Elijah Miller
Old Swing
Coby Tom
Dublin Castle
Thu 24 May
RADIO RAGE feat. Tadeo Man
(Tribute to Rage Against The Machine)
Ghost Note City
Dublin Castle
Fri 25 May
Dublin Castle
Sat 26 May
Dublin Castle
Sun 27 May
Dublin Castle
Wed 13 June
The Starsha Spangled Banner...

Friday 18th May The Dublin Castle Get Cheap Tickets Here Starsha Lee/The Blue Carpet Band/Kajiki Volt/GYB + DJs We Got Killers Starsha Lee return to the DC this weekend, which is always a reason to celebrate and get your head suitably realigned ready for the fray. Ex Daisy Chainsaw/Queen Adrena/Dogbones main player Crispin gathers forth […]

Nuffin But A Party...

  Sat 12th May The Dublin Castle The Bermondsey Joyriders/Nuffin/Anabollic Steroids/Addictive Philosophy Get Cheap Tickets Here Gary Lammin’s (Cock Sparrer/Little Roosters) punky garage rhythmn n blues trio return to The Dublin, which can only be a good thing, you couldn’t find a better rhythm n blues outfit in a better setting..“Anyone looking for a crash […]

Speak Filthy To Me...

The Dublin Castle Thursday 19th April The Filthy Tongues/Sister Witch/Marc Hepburn/The Dead Freights Get Cheap Tickets Here Having once provided musical props to the sparkling Shirley Mansun in Goodbye Mr McKenzie the pedigree of The Filthy Tongues, Scottish post post punk craftsmen of nifty gnarled song, is immense. And zeitgeist wise they’ve always been plugged […]

Totally Hired, Totally Fired. Legends Of The Fall...

The Dublin Castle Wednesday 4th April 7pm Dave Simpson : The Fallen Q and A At The Rock And Roll Book Club with Tony Bugbear and Julie Hamill. Get Cheap Tickets Here. No coincidence perhaps that when Dave Simpson’s much acclaimed exploration of the late great Mark E Smith‘s Fall Group casualty list first appeared […]

The Sensations Of Another Land...

The Dublin Castle Saturday 31st March Transmission Control/Acme Sewage Co/Karkosa Get Cheap Tickets Here CTRL (Formerly Transmission Control) are an homage, rather than a tribute band, channeling the urgent, chaotic, inspired, short journey that Joy Division took us all on, taking care to present authentic versions of the original songs. For the connoisseur CTRL often […]

Have You Got A Little Irie-Ish In You?...

Saturday 17th March The Dublin Castle St Patrick’s Day Skank! starring King Hammond & The Rudeboy Mafia with Jennie Bellestar plus Millie Manders & The Shut Up DJs Til 2am and Special Guest Dave ‘Double Barrell’ Barker Get Cheap Tickets Here Click ‘pon the righteous Tighten Up image there and hear Bugbear in conversation with […]

Nuffin To Fear, Punk And New Wave Karaoke Is Here...

The Dublin Castle Thursday 15th March Democratic Punk Rock Karaoke! Punk, New Wave And Indie Classics Sung By You!!+ 5 Goal Thriller/Bella Barton/DJ Action Get Cheapo Tickets Here Democratic Punk Rock Karaoke are our specially appointed punk and new wave karaoke crack band and they’ve honed so many classic punkers just for you it’d actually […]

Embrace The Severance...

The Dublin Castle Friday 2nd March Blaney/Dr Rob & the Radi8ors/Lover/The Reformers Get Cheap Tickets Here With new album ‘The Severance’ turning a lot of heads all round Europa, Salford maker shaker, ex Fall guitarist and superb songwriter Ed Blaney and his excellent band return to the Dublin to demonstrate the new wave in spiritually […]

Do Not Exceed The Recommended Dose...

The Dublin Castle Friday 23rd February Actifed + The Satellites + Self Help + Twister Get Cheap Tickets Here Spanning the posi-punk pillars of gothic punkerness on the one hand and dubby post punk experimentation on the other, Actifed star ‘reformed characters’ Stuart Hemphill , Mick White, Clinton Grace and Dave Rogers and are back […]

You Are Bequeathed In Suede...