. Taking a more authentic, pre punk, pre roots reggae approach to all things ska, this highly accomplished band truly specialize in nice vibes, […]

Love You More...

The Water Rats Saturday 8th June 7.30pm sharp Vice Squad with Nuffin/SLADY/Daddy Those Men Scare Me Get Cheap Tickets Here Check out Beki Bondage and her wonderful tribute to the late and inestimably great Pete Shelley of Buzzcocks. Love You More. Couldn’t love it less. Click right here on The ageless Ms Bond. Amazing. Vice […]

Tales Of New York City In London Town...

The Water Rats Friday 24th May Totally Blondie Get Cheap Tickets Here The beautifully serene image of one Ms Deborah Harry above comes form the noirish and moody 1980 movie ‘Union City’, the film location for one of the finest Blondie songs in ‘Union City Blue’. That song is also located in the playlist for […]

Tales From Filthy Tongues? Hello Mr McKenzie...

The Dublin Castle Bank Holiday Sunday 5th May Filthy Tongues with special guest Katherine Aly Doors 7.30pm Get Cheap Tickets Here The Filthy Tongues play dirty post punk and grinding poetic folk rock full of noirish but playful potency. A Scottish band who have been around since the 1980s featuring ex members of Goodbye Mr […]

Tales Of Slap And Tickle From London To Paris...

Chris Difford : Some Fantastic Place My Life In And Out Of Squeeze Rock ‘N’ Roll Book Club At The Union Get Tickets Here Following a great run of Rock And Roll Book Club events at the uber iconic Dublin Castle Bugbear and Julie Hamill are very pleased to bring their literary and musical collaboration […]

Tales Of Devilish Folk And Cosmic Skronk...

The Dublin Castle Friday 5th April Folk Devils/Inca Babies/Turning Black Like Lizards Get Cheap Tickets Here Folk Devils, the late Ian Lowry’s amazing malcontent post punk noirists may be found in conversation with Tony Bugbear at Boogaloo Radio just there bedded behind their very fetching artwork….Also to be heard here, Tony and Julie Hamill talk […]