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The Eternal Year Of Punk...

The Dublin Castle Thursday 30th November Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons/PollyPikPocketz/anarchistwood/Stunt Driver Click On The Pic For Cheap Tix With their eagerly anticipated third long player about to drop Buggerbear are very pleased to welcome back the always glorious Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons. Tood agogo from Puss Johnson up front, taunting the crowd into […]

Sound And Vision...

A mean and moody photograph of percussive tour de force Dave Barbarossa (Adam and the Ants, Bow Wow Wow, Beats International, Roland Gift, Republica) taken by ace photographer Gem Rey, who by kismetish happenstance both rocked up as guests on Bugbear’s current presentation out of Soho Radio. Tony Buggerbear and co-host Julie Hamill talk most […]

Sunshine Reggae...

Saturday 18th November/The Dublin Castle Reggae Uprising Night/Dubvocalisa/Mystic Rockers/Stuart Wilson/DJ Jim Jahms Wish it was still Summertime? Wanna keep Summer vibes alive without having to sit on top of a whole bunch of explosive aviation fuel and jet off somewhere at huge expense? Well, we have the sunshine fix for you….Bugbear are rendered very, very […]

The Day The Dublin Castle Turns Dayglo...

Saturday 21st October Polyfest! In Memory Of Poly Styrene + RocknRoll Rescue Fundraiser In Memory of the late great Poly Styrene of X Ray Spex, Polyfest has become an annual must attend event. All these icons on the same bill performing for a very small amount of money, what’s not to love. This year we’ll […]

Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop...

Click on the auto destructive art statement above by the remarkably talented Brit artist Beverley Isaacs and hear Bugbear’s latest Soho Radio outing AKA The Sunday Sync. We were joined by James Litherland (Colloseum guitarist, father of James Blake and harp blowing guitar guru) for an ace and insightful interview in support of his new […]

Pieces Of Morrissey...

The Dublin Castle Wednesday 4th October Rock And Roll Book Club Matthew Jacobson Meets Julie Hamill. Pieces Of Morrissey Book Launch with DJ Tony Bugbear Cheap Tickets Morrissey is a cult. But what drives fans’ devotion? What makes them trek halfway round the world to catch his shows in the US or South America when […]

Have A Clang On This Number Baby...

Just An Illusion? No pal click on the Polyfest poster above and hear Bugbear in conversation with the wonderful Mr. Errol Kennedy from Brit soul sensations Imagination. On Soho Radio, officially the greatest online radio station in the whole damn world. Polyfest is a cornucopia of incredibly varied talent coming together to salute the late […]

The Cannibals' Last Stand...

The Dublin Castle Saturday 30th September Mike Spenser And The Cannibals + Jonah Gold and his Silver Apples + DJs Mike Spenser and Tony Bugbear Mike Spenser And The Cannibals- Happy (recent) Birthday- and yes it’s a significant one- to Mike Spenser, the undisputed King Of Trash, John Peel fave rave (early Cannibals’ classic 45 […]

Trash From Chaos...

The Dublin Castle Friday 22nd September Mika Bomb + Lord Numb + Abel Raise The Cain + Hercules II Mika Bomb- Legendary Anglo- Japanese female punk rock experience with kick ass tood and pop appeal in equal measure, plus some sassy diversions into psych and glam amidst the ramalama. Damaged Goods Records artistes. Great fun […]

Girls Just Wanna Have Punk And Ska....

Bring on the girls, the ladies, the wimmin…ah whatever, calm yerselves, it happens to be females playing great music don’t get so excited, they usually bring something more alluring to the musical table than the geezers anyway… There are at least five all girl bands in the Dublin next few days for your empowerment and […]