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Sinners And Their Their Testimonials...

Bedded beneath the motobicycletted Brigitte Bardott- phwoar right dads?- is the latest Bugbear wireless adventure out of Soho Radio…this one features the bros outta the marvelous blues punk wailers Miraculous Mule (ace new album ‘Two Tonne Testimony’ out now on Bronze Rat Recs) and the organ sage Rory More of Les Hommes jazz exotica combo […]

Chuck Chuck Chuck...

Chuck Berry made a great impression on those of us of a certain age, what with his Ding A Ling being in yer face, and all that duck walkin’….never mind that daft song about his rubber duckie, he didn’t write that one. But he did pen a string of lyrical narratives that epitomised the very […]

Opportunity Knox....

Knox joined Buggerbear on their Soho Radioshow just the other evening and if you click on the great Rock N Roll Rescue roustabout and raconteur’s image up there, the mixcloud link will appear, and the warmth and wisdom of our wonderful meeting of ahem minds on the wireless will be yours to enjoy. Consider it […]

Smells Like Lard Fried Banana Sarnies....

Ted Shiva (left) and Tony Bugbear (right) take another levity laden look at the obituaries and other eventualities, and brazen it out with a rocknroll raison d’etre and a few cans. Beamed at ya a stone’s throw from the Abney Cemetery in Yummy Mummy Central Stoke Newington, live and direct from Reel Rebels Radio, a […]

Dangerous Times? Nevermind...

Jeff Turner lead singer with Canning Town’s finest The Cockney Rejects joins Bugbear at Soho Radio alongside his compadres in The Outfit, ace exponents of urban punk pop street empowerment spitting forth a superb blend of hip hop and rock flavas. We touch on Jeff’s West Ham United hooligan days and how The Rejects dealt […]

Dangerous Times...

The Orange Bastard is in the hot seat and the whole world’s back pedaling into a spodded out non thinking neo dis-enlightement powered by ignorance, wilful idiocy and bare faced shittiness. Thank God for the twin powers of Rock and indeed Roll then…and thank that self same all powerful fictional all purpose omni-blob for The […]

Music Mends Minds...

Click on the late great Ian C above to hear Bugbear’s latest wireless happening care of the remarkable Soho Radio. With special guest Jakko M Jakszyk (front man and second guitar in the inestimably fabulous King Crimson and an all round music making renaissance man). Furthermore Kathy Di Tondo and Joel Vos tell us all […]

The Jesus Of Cool And Other Deities....

From Kippington Lodge to Brinsley Shcwartz thru in-house production at Stiff Records (Elvis Costello, The Damned, Wreckless Eric) and beyond (Dr Feelgood, Graham Parker And The Rumour) thru the heady days of co-piloting Rockpile with Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe has honed his incredible craft. Truly the craftiest of songcrafts that too! A master songwriter , […]

Festive Super Saturday The Second...

A fond adieu to many of the greats who did the mortal coil shuffle and went brown of bread this jaundiced 2016 from Bugbear…Click on the Glorious Gouster The Sainted Ziggy Jones above to hear Ted Shiva and Tone Trash spin some tunes for your mourning glory, waving byebye tata to Bowie, Lemmy and all […]

Festive Super Saturday...

Bugbear On The Radio care of The World’s Greatest Online Station- Official. Soho Radio. On the current edition of The Sunday Sync we swap Screenage Kicks with Sean Flowerdew of Pama International and London Ska Festival fame. Tales of rudeboy reggae righteousness and attendant top tunes resound. And whaddayaknow this Saturday 10th December in The […]