Dublin Castle
Fri 23 June
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Thu 29 June
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Fri 30 June
Dublin Castle
Sat 1 July
Reggae Riot V
King Hammond's Rudeboy Mafia
Jennie Bellestar
The Riffs
Dublin Castle
Sat 8 July
Vive L'Anarchie...

Candyflip Blackwood and Emily Flea outta the inestimably excellent anarchistwood joined Bugbear at Soho Radio just the other night to share some wunnerful Screenage Kicks. That is, film Music to take on the industrial military complex by if ya like, and if ya don’t like you’re probably a bit mutton and don’t dig good movies […]

Oh Bondage Up Ours....

Click on the wonderful Richard Strange uppy there, AKA Kid Strange from the recently reformed Doctors Of Madness, our guest on the other night’s Sunday Sync, Bugbear’s wireless happening on Soho Radio. Spizz Energi and Hugh Gulland from Vive Le rock magazine and Manchester’s Partisan also join the fun. Great music, great chat. Have a […]

See below. Your Bank Holiday Bugbear Bonus Bonanza Bizniz. Music, live music. Live it. Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down. With Love To Manchester. Dublin Castle Sat 27th MayRoddy Radiation and the Skabilly Rebels + Steve Hooker Stripped Down Stompin Band+ The Remnants + The Gallerys + DJs We Got Killers Roddy Radiation and […]

Anyone For Mushroom Tea?...

Into The Woods is the brand new Hawkwind album..we make it their forty somethingth or possibly 9000th, whatever the numbers it’s as fine a Hawkwind album as Space Ritual, Hawklords or Church Of Hawkwind. It’s a ready made classic freshly hatched by the nigh on 50 year old British Space Rock institution, and it’s superb […]

Yama Yama Yama Yama Yama Yama...
The Best Saturday Night Out In Camden Town....

The Dublin Castle Saturday 6th May These Smiths + Jarred, The Caveman These Smiths- ‘As Seen On TV’ …not half, hot on the heels of USA’s The Sweet And Tender Hooligans we give you the UK’s greatest tribute to all things Smiths …since their appearance on TV These Smiths have already amassed more social media […]

Sinners And Their Their Testimonials...

Bedded beneath the motobicycletted Brigitte Bardott- phwoar right dads?- is the latest Bugbear wireless adventure out of Soho Radio…this one features the bros outta the marvelous blues punk wailers Miraculous Mule (ace new album ‘Two Tonne Testimony’ out now on Bronze Rat Recs) and the organ sage Rory More of Les Hommes jazz exotica combo […]

Chuck Chuck Chuck...

Chuck Berry made a great impression on those of us of a certain age, what with his Ding A Ling being in yer face, and all that duck walkin’….never mind that daft song about his rubber duckie, he didn’t write that one. But he did pen a string of lyrical narratives that epitomised the very […]

Opportunity Knox....

Knox joined Buggerbear on their Soho Radioshow just the other evening and if you click on the great Rock N Roll Rescue roustabout and raconteur’s image up there, the mixcloud link will appear, and the warmth and wisdom of our wonderful meeting of ahem minds on the wireless will be yours to enjoy. Consider it […]

Smells Like Lard Fried Banana Sarnies....

Ted Shiva (left) and Tony Bugbear (right) take another levity laden look at the obituaries and other eventualities, and brazen it out with a rocknroll raison d’etre and a few cans. Beamed at ya a stone’s throw from the Abney Cemetery in Yummy Mummy Central Stoke Newington, live and direct from Reel Rebels Radio, a […]